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  • Joseph Stasaitis

    I appreciate this review as although I have been online for several years in the affiliate marketing area I have never heard of John Crestani. You have done a very extensive and thorough review of this program so that it is easy to understand which it is comprised. Also thanks for rating the top affiliate programs out there. Some I have heard of others not, but you have increased my knowledge in this area.

  • Ann

    I didn’t know he had rebranded his Jet program. I have always had a mixed feeling about John Crestani. He feels like too flashy, like kinda trying to attract the masses with that rock style approach. And that is a negative point in my eyes because it’s insulting my intelligence. Things are not like that, it’s just a show. But on the other hand, he has really had success, so apperantly his style does work with the masses.

    • Aps

      Exactly my feelings too. I couldn’t agree more with you Ann. But the man has had some super successes along the way. I grudgingly endorse his products because he has led others to success too. 

      “You can fool all of the people some of the time.

      You can fool some of the people all of the time.

      But you cannot fool all of the people all of all time.”

  • DashDNations

    Wealthy Affiliate is by far the best program out there. I’ve had Dashboard Destinations for five years and trying to do it all on my own, thinking if i worked harder i could do it with free programs and research. I didn’t make a dime, my traffic stayed low, my site didn’t get any traction. i finally caved and signed up. I started making a steady income one month after that. It’s amazing.

  • LJ Kudos


    great and thorough review of John Crestini program.

    I have seen his Jetpack program and I know it has had some very negative reviews.

    Ive heard off loads of people its not a scam but its well not worth the money it costs and youll be left with a hole in your pocket after all is said and done.

    Hes kind of famous for being famous among affiliate marketting.

    As you say, theres other programs out there that wont have you spending loads of money and will help you get started and build your online business.

    If I were anyone looking to start, I would check out your other programs you mentioned.

    Great work!

    • Aps

      Yes, in a way, I agree with you LJK. No point spending so much on a program when you are just about starting out. Unless of course, you can really afford it. That is why I give those options to my readers. There are other awesome programs available, Wealthy Affiliate being my #1 recommendations.

  • Matthew/Deloris

    Thank you for another great review of the famous John Crestani, the super affiliate marketer that made millions of his Facebook and internet affiliate marketing. I think that we are learning and earning the most out of WA, it is a wonderful platform that allows you to make perpetual income if you learn the right way. There are so many top earners in WA that have no problem teaching and showing you what you dont know. That way you can profit off of your own doings and then you can rinse and repeat the process one mastered, then duplicate it.
    The mastering comes with time and learning and picking the brains of the ones that already been doing it will benefit you and me in the long run.
    Super affiliate program is not for us and will stick with WA, and will learn what we need to and help others along the way that struggle and learn the right way of affiliate marketing.
    By this review we always learn the value of WA once again they hold the spot for helping and having so many achievements within WA.
    Thanks again, we will be back soon.


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