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My Progress in Wealthy Affiliate : Month 2

I have finally completed LEVEL 2. Yippeeeeee!

I read an article just today about how to work on your fears rather than do what is convenient and that’s exactly what I have been doing all these days. Wasting time everywhere else but in the training. Well, that’s done and now onwards, I shall start with training and then wander off to tell Kyle just how much I love him.

Its been a great time so far.

I have made a few friends here. Wow!

I helped a member when she was really down and encouraged others to help her along. She had lost the will as she didn’t have a laptop to continue in Wealthy Affiliate. We decided to set up a fund for her by some means so we could buy her a Laptop and she would not have to quit Wealthy Affiliate. On the third day of canvassing for help, one of the members gifted her a Laptop. That was a such a wonder! And I am so glad I played a small part in it.

On one of my websites, I have been writing on “How to Make Money Online” and have written quite a few articles and posts about it. Google Indexing still eludes me here though.

In other websites such as one called SmartHomeRobots, there have been some indexing successes.

I had begun to build around 7 websites on topics that interested me. But along the way, I realized that one needs to be focused and thus i am concentrating on just one now.

I have been approved as a Certified Commenter, and apart from enjoying this rare opportunity, I have also cashed out $20. The feel-good factor overshadows the small amount, and joy is in the air. The learning I get through ‘commenting’ is wonderful, as I get to visit loads of websites and read articles of all hues.

I have been accepted at home as a compulsive computer geek, and I am thoroughly proud of the Badge.


Ranking & Stats

My ranking and statistics in two months
Click the image to see the comments of others on my WA page.


I am working hard & smart, and I shall achieve what I have set out to do.

The goals are rather simple – Do the training every day without fail. I plan to complete LEVEL 5 by the end of the year.

Thanks for all the support and help within the community.

I think I have found the place where I belong in the ONLINE world.

Love and luck to us all.


If you want to try out Wealthy Affiliate for FREE, please click here.

I am a compulsive chips-eating monster and a book-worm, thrown into one. Love the sea & the mountains alike, though what really makes me happy is the rain. My new interest is playing the piano, & am seriously contemplating learning to fly a plane next. And, did I forget to mention, I'm gonna be your the-girl-next-door-easygoing-namedropping-millionaire by the coming year. Wish me luck! Together we could be unstoppable; so hit the SignUp button below, if you care to be awesome.


  • Ina @ MommyMessybun.com

    Hi there,

    This is very inspiring. I want to be successful in affiliate marketing one day. Love to see more posts on how you manage your time, tips and tricks, if any.

    Based from your website, I’m very sure you have been working hard .

    Thank you for sharing your success stories. Looking forward to read more posts!

  • Suz

    How wonderful it is that you can tell us about your progress in wealthy affiliate in the second month and I think it is really good that you have come quite a way and you have been really having yourself a good foothold on the platform. It seems that I personally will need to learn a number of things from you. I hope u will be able to help me along?

  • Alejandra

    Thank you so much for sharing your progress in Wealthy Affiliate, I see you’ve been busy working to build up your own online business and helping other members there!

    How nice is to read a story like you, having at the same time the opportunity to learn how to create an online business and to help other members who are going through hard times!

    As you work to create an online business, it will be a long and hard process for many and each one of us will face a few problems on the way, it’s great to be part of this community that are ready to held each other no matter how small or big is the help a member needs. Reading your article made my heart feel happy to know this member got a new laptop and she will have the opportunity to keep working on her dream!

    I see you are working on 7 websites at the same time! It might be lots of work but I will be interested to follow your work and see how well you’ll be doing in a few months. I really enjoyed reading your articles, keep at it!

  • Michel

    Reading your post made me really proud to be a member of Wealthy Affiliate. There are so many good and kind people in this community and it is wonderful that you all made a difference to someone’s life with the gift of a laptop which will make all the difference to that member’s success.

    May your blog go from strength to strength and I am sure it will if you continue along the path that you are.

  • Md. Asraful Islam

    Thank you so much for sharing an informative article with everyone. The article’s main content is a progress report on your second month on the Wealthy Affiliate Platform. Although this is your progress report there is still a lot to learn from here which I later realized. I am also a member of the Wealthy Affiliate Platform like you from where I have created my own website with training skills. And I am slowly earning by working with affiliate programs. So I would encourage others to join this wealthy affiliate platform from which they can become self-reliant.

  • Robert


    I’m excited for your journey through Wealthy Affiliate! It really is a great community. You have enjoyed some good success, and I hope that you continue to find success there. What is your next step with your site? You mentioned that you’re wanting to continue looking at what interests you. Do you have other plans for the other sites you created? Again, great job, and I look forward to hearing from you in the future!

  • Katrina Curry

    I love your website that you’ve created and I love this article. It’s nice to hear that others are computer geeks at home now, and not just myself (I’m on it all day!)
    I love WA as well, I have learned so much from Kyle that I haven’t learned anywhere else. As far as learning how to blog – he’s one of the best that I’ve seen or even taken part of for learning. I continue to learn everyday and write in my two sites that I’ve created in order to branch off a bit.

    Thanks for sharing your experiences!


  • JK

    Hi Aparna ,i just wanted to say thank you for sharing this post about your journey with me .It is good to have you in the team .Honestly ,i think you are doing great ,keep doing the good job you are doing .I wish you all the best in all your endeavours.

  • Christine

    What a wonderful update on all your accomplishments! Not only the things you have achieved, but also the beautiful connections you have made, they will last. People to whom you give such help will never forget you.
    Wishing you all the best on this exciting journey!

  • Habib

    Very transparent post you have shared here. I really like the way you have shared your journey at Wealthy Affiliate with us all. It proves that Wealthy Affiliate is a legit company which enables you to succeed in the online world. The training and the support Wealthy Affiliate offers which cannot be found anywhere else in the online world. Everyone in the Wealthy Affiliate genuinely helps and supports you to succeed in your business online.

    I highly appreciate you sharing your 2 month’s journey with Wealthy Affiliate.

    Best wishes

  • Lucie

    Hello Aparna, thanks for sharing your journey at the Wealthy Affiliate! I love your website, it’s so thorough and informative. You’re really helping people learn about online business. I was especially intrigued by the list of possible online jobs that you’ve listed here – such as proofreading, e-book publishing etc.
    It’s amazing how many opportunities there are, but a lot of people still don’t know about them. Your website makes it all very clear. I truly, truly enjoyed reading your articles!
    In fact, you’ve really helped me with one thing: I thought that having a multi-niche website is ok, (e.g. like having a ‘lifestyle website’ that includes health, beauty, jewellery, making money…all within one website), but from what you’re saying, it’s much better to build more websites with one specific niche only, otherwise Google will get confused..! I did not know this, so I’m grateful for this little warning, you’ve saved me a lot of time and disappointment! Thanks a lot for your amazing work. Lucie

    • Aps

      Omg thank u Lucie. You have literally given me a reason to continue to work hard. Thanks for your very generous appreciation. It really means a lot to me. 



  • Fabi

    Hi Aparna, I just read your article in the money making niche. It is good to read about your progress on Wealthy Affiliate. I think Wealthy Affiliate is the best solution for OnlineMarketing which exists, and I’m happy that I found it. I think it’s easy to accomplish the needed steps for building an own business out of a website. I am also following the training, last time I was watching a Live Class about keywords. It’s so much fun to search for keywords, great to have Jaaxy…..I think it’s right that over time it’S a huge opportunity. Do you write a lot of articles per week? Thanks for your article. Fabian

  • DigitallyRajesh

    Hello Aparna, Just ready our article “Month – 2 I Let’s make cash online”. I enjoyed reading your journey with this platform. You have rightly said that “The feel-good factor overshadows the small amount, and joy is in the air.”. I am eagerly waiting for that moment. I am here at WA since almost one month. Me too enjoying the learning & support from community here.

    I believe that it can only get better with time considering the rate at which everything is moving.

  • Nancy M Hamar

    Thank you Aparna for this article. Your timing is spot on. I’ve been struggling. I’m in that frustration wheel that is 1) write a post 2) asking for comments then have to spend the next few days reading and leaving comments that have true meaning. 3) write another post 4) ask for comments …. and so the wheel keeps turning. I seem to put off training all the time. So I really needed your article to put me back on track, set a goal and stick to it. Thank you.

    Keep well,

    • admin

      Join the gang sista! Heeeeee HaHa.

      I too keep clicking LIKES and clicking on FOLLOW (those horrible green boxes), even when I know for sure that adding friends here on WA has no real meaning. I have 50,000 friends on Wealthy Affiliate …. can u imagine the time wasted on that. And yet I keep doing it all day. Crazy OBSESSION!

      I keep putting off training so much that i have now employed a friend of mine to do all the worthless tasks that help Kyle and Carson keep their site going, while i concentrate on TRAINING. And today was her first day and her bf landed up. So here I am, wasting time again today.

      Everyone is the same Nancy. Just stay together, encourage each other and DONT EVER STOP. I swear, we will get there. TRUST ME!


  • A

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful journey. It could still be a little “far away” but it was written so genuinely that it looks like not so far away at all! Being present and enjoying the online journey perhaps makes it really easy, on top of you being actually a compulsive computer geek. It seems like you are taking things positively, so I think success would not even elude you. The laptop fundraising story warms my heart, and your site icon brings warmth too! Generally, your site is fun to read. I also agree with you about commenting on websites–I am learning a lot about the members of the community, and I also learn how to build my site just by visiting other sites. And on top of that, we can earn! $20 cashout sounds so cool, I must put that in my goal list too. Haha, cheers! – A

  • Kimberly

    I believe that it can only get better with time considering the rate at which everything is moving, I’d take it that before the year runs out, you’d definitely be on the way to bagging success considerably well. Nothing beats hardwork and consistency. This is what you have exhibited here and I am really delighted for you. Thank you so much for sharing your progress. You are an inspiration too

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