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Why Do I Need a Website, Anyway?

Is that a Good Question?

Why do you need a website, anyway?

Simple answer – You don’t!

But …

If you want to make money online, you need a website.

If you have a business of any sort, you definitely need a website. In today’s world, the earlier the better.

And if you want to be a blogger, and get your message and name out there, for eternity, I might add, then you will need a website.

Girl with laptop wondering do i really need a website

But, What Do You Have Against Websites?

Do you think they are worthless? Maybe you need to research a bit.

Do you think they are too techie and not your thing? Maybe; after all, everyone is not that savvy, and up to date.

Or do you think it’s too much trouble making a website? Not so much, really!

boy wondering why do i need a website

The Art of Making Money Online

If making your own website was that simple, everybody would be doing it. Right?


It is actually really really simple. It’s only that people are basically trying to make money online. And they end up making a few dollars and give it up as a bad idea, as it involves too much effort compared to the amount you earn. But those are side hustles or a-little-extra-income methods. No one promises you riches when you do those.

The other is setting up a proper business online. This takes effort but brings in the big money. These are the fabled thousands-of-dollars schemes that everyone wants, but no one you know seems to be in them.

If you want to make those big bucks, you have to learn to earn and be ready to put in the work and time required for setting up a business online. There are highly trustworthy programs available that assist you in starting your website(s) and build it up as an eCommerce, or “Blog & Earn” model, or a comparison website, or just about anything that you want. Making your own website or websites is just a very small part of the overall training. There is much much more than you are given training for, so that you can succeed as an entrepreneur.

Ever Considered Getting your Website Up in Under an Hour?

For a very simple lesson on how to get a website up and running in under an hour, please read this short blog. This is important because it breaks down what all a website needs as essential appendages. Also, read about how you can set up your own website.

There are programs today to take care of all the coding and stuff in the background. All you will require to do is follow basic instructions, and you will have a website of your own, soon enough.

More importantly, let’s continue about why you, and me, and everyone should have a website, as early as possible, and begin to develop it slowly and surely. The world is fast moving towards everything online, and even physical contact shopping and retail will soon be a thing of the past. Welcome to the change from retail to e-tail now.

Apart from being comfortable with using the internet for socializing and pleasure, we must also arm ourselves for the future, where everything will be online.

It is thus not a bad idea to think of your own business online, and the starting point is having a website, whether it is an earlier business that you own, or it is a business that you want to start afresh.

Build beautiful profit ready websites

Do You Have a business and Not a Website?

If you have a business already and you don’t have a website, let me tell you, it is costing you both time and money every day.

Our usual excuses – “I don’t have the time”.

Or – “I’m not tech-savvy”.

“I have run my business without a website so far, and I don’t need one”.

“They’re too expensive”

The truth is that you don’t need to be tech-savvy at all. Making a website for your business can be cheap and easy, and pay you huge dividends. And its FREE most of the time.

Look at the Facts

  • 81% of people research a business or service on the internet prior to making a purchase decision.
  • Interestingly, 46% of business owners list “Business doesn’t need a website” as their Number 1 reason for not having a website.
  • The disconnect is 81% demand to 46% supply.
  • A website will attract new customers to your business and make you more money. And if you don’t have a website, you will miss out on capturing that share of the market.
  • Since your business website is on 24x7x365, it does your business while you sleep. It’s always on.
  • You don’t need to be in the office to transact work. It’s on your mobile.
  • Simply put, websites help your customers contact you and your business, even when you are away or sleeping or resting. And if you didn’t know it, today there are bots to handle all the simple questions a customer asks, and these bots can reply automatically, present a customer with options, and assist in purchase decisions, thus bringing in more and more business for you. Plus you don’t have to waste time repeating the same answers again and again. It fully automates your business.
  • A website adds credibility to your business and provides it with legitimacy.
  • If you wish to market your business, a website should be your number 1 priority.

Websites Are Not Expensive or Technical At All

  • Today’s website builders are so simple that any child can make a website.
  • Most websites are almost free. There are of course many companies online that are making a huge business out of providing you with a website. And charging you tons of money for it. But they all play on the fact that most of us do not know that websites can also be made for almost zero to no charges.


Bill Gates quote

It’s Easier & Cheaper Than Ever to Make a Website Nowadays

Whatever stage of life you are at, having a presence in the online world is beautiful. It’s a pleasure to know each morning, that while you slept through the night, your website generated hundreds of dollars, or you got orders from some customers, or a poem you wrote has positive ‘Likes’ and ‘Comments’.

I had set up a website on Shopify for just under $100, 4 months ago, and just today, I finalized the deal to sell it for $7000. Now if that doesn’t give a person true happiness, I don’t quite know what will.

Ah, the wonders of the internet. It’s a complete world out there, and it pays in more ways than you can imagine, to have a little of your own ‘property’ in virtual space.

Sign Up for a FREE website today. Rest assured, you won’t regret it.


My Personal Challenge To You

If you’re considering getting into Internet Marketing, or Affiliate Marketing, or are just interested in making money online somehow, then sign up today. Set the wheels in motion now!

Too many of us read information online and bookmark the page hoping to come back to it, only to forget about it after a couple of hours, and never go back. Frankly, there is too much to see and read, and there is no time to come back. It has been said again and again that in order to make money online, you have to learn to take action at that very moment. That moment is NOW.

If you really want to succeed in any online marketing endeavors, the real key is informed action. This article has given you the power to take your first steps into building a good start. What you do with that information is up to you.




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  • Ria Batista

    Hello Aparna,
    You are completely right!,

    We just have to see the growing number of people buying for the first time on the internet every day. After COVID-19 is, even more, people need to be able to connect, sale and buy through the internet.

    I recently saw a statistic about the projected growth of internet use in 2021 and is amazing the projected growth is 53.7 percent.

  • Arno


    Very nice article! Your 100% right to say that a website is fundamental for all businesses. We are living in the Era of a connected world where everybody browse the internet almost at anytime.

    So it will be a big opportunity loss not to benefit from this. Besides as you said nowadays its not complicated to start your website, its amost available as plug and play! Its just that we have to put some effort to understand how it works.


  • Deb

    Very fun and interesting article.

    I agree that everyone who has a business needs to have an online presence today.

    Not only that many companies have learned the value of having remote workers and are effectively using virtual assistants (VA’s).

    So even if you don’t have your own business but want to continue working from home, get online and promote yourself and your skills.

    You may land a great online job as a virtual assistant (VA).

    The world has gone virtual and you need to be online if you are to reach any kind of success these days.

    How about you, have you considered using a virtual assistant?

  • Collins

    Thank you so much for enlightening me on this topic your article was really masterpiece I enjoyed reading and I shared it with my family and friends as well. A website is really vital for anybody especially people who own businesses. It is very amazing to own one because the world is evolving 

  • Akshay

    Hi, this is a nice article. Initially, when I was starting off with my online business, many people suggested that I don’t need a website. I can get a landing page for free or start blogging on free platforms. 

    But I believe that if you want to take your business seriously, you must have a registered website. And, you have nicely explained the role of a good website for all those who want to start their business online. 

    Thank you for sharing this awesome post and suggesting the best platform to create free yet powerful websites. I believe everyone should avail this opportunity.

  • Edwin Bernard

    You make a very compelling argument that a website is essential to make money online. When the Internet initially opened for business the only way websites could be created was by using HTML code, The average person had a resistance to learning how to use this code. Hence it required paying others who were versed in this code to build websites they needed. This was expensive. Only the big corporations could afford to create websites for their companies.

    Now that programs like WordPress and WiX have been created, virtually anyone can create beautiful and effective websites. In addition, there are so many courses available to teach you to not only create a website but also one that is designed for businesses like Affiliate Marketing. 

    The time has never been more ripe to jump right in.



    • Aps

      I so totally agree with u, Edwin. More and more businesses are shifting their operations online. It’s the only way to go now.



  • Antonio


    I could not agree with you any more, as without a website you are nothing, a ghost that has no physical  presence in the real world. People nowadays research companies and individuals  much more and if you are not online then you cannot be traced successful. I think it is the expense and constantly updating it that puts people off.  Any investment  you make will be returned multiple  times, even if you have to pay someone to do it for you. A great article for the undecided.



  • Bogadi

    You have just confirmed the decision I took just about three months ago, I decided to start a website. Truly speaking I was not sure of what I was doing because I have been having most of the excuses you mentioned i.e I am not tech savvy, i wot be able to keep up with its maintenance, I am not a good at writing and more but I am glad I came across Wealthy Affiliate and it taught me all I know today and boasted my confidence.

  • Alblue

    Hello, thanks for clearing my doubt about having a website. I recently interested in making money online as an additional income source for my day-to-day job. I thought it’s possible to just have a social media if you want to make an affiliate commission. What I fear with a website is the technical aspect (as you mentioned) and writing the content. I’m afraid I won’t have much time to write and my native language isn’t English. Do you think it’s possible for someone like me?

  • Kevin

    I loved the way you have laid out the article. Every time the ‘why’ question comes up, you have an answer to all the questions that people are thinking about.
    And yes you are right you do need a website unless you are highly skilled in social media and God knows we aren’t. Thank you for all the information. Cheers.

  • Christine

    Hi Aparna,

    When do you think that physical contact shopping may be a thing of the past? 

    The wonderful thing about websites is indeed that you do not have to be physically at your business. You can work on your website anywhere, you don’t even need your laptop, just your mobile phone. The facts you list are certainly convincing, there were some I did not know about. I also did not know that you could sell a website you set up on Shopify, I thought that applied only to websites you set up with WordPress, Wix, and the usual website platforms. By the way, huge congratulations on that sale!

  • Katrina Curry


    I think it’s imperative for businesses to be online these days. During the COVID pandemic, most businesses that weren’t online actually did go out of business because everything was shut down. It’s a shame that that’s the main direction the world is headed, but it just is.

    I watched a movie last night called (something) 2048. In this movie, people no longer went outside, they all worked from home and all of them on VR headsets. I have to admit, I have a VR headset……but, I still go outside. 🙂

    But it struck as true that this is where the world is headed….online only. Personal interaction may be a thing of the past sooner than we think. I was talking to friend after watching this movie and she said that her company she works for shut the actual business doors for good and all employees work strictly from home moving forward. My sister in laws company did the same thing. Pretty soon, most people will no longer go to a work place, but rather just work from home.

    It’s good for me, because my business is strictly online, but I’m an extrovert and I love getting out and meeting new people. For those that aren’t like that, how will they have human interaction? Where will the world head with most businesses strictly online now?

    Sorry – off on a tangent. Great information though for businesses to get going with a website, especially for the non-techy people out there. Definitely need a website for any business these days!


    • Aps

      Hi Katrina,

      My bro-in-law was over yesterday, and we were discussing exactly what you have mentioned. The workplace has changed and by the time this pandemic is over, the work rules would have changed completely. It has taken the human race an average of 7-8 years to come up with a cure to most viruses over the last 100 years. This will be no different, trust me. And in the 5-8 years, if I get used to ordering McDonald’s pizza at home always, then I will not be able to, more often than not, go out and start eating at the outlets. Similarly, most businesses will be pretty much online, sooner than later.
      Those of us who can (fore)see this change, will do better than those who cannot. I am happy that you have seen it.


  • Matt Lin

    Hey Roveen,
    I believe that a website is the best platform to run your online business, no matter an affiliate marketing business, dropshipping business, or even an MLM business. All of these, you need a website to host your products and drive traffic for potential sales.
    It’s good to see you providing us a new website builder that helps us build one less than an hour, which is really nice and time-saving. It’s good for people who are always excusing themselves that they don’t have time or they don’t know the skills just like what you described here.
    Anyway, I will try to build one after my comment, thanks for sharing today.


  • Alejandra

    Thanks so much for sharing a great article to read today to know more about why is important to have a website today, whether I have a business already or if I’m looking for a business opportunity to start working on.

    Today the world is changing and how we do all business is changing too, people are more used to look for information about how to solve a problem or how to live a better life on the internet, if someone is looking for a way to grow its business or a way to start a business, it’s time to be on the internet and if you don’t know how, then it’s time to learn how to create a website and run your own online business.

    I’ve been at Wealthy Affiliate and as you recommend is the place where anyone who is interested to learn about how to create a website and run your online business should sign up!

  • Mick

    Bill Gates hit’s it on the nail, “If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business”

    Coming from a software development background I know just how difficult it used to be, but now most things are point and click, and if you are looking for something fancy then rest assured someone will have created a plugin to do just that.

    A few thousands they used to be and that was for a basic off the shelf site.

    Whilst they might be easy to set up, you just can’t get away from the “Hard Work” that is required to develop a site.

    Thank you for sharing

  • Femi

    Hey Roveen, Aparna,

    I couldn’t agree more with you – having a website these days is akin to investing in real estate. The key difference is how relatively easier it is to build one since you don’t need a great deal of cash. But as you say it takes time and some effort to cultivate it into a truly money generating asset – at least for the first website especially if you are new to the process. So it is not about getting rich quick.

    It is not a question of why do I need a website. It is why not?


  • Chris

    I didn’t know that you can set up a website that easy. I tried Wealthy Affiliate which is the one in your link that offers a free website and I was able to try various themes already. There is no need for coding because I just need to select on the menu so everything looks easier. 

    I am actually a part of the 84% who does research before I buy something online. So I agree with you that a website is one of the primary means of earning online. 

  • Kathy

    Having a website is essential if you want real success online. I’ve built several websites and each was a breeze! I’m a creative person and enjoy the whole process of designing as well as writing. The best part is I’m now seeing results after all my hard work:)

  • Nath

    Everyone is in need of a website these days because the demand for the world to focus on the virtual space is really increasing and the best way to just ensure one stays up to date is to keep being relevant and moving with the trend. I value all the interesting stuff that you shared here and it’s really good to see.

    Thank you for the information

  • Renata


    This is a great article, I am happy to come to your site!

    I have several websites and I need to say I love to be a part of online world, I am enjoying all of them – love to create the design, finding the best Themes and fonts..simply love creating them:).

    So, I absolutely understand the need of having a website – at least some personal one or some blog with affiliate links.

    Thank you again for your great post and wish you all the best on your way!

    Bye Renata

  • Norman

    having a website means you are in control as you create and build your brand. With a website you can build it the way you want  while giving it your special touch. With a website, you can sell products by joining and affiliate program, sell your Ebook, start an online course, sell photos and the list goes on. Because it is your website you can promote just about any business and get paid for it. 

  • Benson Eghreriniovo

    Hi Roveen,
    Thanks for sharing this post. I definitely agreed with you totally that everyone should have a website. After reading your post, I realized that people don’t have to be tech-savvy or spend so much to own a website. After having a website, Is managing it cost much?
    Great post and I look forward to your next.

    • Aps

      Basically the recurring cost is of the Domain Name, Benson. The rest of the costs are borne by the programs that want you to be with them as members, basically so that you go beyond just setting up a website. This in turn brings them income, when you sign up for upsells or permanent membership or premium accounts.

    • Alex

      Hi Roveen!
      Thanks for this inspiring post! I have made my website 3 months ago and I’m excited about it, despite I haven’t earned any money yet. I’m planning to create a couple of more websites in the nearest future. What kind of platform is Shopify you described in your post where you bought your website?
      Have a good day,

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