Create a niche website
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Create a Niche Website

What is a Niche Website?

A Niche Website is a small website focused on one particular topic which shares all the information relevant to the topic that is both useful and interesting for the target audience.

A niche website can be of few pages or even hundreds of pages depending upon the size of the niche.

Suitable For

1. People who have an interest in a very specific topic within a large domain.

For example, in large a domain like Yoga, you can choose specific sub-domain such as ‘Yoga to lose weight.’

2. People who love to talk, write, explain, and have the ability to persuade.  

Skills Required

1. Ability to create a Niche website based on a specific sub-domain using WordPress, Blogger, or other available software and tools.

2. Ability to promote the website using social media, ads, etc. 

Time Required For Starting A Niche Website

You can start a Niche Website within a day. But creating good content for the website might take time.



1. Write out as many niche site ideas as you can, using the sub-domain that interests you the most.

2. Narrow down your niche idea based on finding the answers to the following questions:-

What is the audience size of your niche?

Is your audience known for spending money on purchasing niche related products?
Are there multiple products available which you review on your site?
Are there affiliate programs that provide more than 50% commissions?
What is your investment budget?

3. Create at least 10 articles of rich content with 1000 words that will provide value to your niche targeted audience.

4. Sign up for at least 2 affiliate programs that offer products related to your niche with more than 50% commissions.

5. Do keyword research and find at least 15-20 niche relevant search terms and try to rank your site for them.

6. Try to network with the owners of the authority blogs in your niche and find guest blogging opportunities.


How To Monetize

Promote the products relevant to the topic of your niche website by placing affiliate links in the content and sidebar of your site.

Try to get more visitors to your site by doing SEO, forum marketing, social media, and paid ads. More people visit your niche site and buy products through your affiliate link, more money you make.

How about creating 10 more Niche Websites with every site generating $500 a month in affiliate commission that would be $5000 of passive income per month.


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  • Abel

    As all the previous posts in this series, this has been gold too. But I feel embarrassed I’m learning all this from you and I’m not contributing to you nor your site. I believe that reciprocity occurs where the contribution of each party meets the expectations of the other party. And you have exceeded my expectations but I haven’t supported you in order for you to continue publishing this helpful content.

  • John

    Making money with a niche site seems really interesting and it doesn’t seem like it is too difficult.  How long do you think it would take to make money with a niche site?  Would it depend on the niche I chose?

    Also, is there any good training out there to help someone get more indepth information?  I would be interested in getting your thoughts.


    • admin

      Hi John,

      I am convinced about niche sites and i think it’s a matter of 6 months of learning the ropes. You tube has some excellent videos for beginners. In specific, please check out Kevin David.

  • Carmen

    Thanks for sharing. When you read your post, it seems extremely easy to create a niche site. But this requires a lot of work, research, time to mature the site. And the chosen niche must be a passion of yours, otherwise you either get bored of it or you get stuck at some point.

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