making money by giving away stuff
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Making Money By Giving Away Stuff

Giveaway stuff? I am sure you must have been confused after reading the title of this money-making way.

You might be thinking, how can somebody make money by giving away something? But today you’ll learn a brilliant marketing strategy that very few marketers are using to make loads of money without investing lots of funds.

Give Away Stuffmaking money by giving away stuff

Now, let’s dive into the strategy.

This strategy consists of organizing a Giveaway of high valued physical products, software, eBooks, live event passes, online services, and so on.

Then promoting the giveaway to a specific interested audience and asking them to participate in the giveaway by registering via their email id and sharing the giveaway with their friends thus building a niche-specific targeted email list.

Next, choosing random winners from the pool of registered people and giving them the promised products or services for free.

Further, monetize the email list by promoting affiliate offers via email marketing.

Giveaway strategy works like a charm and helps you to build a targeted email list for free or at a low advertising cost which you can later on use to promote affiliate offers and make money.

Suitable For –

People who love to talk, write, explain, and have the ability to persuade.

Skills Required –

Ability to write promotional emails.

How to get started –

Step 1 – Research

Before you can start a giveaway campaign, you need to research and skillfully decide upon what are you going to offer in your giveaway.

The following are some tips that will guide you to conduct research and select the right product/offer for your giveaway.

1. Find out what are the most prominent pain points people have in your niche and how your giveaway can provide a solution to it.

Use the following points to dig out pain points in your niche.

– Visit Q&A sites such as Quora, Yahoo Answers, etc. to find out which are the most asked questions in your niche.

– Visit niche-specific forums and find which are the most discussed topics.

– Visit niche-specific blogs to find out the most popular articles and note down the topics on which the article is written.

– Visit social media platforms to find out influencers in your niche, then study what they share on their pages.

– Visit YouTube and find out which are the most viewed videos in your niche and which topics are discussed in them.

– Study comments on blog posts, YouTube videos, and social pages and try to understand what do people really want.

2. Find out where on the internet your audience is active and engaging. Is it on social media platforms, forums, YouTube, or blogs? If you know this, you will know where you should promote your giveaways.

3. Understand how your audience wants the solution, whether they want a physical product, software, service, online course, eBook, video, etc. It will help you to select the right giveaway which will appeal to your audience.

Step 2 – Get all tools for starting your giveaway campaign

You’ll need two important tools to start your giveaway campaign, a viral marketing application, and an autoresponder.

If you own a WordPress blog, you can install a free viral marketing plugin named Viral Sign Ups or another paid tool called UpViral.

Both these tools are easy to use, and you can easily set up your giveaway campaign without much need for technical knowledge.

Once Viral Sign Ups or UpViral tool has been configured you need to connect them to an autoresponder so that you can store all the signup emails and for email marketing purposes.

Step 3 – Decide your giveaway strategy

A giveaway strategy is nothing but deciding on what actions you want visitors to take before they participate in your giveaway.

Depending on goals you want to achieve you can develop your strategy.

The strategy could be anything just to ensure that it’s according to the rules of the platform on which you’re promoting your giveaway.

For example: If you want to grow your blog’s subscribers you can ask your visitors to subscribe to your blog, like your blog’s Facebook page, and tag their three friends.

Step 4 – Promote your giveaway

If you have done the research right, you’ll have a complete idea about where to promote your giveaway on the internet. Depending on your research you can plan your promotion strategy.

For example: If your research suggests that Facebook will be the right place for giveaway promotion then there are multiple ways you can do it, I am mentioning a few below.

– You can start Facebook ads and drive people to your website.
– You can contact influencers and ask them to promote your giveaway for a fee.
– You can join niche related groups and post about your giveaway.

Step 5 – Monetize

Once you start promoting your giveaway, people will start participating, and your email list will grow.

Once you have an email list of reasonable size (250 – 500 subscribers), you can regularly start promoting relevant affiliate offers and products to your list via email.

People will buy products and offers via your affiliate link thus making you money through affiliate commissions.

Always remember that in the email marketing business the bigger the size of your targeted email list the bigger your commissions.

Hence always try to add new targeted subscribers to your list via running multiple giveaway campaigns.


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  • Russ

    What an insightful article. I did a give away on my YouTube channel a few months back and astonishingly it got way more views and comment interaction that any of my other vidoes. These giveaways do work especially if you are giving away cool and wanted gifts. Thanks for an amazing article.

  • Gomer

    I can remember how me and my friend got a debate over this. He’s reluctant in doing email marketing as he think people these days seldom open their emails and most of the time they’re hooked with Facebook Messenger. But for me, it depends on the group of people because in my opinion, the most serious buyers use email rather than Messenger. So, we’re different in our position with regard to making money online.

    The tips you shared here about making money giving away free stuff sounds good to me and maybe I will get started with th is ASAP. I just want to clarify, can I do this strategy without using UpViral plugin that you mentioned here? I ask this because, there are too many plugins in my site already and adding more plugins seems like the least in my priorities.

  • Joy

    Hello there! this is an amazing review you have got here! Though this is actually my first time hearing about and I must confess, this is a great idea to earn cash from giveaway. However, getting the right platform in which the audience are active might be quite difficult for me but I will try to engage in it.

  • Lemuel

    Hello and thank you about this article about making money by giving away stuff. It may seem counter intuitive but it really makes sense. I really like how you presented this article by outlining the strategy.

    I had read something like this before and your article made me remember about this strategy that I would like to be my next strategy to grow my subscribers for my website.

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