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Become A Research Assistant

What does a research assistant do?

A research assistant is a person who is hired to conduct research, collect the data, and present it in a neat, concise manner. The data gathered by a research assistant helps the client to find the answer to their questions.

Most of the businesses, market research agencies, scientists, media companies need data for their projects, decision making, and strategic planning.

In most of the cases, they don’t have enough human resources and time to conduct research and collect all the data by themselves. Hence they consistently hire people who can do this job for them.


Suitable For

Anyone who is comfortable doing research and has a desire to learn new things.

Skills Required

1. Ability to conduct proper research on the internet, collect valuable data, and summarize it into an easy to read the report.

2. Ability to dissect important points and keep an eye on important details.

3. Strong English grammar and writing skills.

4. Strong critical analysis and logical reasoning skills.

5. Creative problem-solving skills.

How To Get Started

The only best option I could find is to get started by submitting an online application to become a personal research assistant at

What is Askwonder? is a company that offers personal research services to businesses, entrepreneurs with the aim of saving their time otherwise spent on doing research by providing detailed answers to their queries.

How does it work?

1. Fill your Askwonder application here.

2. Once your application is accepted, you can visit the research dashboard and select the research assignment that interests you the most.

3. Conduct the research, find the answers, and summarize them into easy to read the report.

4. Submit your work and earn money.


Expected Earnings

Most of your earnings will depend on the number of assignments you complete. Earnings will also vary based on the question’s complexity. Thus, some will make you more money than others.

In general, most of the questions will pay you between $8 to $16.

Top researchers earn up to $35 per hour and make around $2000 per month.



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  • Susan

    A Research Assistant position sounds just the ticket for me! I´m basically doing that already and now I´m going to look at Askwonder to see what the deal is there. Thank you very much for this interesting and potentially exciting new path for me!

  • Ferra

    Hi Aparna,

    This is something that I would enjoy doing at home. In the past, I had an internship for a local NGO in Arizona. I helped them to conduct research online for their upcoming possible projects.
    If I can do something I like and make money from it, I should try it.
    Thank you for sharing this. I will surely check Askwonder. 🙂


  • Katja

    I have never heard about research assistants, as opposed to virtual assistants that are mentioned everywhere these days. I love to do a thorough research about topics that interest me, so thanks to your post I will now be able to look if I can make some money while doing it. Thank you!

  • Lynne

    Research is something that takes up a lot of my time when I need to write articles for my blogs, so I can certainly see how this is a much needed service that people can take advantage of online to make an income. I’ve never heard of Askwonder before and I will most certainly check them out – not only to make money myself but I might be interested in using their services for when I am running short on time. 

  • Joy

    Wow! This is an amazing opportunity you’ve shared here and I’m so happy I came across your post. With tthis, working from home and earning from my daily research has been made easier. Though the process is quite new to me but I won’t excitate to sign up for it. Thanks for sharing this with me.

  • LineCowley

    Hi there, 

    The concept of doing online research and getting paid for it is very interesting and it is something that would appeal to me. 

    Do you have an idea as to how long it might take you to do research on each question? If it only pays between $8 and $16 for each questions, then I would hope that it will take a maximum of an hour to do the research, otherwise you will be earning very little money. 

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