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“Why do we feel embarrassed, impatient, fretful,  ill at ease, assembled like amateur actors who have not been assigned their parts?”

– T S Eliot


I have always wanted to strike gold, make it big, realize my true potential, and stuff like that! Don’t ask me why. It’s not because I need a whole lot of money. No, it isn’t.

It’s more to do with wanting to know just how far can I go. How much can I do? It has more to do with my belief that a person is as capable as the amount of money he or she can earn. In life, one has to realize one’s true potential. We need to grow. We must reach our potential.

And I am talking only about ‘the amount of money one can earn’ honestly, and not ‘the amount of money one can make’ anyhow. There’s a difference!


What’s your story? Do you ever want to have just about everything, and then some more? The feeling that you can do more, be more. Have you been denied your portion of stardom? Does it gnaw at you inside? But are you too proud to admit it?


I’m here because I believe I have what both you and I need. It’s that simple. I have worked on my dream and built it up from scratch. And now I challenge you to replicate what I have done. And I wish you do. Because and only because of the satisfaction I have derived from reaching my potential to some degree is a must for everyone. We all deserve it. Because we all work so hard. But do we work smart? Well, that’s another question.


The plan is very simple. I will introduce you to the best tried and tested methods of developing and sustaining an online business. Your aim is to just listen, understand, and follow your heart and mind and help me to help you achieve what both of us want; an additional source of passive income, through a fun side hustle, or full-time online business.

I have scoured the internet for days and months and years searching through thousands of websites and pages that promise billions of dollars. and deliver nothing. I have found what matters and works, and what doesn’t. I will share that with you if you are ready to commit yourself to some hard work and a whole lot of new learning.


It works. Trust me. But it will work only if you will too. It’s that rudimentary. If you are ready to take the plunge, I want you to systematically go over the website and find your area of interest. And then let us develop something wonderful together.

There are small side-hustle ideas. And then there are full-time business ideas. If you read a bit under the Menu tab ‘Getting Started‘ you will understand better, what I mean.


I believe that we all can achieve what we wish to, with a little dedication and self-discipline. If you are ready to try your hand at my game, then I am ready to support you from beginning to finish. Why? Because if you grow, I grow. Elementary, my dear Watson!

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.


All the best,

Aparna Bansal

Founder of www.make-cash-online.com

Email : aparna@make-cash-online.com


  • Tom


    This is such an inspirational about me page. I love how you tell your story and how you can use your story to help us. But not only that, how you can help us tell our stories too for the benefit of others. I love you ideas on making an income, especially a passive income. Hopefully I can take your advice to make this kind of income and eventually make it my full time income instead of a sife hustle. That will take time and I just need to make sure I don’t give up on what you are helping us with.

    Thank you for sharing and for inspiring me.

    All the best,


  • Nina

    Very original about me page. I love your address to us, the readers, sharing your enthusiasm and encouraging growth.
    My story online has just begun, I have been building a website from the beginning, learning, upgrading, and happily reading the words of those who have been doing it for some time and are successful. Like you. Because you are a great motivation to continue. Thanks!

    I wish you much success in all areas of life,

  • Natalie

    This post is so positive and uplifting. You really imbue people with the confidence that as you have, with hard work they can create a passive income too! Having focus and a dream is essential to living a passionate and fulfilling life of purpose. As you say, it’s not about the ‘need’ for it, but rather the joy and being alive to the dreams we have and following them- what a great inspiring post. Your website really seems to guide people on their journey from start to finish. Fabulous!

  • Ceci

    Interesting approach … Being able to identify why you are here and having a plan is huge! Your honest approach and calling it what it is without all the unnecessary fluff is refreshing. I think this is what makes your site different.

    I am really intrigued and would like to know more, so I am going to check out some of your other posts. I am certainly all in for side hustles and passive income.
    Regards, Ceci

  • Habib

    What a unique approach to introducing yourself and what you do to be successful person. You have motivated me to choose your path to success which seems to be working for many including yourself.

    Thank you for inspiring us all.

    Best wishes

  • Nila

    Great job! You are awesome hit the ball perfectly, All what people wants to know in here. Good luck and talk to you soon.


  • Steven Kane


    This is a very positive site to help people who would like to make money online. your passion and belief shines through. Thanks for the amazing insight in to your psyche.


  • Lucky Dlamini

    Thank you for the powerful words of encouragement through the story of your life in action, doing what you are more passionate about. I am personally happy with what you have done in your website and the lot of work you’re doing. I can appreciate your helping hand as am still new at Wealthy Affiliate and I can like to have your feedback with my website below;

  • Vincent

    This article is a very honest introduction for a business idea, I was intrigued from beginning to end. Your use of the following words kept things real: “and stuff like that,” “work smarter not harder,” “worldly wise.” “fun side hustle,” and “elementary, my Dear Watson!” I believe that one does a job, gives one’s time for a paycheck/cash therefore earning money. Making money is an alternative to having a “job.” Making money can be obtained from having an online business. I admire your desire to work with folks as a way for both entities to earn passive income. Being with people and walking through the process with people is so important. I believe you are willing to do this. I like your motto, “If you grow, I grow.”

  • Abel

    I think I strike gold finding your site. I have always wanted to find a sustainable way to generate a stream of monthly income.

    But up to this point all I have found are survey sites and some freelance sites. Not my style.

    But you seem to be honest here, and I would like to give this a try. Thank you very much!

  • Joy

    Hello there! I love the design of your site and I have come in contact with about four of your posts and believe me, you are very good in reviews and also the information I gathered from there helped a lot in searching for a good design site which I am about selling my designs at the moment. Thanks!

  • John

    It’s great to see that you have such passion for helping people get started online.  I agree with you, there are so many programs out there promising help or have ways to make money that turn out to have scam or just not worth the money.

    So it is great to see that you are promoting something that is legit and proven.  Thanks for sharing

  • evansese

    hello Bansal,,

    I must say that I am intrigued by your potentials and see you to help people achieve their dreams..I must say that I really wish I could get more close to you so you could give me more insight for ideas on how to go about working online and the best routes to follow to achieve my aims… I look forward to frequent your blog

  • Stephanie

    Really appreciate how nicely your story was set on. I think that’s a very inspirational thing to say. Nowadays people are looking for alternatives docto work from home but I guess I haven’t found him yet. I think having an agenda so you can keep up with the things you do it’s really. It’s hard to find some backstory when you feel like nothing makes sense anymore 

  • osei kwame

    Your about me is quite interesting and motivated. I side with you when you said, we all work harder, but do we work smarter? that’s multi million dollar question.

    I believe everyone who lands at this page will surely find to read more on this website because the introduction to the website alone is very motivated

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