• usability testing
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    Participate In Usability Testing

      Usability testing is the process in which you need to test out apps, websites, software, etc and share your feedback with the developers and help them in finding bugs, problems, or improving the user experience. With usability testing, you’ll mostly need to find whether the website, app, or software that you are testing is easy to understand, easy to…

  • Q&A
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    Join Q&A Sites & Make Money

    Sometimes search engines aren’t simply enough to find the answers to our personalized questions. That’s where Q&A sites come in. When someone needs a personalized answer quickly, they mostly turn to popular answer sites to get the help they need. If you are an expert in any particular field then answering people’s’ questions on Q&A sites can fetch you a…

  • Dazzle with Zazzle
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    Dazzle With Zazzle

    What is Zazzle? Zazzle.com is an online marketplace with millions of made-to-order customizable products. Zazzle users can print designs, drawings, or photos on items like coffee cups. T-shirts, bags and so on. Suitable For Artists, designers, painters. Skills Required 1. Ability to conceive and create designs. 2. Ability to convert designs into a digital format using tools such as Photoshop.…

  • call center employee
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    Become A Virtual Call Center Employee

      What is a Virtual Call Center? A virtual call center is a call center in which the organization’s agents are geographically dispersed, rather than being situated at the organization’s office. In this setup, most of the agents work from their homes. When a customer calls the company’s main office for inquiry, complaint, or orders a product, virtual call centers…

  • become an online tutor
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    Become An Online Tutor

      Learn How to Earn Money Online by becoming an Online Tutor. Due to the growth of busy lifestyles many people nowadays prefer the convenience of online coaching. The growth of technology and the internet has made the experience of online coaching extremely realistic. As a result, the demand for online tutors is growing fast. So if you like helping…

  • interview transcribing
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    Work From Home – Do Interview Transcribing

    What is the interview transcribing? To transcribe means to make a written copy of something. Interview transcribing is the process of listening to an audio or video interview and converting it into a written copy for reading purposes. Today most of the journalists, nonfiction writers, and bloggers conduct thousands of hours of interviews and most of them are too busy…

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    Do Document Translations From Home

    Lots of online jobs from home are available to choose from. Document Translation for example.   What does a document translator do? When businesses grow globally, they need to communicate with their customers in a language that their customer understands. Most of the businesses communicate with their customers in written form such as email, product usage guides, help tutorials, written…

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    Start A Book Review Website

    Want to do something offbeat? Make cash online; START A BOOK REVIEW WEBSITE. IT WORKS! What is a Book review site? As the name suggests a book review website is a website where reviews of the books get published. Suitable For People who have a passion for reading books. Skills Required Ability to provide in-depth, honest, and a versatile review…