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Earn Online – Create A Coupon Website


The concept of a coupon website is similar to an affiliate website, and that is to generate sales for others.

But these websites leverage a brilliant psychological notion that encourages people to buy, and that is to offer discounts or coupons.

The following statistics show the importance of coupons and discounts on purchase decisions made by internet users of various age groups.

Discount websites make money through affiliate marketing, when a visitor clicks on buttons like “View Deal,” “Get Deal,” “See Deal,” etc. they’re being referred to a merchant site through an affiliate link.

Websites earn commissions when their referrals buy products.

This system also works in other way, merchants assign specific coupon code to a particular coupon website, when a buyer clicks on buttons like “Show Code,” “Show Coupon,” he or she is shown the previously assigned coupon code.

When the buyer enters that coupon code at checkout, the merchant knows from where the buyer had been referred, and the coupon website is rewarded with a commission.

Some of the top discount/coupon websites such as Groupon, Retailmenot, Techbargains, and more use this model to earn millions of dollars every year.

You can implement the same idea in your niche and make money.

People are always searching for coupons and discount offers when they’re about to buy something.

You can dig out such keywords in your niche and rank your website in search engines to generate free traffic and passive income.

You can also promote coupons on social media and try to generate viral traffic as people love to share them with their friends.



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  • Jeff

    Earn online create a coupon website, I found your article very inspiring and motivating. I do offer coupons on my website with very good response from my readers, and I encourage anyone who has a blog or website to consider offering coupons as an easy benefit to provide your readers to form a good relationship with them .


  • Matiss

    Truth said I haven’t thought of coupon sites as a legitimate business before. But your article makes so much sense. Furthermore, there indeed are quite many successful examples of this.

    I would lie if I was to say that this one didn’t make me contemplate about what it takes for a coupon site to be successful. How can one ensure that and what are the makings of really great coupon sites? Is the success predictable here? I mean, I will probably have to research the examples you provided and more to reverse engineer. But I really think it’s possible with the right knowledge. And the earning potential is pretty awesome given that you pretty much have no expenses yourself and probably don’t need too much to sustain it over a period of time.

    I appreciate it. Cheers.

    • Aps

      Matiss, success isn’t guaranteed anywhere. Conversely, it is guaranteed everywhere or anywhere one puts in the required efforts.
      Hope this works for u.

  • Phil

    Thanks for some real information about coupons. My experience has been both good and not so good in that I have had some good deals on pizza which has been great. I have gone on to spend far more than it cost them I am sure. However some places have an offer but then can’t fulfill it. So they have created a discount to create volume and then the promotion is so successful that they can’t cope with it, leaving customers less than happy. I accept however that when it works it works well. 

    Do you think it provides a long term loyalty to that service or do you think it is just a one off transaction? I have often wondered. I appreciate you sharing.

  • Rohit


    This post is an eye-opener for newbie affiliate marketer like me. I had in mind that displaying coupons on my website would clutter the space to the extend that viewers might not be interested in looking at my page at all. However, there are obvious benefits to it as well. 

    I will try few of the merchant sites as suggested in your post to see how it works for me. I think coupons is a great sales strategy as people love to see discounts. It plays on the buyer’s psychology and they are funneled in to purchase.

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