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Sell A Video Course On Udemy

What is Udemy.com?

Udemy.com is an online learning marketplace. Udemy has a huge list of courses in everything from programming to yoga to photography and much more.

You can create a course in the text, audio, and video formats. Every course is available on-demand and students can learn at their own pace, on their own time, and on any device.

Suitable For

People who like to teach, explain, and solve problems.

Skills Required

1. In-depth knowledge of any domain of your choice.

2. Ability to express knowledge in an easily understood form.

3. Ability to create and record high-quality videos.

Time Required For Creating A Video Course –
Depends on the scope of the course, the number of modules included and the time required for preparation.


1. Pick a topic in which you are specialized in. Study the courses relevant to your topic and see how many people are interested and have actually enrolled in the courses.

2. This will give you a rough understanding of the people who are interested in your topic and willing to invest in your course.

3. Study the other available courses and find out the things which you can offer that will make your course much better, different than other available courses.

4. Identify your audience level and then create the course content.

For example, you need to first decide whether your course is for beginner level or expert level audience.

Then accordingly you need to create your course content which appeals to the right audience.

5. Make sure your course title and description are optimized for appealing your target audience. Try to answer the frequent questions that your audience asks in your course description.

6. Deliver at least 80% of your course in video format as it is the most engaging way of interaction. Also, keep the length of each video lesson between 2-10 minutes.

7. Build a rapport with the audience, and engage. You can always do quiz ups between lectures to make it engrossing and interactive.

How To Monetize

1. Udemy gets a lot of daily visitors so there is a good chance that your course will get noticed and people will enroll in and you will start earning money.

2. You can even start a small blog on your course-related topics and promote your course.

3. More people sign up for your course more money you make.


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  • Diane

    I have taken several courses on Udemy and really like the platform. It’s easy to navigate and has such a wide range of courses.

    However, until lately, I had not considered actually putting a course together. Your article brought the idea back to mind again. Does it take a lot to bring people to the course to buy? There are so many choices out there that I cannot imagine being able to get a strong foothold among so many. But maybe that depends on the topic.

    I know that many people (myself included) often wait for a course to go on at a reduced price (usually around $10). While that helps sell more courses, I would think it also cuts into profits considerably. Are sellers able to make a decent profit?

  • Karin Nauber

    I have take several Udemy courses and have been curious about how this all worked.

    Is it difficult to sell a course to Udemy? Do they have set standards for what courses you can teach? You listed some great tips on making a course. I think I have a topic I would like to do training in. Do you think Udeny is the best way to go or should I try to make my training course and sell it through my own website?

    I would assume Udemy has a lot bigger base of consumers. Do you know what percentage of the course cost you receive? For example, on a $14.99 class, what amount does the one who created the course receive?

    Thanks for the review. I hadn’t even thought of creating my course and selling it on Udemy!

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