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My Progress in Wealthy Affiliate : Month 4

Hello Everyone,

It has been a fun ride till now at Wealthy Affiliate. I had joined in march of 2020; so it has been 4 months already.

Rank: 462, Posts: 46, Blogs: 72, Network: 1.5k, Friends: 6.

A lot has been learned. And I know there is an enormous amount to know before I can imagine calling myself literate.

A few websites are up in various stages of disarray. One website is doing better than most, but the niche leaves much to be desired. Maybe someday, after I have learned the ropes a little more, I shall switch niches.

I have learned:

  • That there are experienced members willing to help if you ask for it.
  • That only the honest path will triumph.
  • That you must pause, once in a while, to see where you are going, and make mid-course corrections, if need be.

I think the biggest success at this stage is that I have finally begun to see what shape I would like my website(s) to take.

The plan is now to finish the Boot Camp in a week.

And speed up for what lies ahead.

Thank You all for being so supportive and forgiving. Your advice and motivation shall get me there, in spite of myself.

Love and regards,


If you wish to try out Wealthy Affiliate, you can join here.

I am a compulsive chips-eating monster and a book-worm, thrown into one. Love the sea & the mountains alike, though what really makes me happy is the rain. My new interest is playing the piano, & am seriously contemplating learning to fly a plane next. And, did I forget to mention, I'm gonna be your the-girl-next-door-easygoing-namedropping-millionaire by the coming year. Wish me luck! Together we could be unstoppable; so hit the SignUp button, if you care to be awesome.


  • Beesean

    Hello, thank you for sharing your personal experience with Wealthy Affiliate and it’s nice to know that you have good things to say about the platform which I think is all that can be said about it. Wealthy affiliate is a great training program that encompasses everything that has to do with affiliate marketing and also a great way to earn money

  • Justin

    Having to be a member of wealthy affiliate is a great plus for anyone and I have to admit that you are really lucky to have come this far through their training and assistance. Many people who understand this would know how beneficial it is to be on a platform that teaches you all you’ll need to be successful in business 

  • Lucas Moore

    I must say that reading through your journey hs been an exciting adventure for me. It has opened my eyes to a different way i can ake some cool cash and earn a passive source of income. All the aspect of your journey as taught me several lessons and i will want to say that i am grateful to have come in contact with your website.

  • Md. Asraful Islam

    Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us. Most of all, I like that you have built such a large network in just a few days. The support you have received and learned from the Wealthy Affiliate Platform will not only be your success but will inspire others to see you. So I would encourage everyone to join the Wealthy platform and establish yourself as a skilled member like you from here.

  • Robert


    Great job on staying motivated! I know when I first started it was difficult to stay engaged. It looks like you have done a fine job at taking care of that. Keep up the good work!

  • Christine

    That is awesome, Aparna! You are going for it and not stopping, that’s the only way to go, isn’t it? 😉
    I am also in Bootcamp. I am taking my time with it, more than I expected, but at least I am consistent with producing content for my websites. 🙂

    I hope you find the niche you would like to work with. Which websites are doing better than the others? In Bootcamp you will also learn much more valuable info and you can use that for your current websites.

    Wishing you all the best!

  • Hannie

    This is so great, Aparna, you have really put a lot of effort into Wealthy Affiliate and your website. Congratulations!! I should take you as my example. I am telling myself for some weeks now to write down what I do and what the results are, and something keeps getting in between 🙂
    Thanks for the inspiration.

  • Michel

    It wonderful to see your progress month to month and I wish I had made an account of my journey online so far, as sometimes it feels as though we are moving so slowly, but when you see how far you have come since you started online it is pretty amazing.

    Keep blogging and keep growing and keep sharing your progress with us all.

  • Lucky Dlamini


    I am more interested in linking my website with affiliate programs that are reliable, with your experience and knowledge I think you can advice a friend here. Lastly, I can also appreciate you teach me how to link my website with the social media channels on the right side of your website.

  • Shawn T

    Thanks for the article!  

    I love how you are blogging about your monthly progress, and I plan on doing the same here soon ( I haven’t started yet).  

    I am a Wealthy Affiliate member too and recommend people to join the program because I believe its a fantastic platform!

    When you are starting on the path of affiliate marketing, it is great to see others on their journey, see what they have learned, and where they are on their path so you can reflect on where you are.

    I don’t see enough of these progress blogs, so I was thrilled to see yours.  Great job and keep up the excellent work!


  • Justin

    Hello there, its really nice knowing you are a member of the wealthy affiliate as it is a platform I have heard a lot about and there is still more I am hearing from the training they offer which can help your business grow. I really like the fact that you can reach the founder and also get video training at any time of the day you want for a really cheap fee. Cheers 

  • Castle

    We all want to be successful and make money through our business. Starting out with little or no experience can mean the odds seem stacked against us. But there is no need to worry. It is suggested that the best way make make success more likely is to use affiliate marketing. You can increase the chances of success even further by joining Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliates provides all the training required, all the tools you need and help and support through an amazing community.

  • Kimberly

    It is really a good thing being able to finally identify with what one wants the website to look like and feel like too. Knowing what you want to say and identifying the demographics of people being targeted too. It simply makes everything a lot more easier. Thank you so much for sharing this here and I appreciate

    • admin

      I thought it would be a good idea to list my progress as I move along, because later it would be difficult to put it all together. And nothing works better than actual feelings. 

  • Jay

    Wow, you have really come a long way and you have also prospered on the platform here. I think it’s a very good thing that you have gone through all this and made it this far in the business too. I just joined wealthy affiliate and I’m barely a week old on the platform but it’s good to see that maybe in three months, I can be just like you or maybe even better. Lol. Good stuff here.

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