• work from home
    Medium Money Earners,  Side Hustles

    Become An Amazon Associate

    What’s the best way to make money online? One of the sure-shot tried and tested ways is to become an amazon associate.   What is the Amazon Associates Program? Amazon Associates is an affiliate marketing program that allows website owners and bloggers to create links and earns referral commissions when any of the website visitors clicks through and buys products from Amazon.   Suitable For 1. People who love to write, explain things in detail, and would like to share their knowledge and expertise with the world. 2. Best for people who already own a blog or website with some daily traffic.   Skills Required 1. Ability to express knowledge…

  • resell on ebay
    Side Hustles,  Small Money Earners

    Resell Items On eBay

    One of the ways to make money fast online is by selling on eBay. It’s easy and you don’t even have to manufacture anything yourself.   What is eBay? eBay.com is the most popular website to buy and sell goods on the internet. It’s a place where individuals and businesses can buy or sell new or second-hand items, from books and clothes to cars to almost anything. Here’s how eBay works: A seller lists an item on eBay, almost anything from antiques to mobile phones, books to sporting goods. The seller chooses whether to sell the item at a fixed price or accept only bids (auction-type listing). In an auction-type…

  • Make money on Fiverr
    Side Hustles,  Small Money Earners

    Sell A Service On Fiverr

    This is almost like a regular job and is one of the great ‘work from home opportunities’ available to you. Or you can do it part-time by selling gigs. And you can work from the comfort of your home. What is Fiverr.com? Fiverr.com is a global online marketplace that offers tasks, services, and products, starting at a cost of $5. Fiverr gets almost 4.7 million visits per month. Your aim should be to leverage Fiverr’s powerful visitor base to reach more people and sell your services or products to them. Every service or task you offer on Fiverr is called a GIG. With Fiverr’s millions of visitor base, you don’t…

  • udemy training
    Side Hustles,  Small Money Earners

    Sell A Video Course On Udemy

    What is Udemy.com? Udemy.com is an online learning marketplace. Udemy has a huge list of courses in everything from programming to yoga to photography and much more. You can create a course in the text, audio, and video formats. Every course is available on-demand and students can learn at their own pace, on their own time, and on any device. Suitable For People who like to teach, explain, and solve problems. Skills Required 1. In-depth knowledge of any domain of your choice. 2. Ability to express knowledge in an easily understood form. 3. Ability to create and record high-quality videos. Time Required For Creating A Video Course – Depends on…

  • Flippa.com
    Medium Money Earners,  Side Hustles

    Sell Websites On Flippa

    Can I make money online? Of course, you can. Anyone can make money online. You just need to work on it. For example, people have made fortunes selling websites online on platforms such as Flippa and Exchange Marketplace.   What is Flippa.com? Flippa.com is an online marketplace for selling and buying websites. Suitable For People who like to develop websites. Skills Required In-depth knowledge of WordPress platform and website creation. Time Required For Creating A Website Depends on the expertise of the developer in website creation.   Tips 1. Choose a topic you are passionate about. You need to be passionate about the subject your website focuses on. If you…

  • membership sites
    Medium Money Earners

    Create a Membership Site

    What is a Membership Site? A membership site, like the one above, is a private website, with exclusive content available only to the signed-up members. It usually provides members with the ability to interact with each other. They pay a monthly fee for being a member of the website.  Suitable For People who like to interact with, guide, and lead a community.  Skills Required 1. In-depth knowledge of any particular domain. 2. Ability to research new things and constantly generate new and helpful content. Time Required For Creating A Membership Site – Depends on the domain expertise of the creator. Tips 1. In the beginning, keep the fee for joining…

  • eBook
    Side Hustles,  Small Money Earners

    Publish an eBook

    Why an eBook? Publishing a Kindle eBook is another simple way of generating consistent passive income. Did you know that Amazon.com is the biggest competitor to Google than any other search engine like Yahoo or Bing? More shoppers try to search for a product on Amazon than on any traditional search engine. When people want in-depth information on a specific topic, they don’t search for blog posts on Google but instead, try to find a highly recommended book on Amazon. Your aim should be to leverage the power of Amazon.com’s growing outreach and popularity to generate a stable passive income source.   Suitable For People who have in-depth knowledge of…

  • Create a niche website
    Affiliate Marketing,  Big Money Earners

    Create a Niche Website

    What is a Niche Website? A Niche Website is a small website focused on one particular topic which shares all the information relevant to the topic that is both useful and interesting for the target audience. A niche website can be of few pages or even hundreds of pages depending upon the size of the niche. Suitable For 1. People who have an interest in a very specific topic within a large domain. For example, in large a domain like Yoga, you can choose specific sub-domain such as ‘Yoga to lose weight.’ 2. People who love to talk, write, explain, and have the ability to persuade.   Skills Required 1. Ability…

  • Start a Blog
    Big Money Earners

    Start a Blog

      How does it Work Being a blogger is one of the easiest ways to earn money from home. Unlike any other job, if you are blogging from home, you don’t need to work 9-5. You can work at any time of the day with ease. But beware blogging takes time before it starts making money for you. So I suggest you jump into this field slowly. If you have a day job, don’t quit it. Start part-time with your blog. Once it is on the stage where it is earning you more than your comfortable limits, then it’s the best time to turn into full-time blogging mode.   Suitable…

  • start a youtube channel
    Medium Money Earners

    Start a YouTube Channel

      Starting A YouTube Channel Starting a Youtube channel is the simplest way of all and needs no investment. YouTube gets almost 5 billion video views per day which proves its power on the internet. Felix Kjellberg, the owner of PewDiePie (a YouTube account), has earned 12 million dollars in 2017 from running a single YouTube channel. You too can see such success if you capitalize on the opportunity that YouTube provides us currently.   Suitable For People who love to create videos, like to talk about a video, shoot documentaries or short films. Skills Required Ability to create a video using software tools or record a video using your…


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