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Publish an eBook

Why an eBook?

Publishing a Kindle eBook is another simple way of generating consistent passive income.

Did you know that Amazon.com is the biggest competitor to Google than any other search engine like Yahoo or Bing?

More shoppers try to search for a product on Amazon than on any traditional search engine.

When people want in-depth information on a specific topic, they don’t search for blog posts on Google but instead, try to find a highly recommended book on Amazon.

Your aim should be to leverage the power of Amazon.com’s growing outreach and popularity to generate a stable passive income source.


Suitable For

People who have in-depth knowledge of a certain topic or love to do research and explain it in an easily understood form.

Skills Required

1. Ability to provide detailed insights on a particular topic.

2. Ability to provide some extraordinary tips for solving people’s problems.

Time Required For Creating An eBook

The time required completely depends on the creator of the eBook. What topics he/she wants to cover? How many details does the creator want to include?

These are the important factors that define the time required.



1. Research, research, and research. It is the key to a successful Kindle eBook product. Research about what people are looking for in the domain related to your eBook’s topic.

For example, if you are creating an eBook on ‘Yoga to lose weight’ look for how many people are looking for yoga exercises to lose weight on the internet and Amazon? What are their expectations of a book?

You can easily conduct this research by studying the comments, reviews, and popularity of the existing competitor’s books on Amazon.

2. Write to one reader. When you know your ideal reader, you know how much he/she already knows. You can avoid boring him/her with obvious information, and you can provide exactly the information he/she’s looking for.

3. Check out how many people are asking questions on the topic you have chosen, using websites such as Quora, Yahoo Answers, and WikiAnswers. More questions mean more people are looking for answers and that’s a good sign.

4. Look out for the market gaps in your selected domain. And see whether there’s a demand for some topic, see whether your eBook can cater to that demand.

5. Visit Amazon.com and see how many books are present in your selected domain. Are people buying those books? This will help you to understand the demand and purchasing ability of the market in your domain.

6. Find a few friendly readers who match your ideal reader profile and give them your first draft. Not only will they help make your book better, but it will also boost your confidence.  


How To Monetize

Sign up to Kindle Direct Publishing Program, with this you award exclusive distribution rights for your Kindle eBook to Amazon.

This will allow you to sell your eBook in all the countries where Amazon.com is available giving it a massive exposure at launch.

Create a small niche site on the related topic and promote your eBook through it. The more eBooks you sell the more money you make.


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  • Paolo

    I have been considering the idea of writing an ebook. I know that I could deliver useful insights on a topic that would be interesting to read for people that are in a very specific niche. I had also been considering enrolling on a course on Udemy that dealt with this topic.

    But up till this point I hadn’t made my mind. Your post has not only made me believe this is a goal I can accomplish but it has also excited me about it. Thank you very much!

  • Dexter Teo

    I particularly love this suggestion of kindle publishing as a way of making money. Publishing kindle ebooks gives people a chance to be an author unlike the past, where they have to go through the hassle of facing publishing companies and printing hard copies. Now it’s much easier to get their message out there. 

    Amazing tips on what to do when publishing an ebook. Even an expert does need to do a little bit of research because you just never know what new information you might find that will also be able to help your readers!

  • evansese

    so thoughtful of you to put up such an informative review on how to earn money by publishing ebooks.. I must say that I admire your effort and courage in sharing such an information on how to make money from ebooks.. I must say a big thank you and please keep up the good work have a great day and stay safe

  • Tush

    This is one of the most brief but powerful and indept guide on making passive income by simply publishing an eBook. I have always wanted to publish an eBook in order to make things easy for others in some particular topics. Amazon is the biggest place to leverage the power of an eBook in generating passive income. I sincerely appreciate you sharing this helpful guide. I’d utilise it.

  • Michel

    Publishing their own book is a dream that many people have, but how many actually go through with it. Luckily now, due to the internet and Kindle, it is easier than ever to publish your own books and at a minimal cost compared to what you would have to pay a publisher for a hard copybook.

    It must be great to have a few successful books out there and the best part is you write the book once and it can sell copies for years after that.

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