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  • Aly

    Thanks for helping me to understand what Swift is in a much more complete way. It’s not at all a highly rated tool for producing income, and frankly, I am not surprised given all of the hype that sounds too good to be true. I do admit that the money-back guarantee is helpful and a mark in the “pro” column, but far too often it’s too challenging to get a company to give you the return without jumping through hoops. Thanks again.

  • António Mateus

    Hi, Aparna, how are you doing?
    I’ve never heard about Swift before but was absolutely flabbergasted with the introduction of your post: “If you want to skip the research part and just be done with it, I recommend you sign up for Wealthy Affiliate. (…) It’s easily the BEST program…”
    In what  Swift is concerned it worries me to check there are more cons than pros…

    I deeply appreciate your comments on the topic and look forward to hearing from you soon. Keep safe!

  • Ariana/CT

    Hi Aps, thanks for the honest review. I really appreciate the effort and details till the end as I was almost to jump in, and then I saw the “No”, and stopped. Too good to be true. Thank you.

  • Paolo

    Hi Aparna. Yes, this indeed turned out to be a cool joke. I imagine myself about to leave the site and a pop up springs up! Voila! It’s free for you to take. I will sure give it a try. I have some ideas and even a project could flourish using this tool. Thank you very much for telling me about this tool!

  • Joyce Easton

    Thanks for your honest review of Swift! Well, I have personally tried out a lot of programs like this, thinking that I’ve finally figured out the way to start getting tons of traffic to my website and that of my clients. But the reverse was the case. When it comes to building website traffic, it boils down to split-testing a couple of methods and then scaling up.

    When you read most of Swift’s promo messages, you’ll see that they sound too good to be true. Anyways, I want to thank you for coming up with such an honest review of Swift. You’ll save hundreds from wasting their money. Thanks.


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