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Build Chat Bots

What is a chatbot?

In simple terms, a chatbot is a software that can communicate with your leads on your behalf but in a human manner, allowing you to engage, qualify and develop an intimate connection with your leads, without talking to them personally.

Chatbots communicate with your leads using messaging apps like Facebook Messenger. Like email marketing, they deliver messages, but via messaging apps.

Why are chatbots the future of marketing?
Marketing on messaging apps will be the future as it’s highly efficient.

Businesses who are using messaging apps for marketing have seen over 70% open rates and over 20% link click rates which is significantly higher than any other online marketing medium.

The following are some statistics that indicate that marketing via messaging apps and chatbots is going to be the future.

– Nowadays people prefer to communicate with each other via messaging apps more than email as they are more convenient to use.

– Facebook Messenger solely has 1.2 billion monthly active users worldwide.

– Top 4 messaging apps have more monthly active users than the top 4 social networks.

How are some early adopters using chatbots to grow their business?

Early adopters of chatbots offer a free lead magnet and ask their visitors to subscribe to Facebook Messenger receive it.

Subscribing on Facebook Messenger can be done with a click and visitors don’t need to enter their email id, it’s easy and reduces friction thus increasing lead generation.

Businesses also use chatbots for retargeting on Facebook, any person who clicks on the messenger ad and doesn’t make a purchase will get a message of a 10% discount coupon.

Chatbots are also helping businesses to nurture their leads through a communication sequence leading them to purchase a product.

You can see how chatbots are helping businesses from increasing lead generation until closing a sale.

How can you make money from this opportunity?
As the industry will move towards marketing on messaging apps chatbots will play a huge role in communicating with the leads and thus there will be a huge demand for chatbot developers.

At this point, you can learn to build chatbots and help businesses to build them for a fee. The good news here is that they can be built within hours and you don’t have to do any coding.

Currently, chatbot developers are charging anywhere between $500 to $6000 for building a single chatbot, over this, they also charge a monthly maintenance fee.

As this opportunity is new and the trend is just in it’s beginning phase, I would suggest you get into this and take the advantage of the opportunity before the market gets saturated and other developers eat the biggest pie of the share.

How to get started?

You can get started by visiting the following website.

The above website has all the information you’ll need to get started and become successful in bot business.

You’ll find everything from building your bots, acquiring clients, pricing strategy, and so on. Now go on and make gold out of this opportunity.


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  • manuel

    Chat bots is really the future as I have seen this popping up on a lot of websites. I have not thought of chat bots been used on a messenger but from what was said in the post it sure sounds like a really good idea. This is a skill I really want to learn as I would like to incorporate it into my own business and maybe also look for those that need the service. I have always thought about making use of Udemy to learn this but I think I would look out your suggestion and see how different it is. Is it free to learn using that website or do we pay for it?

  • Rohit

    Chatobots are great when you can automate your responses and cut down on sundry activities. Chatbots takes most of the time consumption in answering FAQs and repetitive questions. Thanks for pointing out this trending opportunity where one is bound to make money. The charge in making one chatbot besides the maintenance fee is quite lucrative to really jump into it for e full time career.

    Fully agree that this is the time to go for it as this has great potential but has still not caught on. Anybody and everbody would lone to have a chatbot on their website as it directly multiplies the reach.

  • Joy

    Hello there! Chat bots have been on the rise since a couple of years and have already faced a wide adoption. They are bringing a new way for businesses to communicate with the world and most importantly with their customers by the help of exploding popularity of messaging apps, the accelerated development of all kinds of sensors and wearables and of course with the rise of emerging technologies and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

    Moreover, shoppers may not find what they are looking for due to navigation issues when they are on your site, they may have registration, payment, checkout and delivery questions or there may be a lack of information about a product.

  • Gomer

    I’ve been seeing chat bots embedded is some website that I visit and I wonder if it would do me good with my own website. Sometimes, I am thinking of choosing or deciding between the employment of an opt-in form and an autoresponder or just use chat bots that lead people to using Messenger. 

    I’d like to know if, do the website owners know that you visit their website by you merely seeing the chat bot? Or, it will only give them the hint you have visited the site only when you click and started using the chat bot?

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