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What is Leapforce?

Leapforce is a US-based company that provides work at home opportunities across the globe. They will mostly offer you an online job of “Personalized Search Engine Evaluator.”

Joining Leapforce is one of the most legitimate ways of making money online from home, and you must definitely think of giving it a shot.

I am insisting Leapforce because you don’t have to invest any money nor start any business. It’s a perfect start for someone who has no money at all.

Leapforce is an independent company contracted by Google, Bing, and other big search engines to help them assess their algorithms. Such companies always hire real people to help them in this process.

As a search engine evaluator, your job is to follow the instructions given to you in the assignments, research, and analyze the search engine results.

You’ll have to provide feedback on search engine results by measuring the relevance and usefulness of web pages in relation to given predefined queries.

Suitable For

Anyone who has a laptop and a decent speed internet connection.

Skills Required

1. People who have excellent web research skills and analytical abilities.

2. People having good verbal and written communication skills.

Time Required For Becoming Leapforce Agent

In order to get hired, you need to visit Leapforce’s job listing page, fill out an online application and upload your resume. If you are shortlisted you are required to take and pass a three-part qualification exam.

The exam will test your theoretical and practical knowledge about web research and search engine evaluation.

The qualification exam is challenging and you must take it seriously. If you fail in the first attempt you can still re-appear one more time.

It takes mostly 14 days to complete all the processes from registration to final qualification.


1. Position yourself as an ideal candidate – To improve your chances of acceptance, you must be an active user of Google’s search engine and Google’s other popular products such as Gmail, Youtube, Google Play, and Google+.

2. Fulfilling other important requirements – To get accepted you must use Google Play at least once per week; use Google+ more than once per month and have more than 11 people per circle. You must have a Gmail account with web history turn on.

3. Study well – Leapforce will provide you all the study material required for preparing your initial qualification exam. Make sure you study them well before making an attempt.

Remember you are allowed to take only two attempts, if you fail at both of them then you’ll never be able to apply to Leapforce in future.

How To Monetize

You’ll earn $13/hour if you’re a U.S. citizen and $7/hour if you are a citizen of any Asian or African country.

All the payments are sent at the end of the month by cheques.

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  • OlaBee

    Leapforce seems like a great opportunity for individuals with some good research and communication skills. I am also impressed that this opportunity is also for those who struggle with finances. The most places I am familiar with is always some fee required. Thanks for sharing!

  • evansese

    I must say that I appreciate your effort insurance such an awesome tip on how to make money online..I have actually been told about the leapforce program on the phone now but I really wanted to find out more about it for myself before I could consider giving it a try this review does really help me the stress of going over…

    it thanks a lot for sharing, have a great day

  • AlyseS

    Great info that you have provided here.  I didn’t know that search engine evaluator was a job but I think it would be very interesting.  I’m learning so much about the SEO and so I might want to apply for this job.  I think SEO is fun and exciting to learn.

    Is the qualifying exam difficult to pass?  How do they help you prepare for the exam?

  • osei kwame

    Thank you very much for this interesting, educative and informative piece of article. In fact I am quite enthused over this article and I am signing up right away. but you didn’t include any site we can apply from.
    $7 dollars per hour is cool and I will give a try. I am happy you said, they will give materials and time to prepare for the exams.

  • Stephanie

    I have never heard of this platform and I’m actually really surprised that you don’t have to soy anything to just use it. I’m curious, you’ve been very determined that this company is the real deal for some of us who are in need, but have you tried it yourself? And if so, what did you thought of the environment. 

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