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How Long Will It Take You To Achieve Success?

Kyle is the owner of the huge, online, blogging & money-making platform called Wealthy Affiliate. His methodology for training you in Affiliate Marketing is the best on the internet, by any standards, especially so because you can join Wealthy Affiliate and continue with free membership till you want, utilizing almost all of the resources available on the platform. 

Kyle, in his training, teaches you how to achieve success in an online business. His mantra is basically aimed at making you aware of the steps to achieve success in life. By applying his principles, one can learn how to achieve success in an online program in which he himself has seen immeasurable progress and achievement.

Here, Kyle answers the question he gets most often from people –  “How long will it take me to achieve success?”


If I Work at This 8 Hours Per Day

Last Update: June 25, 2020Kids pushing a boulder

… will I be successful online and when?


If I work at this, how long will it take me to achieve success?

These are some very common questions I get, so I thought I would spend a few minutes explaining what the “process” of success looks like and some expectations you can have.

There are some really obvious things I have learned over the years in terms of those who will achieve success and those that don’t.

I think that if you are sitting in the boat wondering when success is going to strike or if you are just getting rolling and these are questions that have been possibly preventing you from moving forward, what I am going to tell you will be insightful and perhaps quite revealing.

Success is more patient than you…

The only time I see someone fail within the online world is when they quit…prematurely of their success. As we are building a business, sometimes we hit a crossroad or a difficult time when something doesn’t make sense, something “breaks”, or something simply is confusing the heck out of us.

The easiest way out is to quit. The more difficult way is to push on.

Guess which option MOST people choose? Quitting.

Guess who ends up reaping all of the rewards of a successful business? The Pushers.

So be patient, give success time, and realize that it is not going to happen overnight.

Working for a MONTH really hard won’t lead to success, Working for a YEAR Will.

Most people have run into their fair share of GURU scams/offers claiming instant riches. Perhaps that is why some folks think that success within a month is viable, when in fact it is not.

Success takes time.

Before you create a thriving business, you must first work on building a foundation for that success to build off of. I always say you cannot build a skyscraper on a mud foundation. The same as you cannot build a very successful online business without a website, without quality content, without rankings, and without an understanding of how to do all of this properly.

It is at that point that you have a foundation, that you can start building out your website for success.

Success is not on a “clock”, the determining factor is YOUR actions and YOUR hard work.

It happens at different rates for different people. Every niche is different, every website is different, and each and every one of us is different in our very own unique way. This is the cool part of the business. We can all take a seemingly parallel path to create a business, but very different at the same time and create a ridiculous amount of success.

I personally took 3+ months before I experienced any income online, by month 6, I was creating income with consistency, and by the year mark, I was earning what would be deemed as a decent full-time income.

Here I sit, 13 years later of being full time online…I am sure glad I didn’t put a clock or a time limit on my success. I simply said I am going to achieve success…whatever it takes and I drew out my path to get there. Anyone can do what I am doing, that is what I find so crazy… but very few are willing to give themselves enough time to do it.

Treat business like a CAREER and it will become one.

I want to try a new venture! This is a new opportunity! Let’s give this Internet thingy a whirl. Those are the statements that scare the crap out of me.

The reason. People saying those are coming into this with the wrong idea.

This is the real world, this is business, and the online business world is no different than the offline business world in that (a) there is very little overhead to getting a business up and running (b) there is far more opportunity online than offline, 2.8 billion people in fact (c) there is no limit to your potential. You set your own goals.

The problem is that if you walk into the online world like it is some “opportunity” or some “venture” you are creating, it instantly tells me that you are going to take the “try until it dies” approach. Nobody has created a successful business without treating it as a long term BUSINESS. You are in business. For yourself. Treat it that way.

So when will the “S” word happen for you?

Only YOU can determine that. What I can tell is you is that it CAN and it will happen if you dedicate yourself, work hard, and remain persistent until/after you achieve your goals.

What I can tell you is that you have absolutely everything you need here at Wealthy Affiliate other than the YOU part.

Make today your day that you commit you your future, one that is not a month out or a few months out…but a year out and that will lead to several years within the online space.

Rooting for you and your inevitable success. 😉

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  • Deb

    I just love this post. It is so informative and accurate.

    Yes, success takes time and effort but in my mind, before you can achieve any success you must first define what that success looks like for you.

    Success can look different for each person and that is why taking the time to really think about what it is you want is so important.

    For some, making enough money to pay the bills on time is their vision of success, while others want a luxurious lifestyle.

    Once you have defined your success write it down, it then becomes a goal and you can work out an action plan to make it happen.

    Keep up the great, informative articles, I have bookmarked your site and will be returning. Thank you.

  • KingDavid247

    Good article you have here.
    I firstly want you to know that you are doing a great job and I would always feel happy to visit your website. It takes alot of research and time to come up with an article as fine as this. And also, from the idea gathered from your article, I won’t fail to put it to practice so I will learn better. Thank you so much for this. I am not sure if I can make it to the meeting tonight but I will be there at WA.

  • Brenda

    Hello, this is a very awesome piece and a very detailed one. I’m really happy I came across this as the information I’m getting from here is standard. It’s truly not easy being successful, but hard work, dedication, and having passion for what you do will definitely get you there. Thank you 

  • D Buckley

    Well at first, I thought glance the whole site looks bright, good media, bright lights, good use of advertising and the content rolls well.  If you read through the narrative, you et a great sense of what the site is about and it reads really well.  You cannot fault the way this site looks.  There is a slight bias to Wealthy Affiliate but its not enough to feel totally one sided, as I feel if you know something is good then you should let that shine through.

    The focus on Kyle the part owner is a fair reflection of just how far the WA platform has become, and the very recent Premier Plus member upgrade offer which is not mentioned in the review is a good marker for keeping the platform up to date and in current focus.

    I actually stayed on the site and then clicked a couple of the features towards the bottom, reading about Byron Brewer’s success, which just goes to show that great success can be achieved if you follow your dreams, and this site has plenty of dreams.  Well done

    • Aps

      Thank u, Buckley. I always advise people to sign up for Wealthy Affiliate, having experienced this platform first hand, and realizing what a great opportunity it presents.



  • Jade

    Hi Sehr,

    Thank your for this! This is exactly what I’ve been looking for – I’ve been slowly working on creating content on my own website for the last several months, and I just got to the money-making part of the training. I also recently really started throwing much more time and energy into my website, but I still haven’t seen any income.

    I’m very worried about not getting the traffic I need and I’ve been looking for an answer to this question, to help keep myself from getting discouraged. I have been at this for more than three months, but I hadn’t been putting 8 hours a week into it, muchless 8 hours a day, until very recently. I will take heart from what you said, and keep at it!



    • Aps

      Thank u so much for the nice words Jade. I worked really hard in the beginning. Everything was new to me. Now, I work hard, but it is a lot easier.

  • Sean Bennick

    Aps and Sehr,

    I’ve gone through a few of your articles and I’m digging this so far. I’m actually a Wealthy Affiliates member already but I’ve only been there about a month. I’ve fallen prey to some of the scammers out there before as well.

    “Make money automatically on Amazon for only $9.95 a month.”

    Then of course there is the extra training, the additional resources you need, and the premium plan to unlock the full features of whatever garbage they are selling. The thing I like about Wealthy Affiliates is that it’s all about training like you said. I’ll have to check out Shopify and AuthorityHacker once I’m a little further along.

    You’re absolutely right about there being no get rich quick solution, I mean aside from robbing a bank, or becoming one of those scamming jerks out there. I figure if I put in the time, success will come – just like you’ve said. I’ll be joining your email list, can’t wait to connect on WA as well.

    Thanks again for the article and the advice,

    • Aps

      Thank you for the kind words, Sean. Coming from a seasoned internet marketer like you, I think it’s very encouraging. I hope we can work together in the future, and create something wonderful.

  • Lawson

    Hello there, 

    Making money online is really fun and I have just got the interest in it and have opened my own site with hope to make money off it pretty soon with the effort I put into it. However, I have been really serious about wanting to know how long it takes other people to make money online and I have come to understand that most time effort matters a lot and I’ll keep giving my best

  • Bogadi

    Thank you for a great article and a beautiful reminder that success is not an overnight thing. I like the phrase success is more patient than you. I guess the best synonym for the word success , it should be the word persistence if not perseverance. Without these two success cannot be attained,

  • Nina

    I agree as you said, success is patient. You don’t have to be successful if you work 8 hours a day for nothing useful, but you can be successful if you work 3 hours a day with quality. It really depends on each individual.
    I, too, have joined the Wealthy Affiliate and I am very pleased – with the training that guides you step by step and with the whole community. I recommend to everyone, who is thinking to start an online business.

  • Ceci

    Success, I have learned, only comes to those that are dedicated and willing to do the needful through thick and thin to arrive at its doorstep! If you are willing to do all that, then success is assured. Your article reveals to me that Wealthy Affiliate is a truly viable option for affiliate marketing. I love all that I am learning about the training. I wish i had gotten to know about them sooner – but better late than never!


  • Suz

    Like in practically everything we do in this world, there has to be a great amount of Patience while the level of hard work does not reduce as well. When these two are both achieved, then definetely success will follow. Like you said here, success is more patient than we are. Only this can help us reach the pinnacle of success we desire.

  • Justin

    Hello there, its indeed a nice topic you have here and we all have to understand that success can’t be gotten or achieved in a day. If you can attain it in a day then that’s now success. One of the key ways getting success is the great patience you’ll need and that is vital. I don’t think there is a fixed time to success.

  • Mick

    How long is a piece of string?

    I guess that’s why they say that around 4% actually make a living online because the other 96% just give up and bounce onto the next shiny object or next whatever.

    The amount of times I have heard people say “I want to earn money without it costing me anything” just amazes me because you just won’t get anywhere without investing in yourself. But, yes, it doesn’t have to cost the earth.

    For some reason, I believe that people think that the Internet is some magic way of earning money and it can be a way to millions overnight. Its not at all like that, and you have to be careful too as there are so many scams out there; just who do you believe?

    Any business, like the one you mentioned, takes time and a lot of hard work, no matter what business it is.

    Thank you for sharing a great post.

  • Justin

    Wow, this is realm to the very huge question we all ask and I have to say it’s been fun reading through the post which has given me a lot to ponder about and I like it. I have to say success doesn’t have a fixed time and some success takes longer time to be achieved than some others. For me so long you are not giving up, it will come in due time

  • Kalle & Marie

    Hi  Sehr,

    What a great article and topic you wrote on, in your blog.

    Most of us have the same question; how long will it take for us to achieve success.  We always reverse the questions, how much time and effort do we have to give so that we can live the life we want it.  We have been building our business for more than 18 years, and the only thing that bothers us is that we did not come across Wealthy Affiliate earlier.

    In only a few months as premium members of Wealthy Affiliate, we experienced that our online business is growing, thanks to Kyle, and other members (more than 1 million online entrepreneurs) who give us direction, know-how, and tips on how to build a strong and successful online business. And as you mentioned – Only you can determine when will “S” happen…

    Mindset is what separates the best from the rest… 


    Kalle & Marie

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