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What Is Dan Lok About? Stuff He Accomplished Thats Still Awesome In 2022?

“Success is getting what you want; significance is giving what you have”

– Dan Lok

Dan Lok. 

Is he an entrepreneur? Or a successful businessman? What is Dan Lok about?

Does the word ‘phenomenon‘ make any sense? Well, that’s what he is, undoubtedly.

An unemployable Chinese immigrant who could not speak a word of English.

And who became a millionaire in Canada at age 27.

Today, at 38 years of age, his net worth is over 75 million dollars ($ 75,000,000). You can Google it; type Dan Lok net worth.

This is what success stories are made of.

Do you think it is luck or chance or destiny?

Or do you think it is hard work and personal (skill) development?

What you choose to believe is what will dictate where you will be in the next 5 years. 

Who the hell is Dan Lok?

Is Dan Lok a scam?

Is Dan Lok legit?

About Dan Lok

A Chinese-Canadian business leader and global educator, Dan Lok is the founder chairman of Closers are the world’s #1 SaaS platform that helps in connecting companies to closers. Mr. Dan Lok has also been on TEDx two times as the opening speaker. He is an international best-selling author with over a dozen books in print, and a member of the Young Presidents Organization (YPO) – a private group of global chief executives whose companies employ 16 million people and generate 6-trillion USD in annual revenues. And also hosts The Dan Lok Show – a series featuring billionaire and millionaire entrepreneurs.

Apart from, Mr. Lok has led several global movements to redefine modern education where Mr. Lok has taught people from 120+ countries to develop high-income skills, unlock true financial confidence, and master their financial destinies.

Today, tens of millions of people across the world believe Dan Lok to be a highly celebrated business leader in whom trust can be reposed. He is live almost every day, on business and media channels, and appears in published media regularly.

Check out the Dan Lok website,

Dan Lok Failed in 13 Business Ventures Over Three Years

He now manages millions and mentors young entrepreneurs to realize their dreams. From thousands in debt himself to helping thousands around the world, find success; that is his success story.

Dan Lok Failed in 13 Business Ventures Over Three Years. Now This 'Unemployable' Immigrant Manages Millions and Mentors Young Entrepreneurs.

Dan, the man

At just 20 years of age, Dan Lok was already $150,000 in debt. Over three years, he launched 13 businesses — and each one of them failed. Today Lok is a multi-millionaire and business mentor. Now he believes in paying it forward.

Lok’s parents separated when he was 14 years old. They lived in Hong Kong. He and his mother emigrated from Hong Kong to Vancouver, Canada, later that year. His father continued providing for them, but when Lok was 16, his father filed for bankruptcy and informed his mother that he could no longer support them.

Galvanized into action on seeing the hopelessness and helplessness of his mother, Dan decided that he would be successful. He has never looked back.

Lok started by working part-time at a grocery store for minimum wages. After a year, he was given up for not being an ideal employee.

“I was told that I was unemployable because I don’t like being told what to do. I cannot disagree with that statement,” he smirks.

Losses With Lessons, Along the Way

Lok began mowing lawns, delivering papers, and doing anything that had the remotest possibility of making money. After high school, he enrolled at Douglas College in Vancouver. He attended full-time business classes while moving through one failed entrepreneurial idea after another — from vending machines to delivery services and day trading.

Lok used up several credit cards and borrowed from everyone he knew. But he just wouldn’t work for anyone else.  “No one understood why I didn’t just get a job,” he says. “But I knew that I could never repay my debts and provide for my family by working for a minimum wage. I knew I would be better off as an entrepreneur, even if it took a decade. He says he never gave up because he couldn’t afford to quit — and if you don’t quit, then you can’t fail.”

“If you don’t quit, then you can’t fail”

Lok calls those early years “losses with lessons.” He acknowledges that most people would have quit somewhere between their first and thirteenth attempt. He believes, “Success is on the razor’s edge of failure. When you think it can’t get any worse, hang on just a little longer.”

“Success is on the razor’s edge of failure.

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Picking up Trash for Mentorship

Lok read Claude Hopkins’ book, “Scientific Advertising,” and became obsessed with marketing. He soon discovered marketing expert Alan Jacques. Lok studied his sales letters and attended his seminars, where he met Jacques in person.

Lok offered to buy Jacques lunch, and they talked for hours. When Lok asked to be his mentee, Jacques declined, but Lok wasn’t discouraged. “I visited his office every day for about a month. I did everything possible to demonstrate my willingness to help — including picking up trash around the office — until he finally hired me.”

Lok left college and went to work for Jacques. The 21-year-old spent weeks preparing his first sales letter, only for Jacques to tell him that it was terrible. Lok rewrote it seven times before Jacques was satisfied. Jacques later confessed that the first draft was “OK” — but “OK” isn’t how you master anything. Great lessons for one so young.

Though Lok didn’t earn much money, he says the 12-month mentorship with Jacques was his first “million-dollar year.” Under Jacques’ guidance, Lok started an advertising agency, and within just a year, his clients were generating millions of dollars from his sales letters. By the time he was 22 years old, Lok commanded $10,000 per project and was comfortably earning in six figures.

Worthwhile Struggles

“I could finally provide for my mom. I didn’t have to go to the ‘nearly expired’ section of the grocery store anymore,” says Lok. “The mentorship from Alan truly changed my life. That’s why I choose to mentor young entrepreneurs each and every day.”

Several years later, Lok returned to Hong Kong for the first time to visit his father, who was getting by but worried about having a place to live. Walking down the street, Lok stopped and pointed to a window. He pulled out a set of keys and said, “I bought that apartment for you.” The look on his father’s face made all the struggles worthwhile.

Lok became a millionaire at age 27. Since his businesses could run without him, he retired and set off to “live the dream.” He sat on the beach nearly every day for a month, then spent the next month watching six movies a day. After two months of retirement, he’d had enough.

Lok began sharing his knowledge with a self-published marketing manual, “Forbidden Psychological Tactics.” In a quest to sell the manual, Lok mastered online marketing. He went on to become an accomplished affiliate marketer, sell informational products, and create copywriting software.

Over the next decade, Lok founded or partnered in more than 15 companies, as part of industries ranging from beauty salons to e-commerce. Today their combined sales exceed eight figures annually. Lok attributes this success to three things he lacked early in his career: mentorship, focus, and “high-income skills” like copywriting, marketing, and public speaking.

The story of Dan Lok is so amazing because of the methods Dan Lok employed to get success. Lok packaged a set of table tennis video tutorials into a membership website and charged a subscription fee to join. As Lok said, when he was interviewed for Built to Sell Radio recently, Table Tennis Master Dan Lok got up to almost $300,000 in annual recurring revenue before he decided to sell.

His Biggest Regret and Motivation

When his father had a stroke, Lok was in the U.S. chasing his biggest deal yet. “I wanted to make my dad proud, so I told him I’d be with him as soon as I finished. That was the last time I spoke to him. I never got to say goodbye, and it’s my biggest regret.

“I realized that chasing money and achievement wasn’t making me happy. Lok’s motivation shifted from providing for his family to providing opportunities for others around the world. Now he wants to mentor a billion people by teaching them how to develop high-income skills, unlock financial confidence, and master their economic destinies.

Lok invests a significant amount of time teaching others on his social media channels, where he has 4.5 million followers at the time of writing, and on his podcast, “The Dan Lok Show.” Through his video series and programs like “Dan on Demand” and “Tube Your Own Horn,” Lok teaches others to grow their businesses with social media. He has penned over a dozen books, including his latest, “Unlock It!” which hit bookshelves with ForbesBooks in September 2019.

Lok also offers coaching, master-minds, and master-classes. He teaches sales and other business skills through his High-Ticket Closer Certification Program and Inner Circle master-mind. His project,, then matches companies with the high-ticket closers he has trained.

“It’s an entirely holistic method,” says Lok. “I’m proud of all of my students and their success, and it brings me joy to offer them a platform to continually enrich themselves, financially and otherwise. I’ve even hired graduates of my High-Ticket Closer program to work for me in my personal business.”

Lok with 1,000 graduates from his High-Ticket Closer Certification Program

Lok’s wife, Jennie Li, has been his chief strategy officer. After meeting at a karaoke place when Lok was 26, they started dating and working together before getting married in 2015.

“Her intuition and instincts are unmatched,” says Lok. She keeps him humble. “I remember coming home after giving my first TEDx speech. I’m in a red suit, on top of the world, and Jennie tells me to take out the trash. I love that.”

Though Lok is an international speaker with great panache, who enjoys wearing flamboyant suits, he still remembers his roots. “Who would’ve thought a poor immigrant boy could accomplish so much?” he asks. “No matter where you’re from or what obstacles you’re facing, you can accomplish anything too — if you never give up.”

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Dan Lok’s Professional Bio

Entrepreneur, Best-Selling Author, Philanthropist, And The World’s #1 Closing & Influencer Business Strategist

On YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, Dan Lok has been viewed more than 1.7+ billion times for his expertise on how to achieve financial confidence.

He exists in duality as both a celebrity influencer and venture capitalist using his combined martial arts prowess and business acumen to tap into the millennial mindset; becoming the prominent voice for self-education and business model innovation. He trains as hard in the Dojo as he negotiates in the board-room.

It’s why he has earned the moniker – The Asian Dragon.

The Dan Lok Organization includes more than two dozen companies all focused on one mission; elevating financial well-being globally by activating their wealth skills through education, mentorship, and strategic advantage.

Sadly, people sometimes also ask the question “Is Dan Lok scam!”.

Dan’s Story in His Own Words

I was a punk kid.

I grew up in Hong Kong with enough money supplied by my Dad to always have $100 in my pocket. I had zero ambition. I was not interested in success. But my parents divorced when I was 16, and everything changed.

My mom and I immigrated to a bad neighborhood in Vancouver and a low-rent, one-room apartment. My bed was a sleeping bag. And suddenly, no more money in my pocket!

At 17, I hear my mom in her room talking on the phone. Then she came out crying. “Mom, is everything okay?” I asked. “Your Dad just told me he went bankrupt. He can’t send us money anymore, we are on our own” she says with tears streaming down her face.

“What am I going to do?” (Mom scraped by with the little money dad supplied. She did not have a paying job).

For the first time, I see the hopelessness on my Mom’s face.

story section img

My mom was an angel for me. It was so painful to see her feeling afraid and hopeless. I never wanted to see that look on her face again. At that moment, I vowed to myself to do whatever it takes to protect her. No excuses.

Overnight, self-help books become my thing; me, the kid that hates school and can barely speak or read English, started going to the library! I had to use a little dictionary to translate as I read English. But I desired to upgrade my mindset and skills, so I think to myself,
No excuses.

Next, I see the Bruce Lee movie, Return of the Dragon. He instantly became my hero! (In the movie, he was looked down upon and out of place in Rome, unable to speak the language. In school, I was bullied and I felt out of place). So I begin taking Martial Arts courses to make myself strong and confident like Bruce Lee!

And then I begin side-hustles. Mowing lawns, fixing computers, stocking supermarket shelves (the only time I was ever an employee), flipping textbooks – anything to make a buck.

My side hustles evolve quickly into business ideas. The problem is that I am overconfident and inexperienced, the worst combination.

To fund my crazy business ideas, I borrow money from relatives. I fail 13 times in 3 years, and by my 21st birthday, I owe $150,000. This is especially bad in Asian culture. It puts a lot of pressure on my mom by bringing her shame. In her family’s eyes, she is a failure as a mom, because I am a failure.

I am broke. Deep in debt. And a college dropout. Trust me, no one believed in me. Not even me. But now I felt desperate to make something work.

story section img


Alan Became the First Person to Believe in Me

At the time, I received a newsletter from a man named Alan Jacques. He would promote his workshops, but I loved his sales writing! I collected his newsletter dreaming of someday being able to write like him.

A few months later, still $150,000 in debt, still the guy with 13 business failures in a row, I go to a workshop and sit in the back. I look at the name tag of the man sitting next to me. It says, “Alan Jacques.”

“Holy S*&#!” I can’t believe it! I’m a huge fan!” I exclaim loudly, even though the speaker at the front of the room is speaking! Total fanboy moment.

Alan says, “Thank you. We hope people get a lot out of our workshop.”

“No, no, no, not the workshop. Your sales letters! I collect them. I love your writing!”

Alan is shocked. I’m this young Asian kid with spiky hair jumping up and down, screaming about his writing! You know that doesn’t happen every day. Then the speaker on stage says, “Okay, you guys need to quiet down in the back.”

I had lunch with Alan, and I learned where he lived. For three months, I showed up at Alan’s house very often, always unannounced, and offered to help him any way I could. I’d even mow his lawn – yes, I did. I didn’t want to make excuses. Finally, Alan became the first person to believe in me. And he took me under his wing.

I learned to write copy, started my one-person, advertising agency, and earned my first significant profits. By age 27, I was a self-made millionaire; shortly after, an 8-figure entrepreneur. Dan Lok copywriting is famous across the world today. So is the Dan Lok Wealth Triangle. You can also check out Dan Lok YouTube channels.

story section img
story section img

But my first taste of real success came sooner. It was the day I was able to provide for my mom. I’ll never forget taking her to the grocery store, without feeling bad that she had to shop in the “Almost Expired” section to buy fruit and vegetables. I said to her, “No mom, you can buy anything you want in the store. You don’t have to worry anymore.”

That was very much my turning point.

Today, even though I’ve written 12 books and taught millions of people around the world, I remember where I started. I was a punk kid who couldn’t read or write English, who failed his first 13 businesses, who was deep in debt to family members by 21. My only dream was to take care of my mother.

I hope my story shows others that there are no excuses.

No matter where you begin, what obstacles you face, or even what race you are – You can do it!

What Wikipedia Says About Dan Lok

Dan Lok Wiki

Dan Lock was born in Hong Kong, China on November 24, 1981. At the age of 14, he moved to Canada with his mother. He studied at Douglas College in British Columbia but dropped out of college. Lok lives in Vancouver, Canada.

Dan Lok Biography

Lok started his career by at the age of 16 by bagging groceries and mowing lawns. In the 2000s, he started businesses in the internet-marketing industry including Quick Turn Marketing Ltd and Table Tennis Master. By 2008, he was a self-made millionaire with 13 failed businesses. Since 2008, Lok has founded or partnered in more than fifteen companies in industries like luxury goods, digital marketing, education, and e-commerce. He is also the co-founder of Charm Junction Jewelry.

In July 2014, Lok founded the Dan Lok’s Vancouver Entrepreneurs Group, an entrepreneurial community in Canada which has nearly 1,500 members. Later, he became the founder of the High-Ticket Closer™ Certification Program, a global movement from 120+ countries that help businesses to close high-ticket offers. As of June 2019, his YouTube channel has 1.6 million subscribers. He is a two-time TEDx opening speaker.

Read What Dan Lok Writes

He is a mentor to millions. A guide who can influence you by the power of his thoughts and words. Read what he says at the beginning of 2020.

Link to his Instagram or Facebook page. 

Dan Lok Books

Lok has authored 12 books that have been published in 9 languages:

  • Creativity Sucks! How to Generate Million Dollar Ideas in 60 Seconds or Less
  • The Art of War for the New Millennium (co-author)
  • Lies Salon Owners Believe: And the Truth That Sets them Free
  • Secrets of Canadian Top Performers (co-author)
  • F.U. Money
  • Instant Information Products!
  • The Midas Touch (co-author)
  • SOLD (co-authored)
  • Influence!
  • Instant eBook Publishing!
  • Advertising Titans! Vol 1 and Vol 2 (co-author)
  • Email Marketing Madness!

Quotes by Dan Lok

Do You aspire to be Like Dan Lok?

Do we have it in us? Do you have it in you?

Everyone starts at the very bottom!

It will take hard work to learn skills, that will last you a lifetime. Dan says, “Money doesn’t make you rich; skills make you rich”. He would be right. He sure knows how it works.

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  • Ceci

    You’ve added so much more to this article since the last time I read it. Aside from Dan Loks’ inspiring “rags to riches story”, it appears that he has also kept himself grounded as reflected in many of his quotes. My favorite is the one about people not buying from you because of what you sell, BUT because they feel understood. That really resonates with me. It’s the real connections with people that generate sales not superficial “selling”.


  • DarmiMaddie

    Thank you for sharing this here. Though Dan lok is really not someone I have been following but I have seen some of his videos on YouTube telling us some things about making money and how to. This is great to see here and surely, I value all that has been shared here about him. I have also seen some interesting discoveries about him here. Thanks

  • Drakuzad

    I had never even heard of Dan Lok until today, but wow! Reading about his success is making me even more pumped to keep building up my own business and start living away from the 9-5. Thank you for writing this article and letting me get a glimpse through the looking glass at someone who has made his fortune, inspiring me to do the same! Great article!

  • Ivan

    I’ve read a few stories about Dan Look but this one is by far the most comprehensive. This guy leaves an impression of a con-artists to some people and on the other hand, he seems like one of the best guys in his field. I’m leaning toward the second group. I’ve seen his High Ticket Closer course and it seems like the guys knows his stuff! Thanks for sharing this post!

    • Aps

      Yes Ivan, Dan Lok is seen as a scammer by many people. It may or may not be true. I am however concentrating on his astronomical rise to riches. What a journey.

  • Beesean

    I really enjoyed reading your article about Dan Lok and I found myself intrigued by his story that I was impressed by how far he’s come. His story, I think, is an example of how your life turns out when you have dedication and a hard working attitude, and I believe he deserves everything he has got. I’m sure this article will inspire a lot of people 

  • Ceci

    The story of Dan Lok is not only inspiring but urgently lights a fire of crushing motivation in me! It is obvious from his story that you truly can rewrite the the remaining chapters of your life – if you so desire. He was hungry for success and willing to do the necessary to achieve it. I had never heard of him before and I am sure there must be others like him out there. Thanks for bringing him to the limelight. This was a truly great read!


  • Habib

    I feel highly inspired after reading about Mr Dan Lok. I have seen him on various social media platforms but never knew how he become what he is now. With no English language or external support, it was his motivation and goals that got him there.
    It shows you can do or be whatever you want but your goal has to be bigger than your excuses.

    I feel motivated to keep going on my online business without any excuses.

    Thanks for this amazing post.

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    Wow. Dan rose to the top very quickly. It just goes to show what focus and determination can achieve. His story is very inspiring, and I love the way he is helping so many others to succeed as well.
    Thanks for sharing this story.

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    Thank you for sharing a lovely, informative article with us. The chief item of this article is about Dan Lok. It is truly amazing that you covered this subject so well in your post. I’ve learned a lot from reading your post and gained a lot of knowledge about Closers. I like Books by Dan Lok of the points in your article. I myself am inspired to see the biography of such a famous person so I have joined the wealthy platform presented in your article to learn something new.
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    What a truly inspiring story, and one that proves if you stick at something and don’t give up you will eventually succeed. I’d never heard of Dan Lok until I came across this post, and I can relate to being in debt and wanting to pay it off. I’m definitely going to read some of his books and learn from this amazing guy

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