• comparison website
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    Making Money by Creating A Comparison Website

    I am sure you must have visited a comparison website at some point in your life. You might have used them while comparing hotels, flights, travel packages, insurance, loans, cars, and so on. Comparison websites help users to find the right products or services from a group of similar ones, and they earn money via referral affiliate links. Now the idea is to bring this comparison concept to the niche level and create a website comparing similar or related niche products. To implement this idea you need to find a niche that has hundreds of products with similar or confusing specs. Think of Television (TV) niche for example. You’ll find…

  • create a coupon website
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    Earn Online – Create A Coupon Website

      The concept of a coupon website is similar to an affiliate website, and that is to generate sales for others. But these websites leverage a brilliant psychological notion that encourages people to buy, and that is to offer discounts or coupons. The following statistics show the importance of coupons and discounts on purchase decisions made by internet users of various age groups. Discount websites make money through affiliate marketing, when a visitor clicks on buttons like “View Deal,” “Get Deal,” “See Deal,” etc. they’re being referred to a merchant site through an affiliate link. Websites earn commissions when their referrals buy products. This system also works in other way,…

  • write poetry and make money
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    Write Poetry And Make Money

      If you love to write poetry, then this is the way for you. Sincerely, there aren’t many opportunities to make money online via writing poetry. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t earn anything if you’re passionate about writing poems you can use the opportunities you’ll find below and make a handsome living. The following are the links to websites that pay you for your poetry upon acceptance. 1. The Sun Magazine Payment : $100 – $250 per poem 2. Poetry Foundation Payment: $10 per line with a minimum payment of $300 3. Crazy Horse Payment: $20 – $200 per poem 4. Rattle Payment: $50 per poem 5. Boulevard Magazine…

  • travel writing making money
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    Make Money Online By Becoming A Travel Writer

    If you love to travel and can compile your experiences in a beautifully written article, then you can become a travel writer and make money online. There are travel websites and magazines that regularly need fresh travel articles, and most of them don’t even require you to be actively traveling. Even if you have traveled to different places in the past, you can write articles about them.     Below I am mentioning a list of top travel websites that will pay you between $30 – $50 per article. 1. Matador Network Matador Network was started in 2007, and since then they have worked with thousands of photographers, writers, and…

  • virtual bookkeeper
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    Make Money Online – Become A Virtual Bookkeeper

      Nowadays there’s a good demand for virtual bookkeepers as most of the business owners, small startups, digital marketers, etc. prefer them because of enhanced flexibility. If you visit the freelance website such as Upwork.com, you will find a plethora of bookkeeping jobs. If you love accounting and would like to help businesses to stay organized, you can become a virtual bookkeeper and earn a stable income online. Do you need to be a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) for becoming a bookkeeper? No, You don’t have to be a CPA. Suitable For – People who love accounting Skills Required –  1. Ability to use a computer proficiently 2. Ability to…

  • chat boat
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    Build Chat Bots

    What is a chatbot? In simple terms, a chatbot is a software that can communicate with your leads on your behalf but in a human manner, allowing you to engage, qualify and develop an intimate connection with your leads, without talking to them personally. Chatbots communicate with your leads using messaging apps like Facebook Messenger. Like email marketing, they deliver messages, but via messaging apps. Why are chatbots the future of marketing? Marketing on messaging apps will be the future as it’s highly efficient. Businesses who are using messaging apps for marketing have seen over 70% open rates and over 20% link click rates which is significantly higher than any…

  • making money by giving away stuff
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    Making Money By Giving Away Stuff

    Giveaway stuff? I am sure you must have been confused after reading the title of this money-making way. You might be thinking, how can somebody make money by giving away something? But today you’ll learn a brilliant marketing strategy that very few marketers are using to make loads of money without investing lots of funds. Give Away Stuff Now, let’s dive into the strategy. This strategy consists of organizing a Giveaway of high valued physical products, software, eBooks, live event passes, online services, and so on. Then promoting the giveaway to a specific interested audience and asking them to participate in the giveaway by registering via their email id and…

  • Quora
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    Answer Questions On Quora And Make Cash Online

      Quora is the world’s most famous questions and answer platform, it gets around 190 million unique visitors each month. It’s so popular nowadays that if anyone wants to ask a question or find an answer to any problem, Quora is the first website where they visit. Quora is a great place to connect with like-minded people, find some really cool advice and help others with your knowledge. In the following sections, you’ll uncover different strategies you can use to leverage the authority of Quora to make some handsome income online. Does Quora pay you for answering questions? No, Quora doesn’t pay you for answering questions. But there are other…

  • viral website
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    Create A Viral Website

    What is a viral website? A website that publishes interesting, informative, or surprising content and inspires its readers to share its content with their social media friends is called a viral website. It’s a kind of website that gets popular and drives traffic through social media sharing and makes money by publishing ads. I am sure you might have come across websites like Buzzfeed.com, Upworthy.com, Viralnova.com, or Boredpanda.com these are the world’s most famous viral websites. Why starting a viral website is beneficial in the current social media scenario? Today’s social media users love to share interesting stuff with their friends or tag them. It’s a growing trend that can…

  • slogans and taglines
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    Creativity – Write Slogans And Taglines

    Are you creative enough to describe any product or service in a sentence? Can you convey a broad message in a few concise words? If yes, then you can definitely make money online writing slogans and taglines. Most of the companies need corporate taglines, product taglines, and advertising slogans. The aim of such slogans is to convey a strong message using short phrases. Mostly slogans are very short or containing few words or a small sentence like Apple’s “Think Different.” But no matter how small they are, they’ll always give you a strong and broad message. This is the reason why creativity is really important while creating a slogan. Apart…


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