What Is Perpetual Income 365 About?
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What Is Perpetual Income 365 About? Which Explosive Netflix Formula Have They Borrowed?

You may have heard of a recently launched program that promises to replicate the secret formula of Netflix, to make recurring income for you. It’s called Perpetual Income 365. But what Is Perpetual Income 365 About?

Let’s find out, shall we.

It’s No Secret

It’s really no secret that to live comfortably you need to have money. Money does make the world go around. I am not saying that money will make you happy; it may or it may not. But it will definitely help you lead a better life. That’s just how the world is.

How much money do you need? Well, that’s a question only you can answer. It’s something only you can decide for yourself.

Multiple Streams Of Income

Those who are rich seem to have a common trait. They usually have multiple of sources of income.

The “multiple streams of income” story has been oft repeated. We all need a couple of income sources. A single income coming from a job is pretty dangerous in today’s environment anyway, isn’t it!

Fact: Every millionaire has a minimum of 7-10 streams of income. Some have over 20. What does that tell us? That’s probably the way to go.

Follow what works! That’s the mantra.

Well, the aim of this article, and indeed my website, is to drive home the importance of having different multiple sources of income, in order to have a financially secure life.

Here, I present another wonderful opportunity to make money from Affiliate Marketing, and set up a passive source of income with a system called Perpetual Income 365.

Passive Income Streams Are Essential

There are multiple unexplored avenues that you can find online, and apply them to earn a decent amount. But you need to put some effort into it. Affiliate marketing or digital marketing is an up-and-coming way to make a passive income, with as little effort as possible.

Like everything else in life, you need to work towards building a business and give at least an hour or two of your daily schedule to understanding affiliate marketing. But, once it clicks, and it will, you’ll feel extremely happy that you’re the owner of a business that you built from scratch. You’ll also have successfully created an additional income stream that’ll generate a healthy income.

Now, you might be thinking, how can someone, hearing about affiliate marketing for the first time, build a business?

With Perpetual Income 365, you can. It’ll help you understand the required concepts and guide you to build up a business from the very beginning. Once the revenue starts flowing in, it will tempt you to leave your job and become your own boss.

Read along to understand what is Perpetual Income 365 about, and how it can be the online dream business that you hoped you could set up someday.

Is perpetual Income 365 legit? YES, it is perfectly legit.

Is perpetual Income 365 scam? NO, Perpetual Income 365 is NOT a scam.

Who Am I?

Aparna Bansal, CEO of make-cash-online and Art of Cool Enterprises Private Limited

My name is Aparna, and I am an affiliate marketer. I am reviewing Perpetual Income 365 specifically from the point of view of whether it is a worthwhile program to join or not.

The whole aim of affiliate marketing is to make money online, and this review will therefore obviously compare Perpetual Income 365 with other currently available programs, and tell you, as frankly as possible, which one works best. We will see what is the best affiliate marketing program available. And, we will also see if Perpetual Income 365 deserves a place on your computer and mobile. This may be the best Perpetual Income 365 review you read. It will address everything about the program, in great detail.

I take it that you obviously have some knowledge of how affiliate marketing works. If not, and if you are truly a beginner, then you should read this first.

Here you have a simple, direct, and unbiased review of Perpetual Income 365! Honest & true. Both the good & the bad stuff. A no-holds-barred look at the program that is at the top of the ClickBank charts, even as we speak. Is it really worth all the hype? Let’s dive into what is Perpetual Income 365 about. This is a Perpetual Income 365 review.


As the owner of this website, I have tracked down special deals for some products and services mentioned herein. When you use the links on this page to make a purchase, I may get a small commission, and you will definitely get a great bargain. For example, as an Amazon Associate, I may earn from qualifying purchases. This commission is paid by the product company and does not affect the price you are being charged. In fact, in all probability, you may get a further discount, due to my efforts to trace out the best available schemes for you. It’s a win-win situation all around. Full Affiliate Disclaimer.

My Aim

My aim is to review all internet/affiliate marketing programs of value. I am rating them as I go along.

I have reviewed a lot of similar programs already, and here’s a summary of the top few:

Authority Hacker (TASS)Gael Breton9.5/10
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2020 Super BundleBrendan Mace8.6/10
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Income School 24Jim & Ricky8.4/10
Rich Dad SummitRobert Kiyosaki8.2/10
12 Minute Affiliate SystemDevon Brown8.1/10
Legendary MarketerDavid Sharpe8.0/10
$1K A Day Fast TrackMerlin Holmes7.8/10
Perpetual Income 365Shawn Josiah7.5/10
Click Wealth SystemMatthew Tang7.5/10
SalehooSimon Slade & Mark Ling7.4/10
VidelyStoica & Vlad7.0/10
Video CreatoxMarc Christiansen6.9/10
Super Affiliate SystemJohn Crestani6.8/10
Magic SubmitterAlexander Krulik6.6/10
PayingSocialMediaJobs.comAnnie Jones6.5/10
Udemy CoursesGagan Biyani5.0/10
Clickbank UniversityEileen Barber3.5/10
Millionaire SocietyMack Michaels2.7/10

Need Some Answers on Perpetual Income 365?

There are so many questions we are asked on our Social Media platforms. Why don’t you do a review of Perpetual Income 365? What is Perpetual Income 365 about? The fact is that I am really busy reviewing scams, so that customers do not fall for them. And therefore, at times I miss out on reviewing genuine and legitimate money-making opportunities.

Just yesterday someone asked me “How should I make a ‘Perpetual Income 365’ login account online”? OMG! Just click on perpetual income 365.online. Yes, it’s not a .com; it’s a .online.

What are the Perpetual Income 365 reviews, complaints, negatives, advantages, and income possibilities? Where is the Perpetual Income 365 login? Really? It’s on the website of the program. That’s where it is.

Is Perpetual Income 365 legitimate? Or is it a scam?

My Perpetual Income review will endeavor to answer all these questions.

Summary Of Perpetual Income 365

Websitehttps ://www.perpetualincome365.online/vsl2/
What Is?Perpetual Income 365 is a plug-and-play affiliate marketing software to help you make a full-time income through affiliate marketing
PriceGet a 14 days trial with $9, and $47 monthly thereafter
OwnerShawn Josiah
Verdict Recommended for those who wish to make money online fast with a done-for-you system
Review Time30+ hours

What is Perpetual Income 365 About?

Logo of Perpetual Income 365

Perpetual Income 365 is a plug-and-play affiliate marketing software created for all levels – newbies to advanced marketers, seeking to enable ordinary people, who have zero internet experience, to make a full-time income through affiliate marketing! The ultimate goal is to make ourselves a healthy 5-figures recurring income, while helping others achieve financial freedom at the same time.

Perpetual Income 365 ​was created by Shawn Josiah, ​from Singapore, as a means ​to give ‘ordinary everyday people’ with a full-time day job just a small taste of what it’s like to make money online and generate income that can potentially replace their full-time job. THAT is the reason he came out with this program.

Essentially, ​​Shawn’s program is an ‘all in one’ done-for-you affiliate program, with email marketing being the focus.

What Is Perpetual Income 365 About?

Do you want to earn $433 daily in affiliate earnings? Are you looking to build and grow your business? Then, register on Perpetual Income 365 today and gain instant access to the product. Perpetual Income 365 is a digital or affiliate marketing training course that’ll help you understand the important concepts that go into becoming an affiliate marketer.

If you devote an hour to the course daily, you’ll be able to make a decent monthly earning in affiliate sales. You get access to the ingenious techniques used by the creator to power more traffic and drive more sales. The creator has obviously done the lion’s share of the work for you. The income you generate from the business you set up, depends on your dedication and commitment to the program. But all the work will be worth it.

Awesomeness Alert – The Best Stuff About Perpetual Income 365

Shawn is the owner of perpetual Income 365.

Check out these 5 steps that Shawn goes through in the members area, to understand why this program is so different:

1. The Heavy Lifting Is Done For You in Perpetual Income 365

​When he first ​created Perpetual Income 365, he ​made it so that everybody from newbies to “heavy hitter affiliates” can utilize the system with minimal effort to get their campaigns up and running as quickly as possible, to get maximum results.

Based on his ​experiences, he also wanted to make Perpetual Income 365 as “newbie friendly” as possible. The reason for this is pretty cool actually, he was overwhelmed when he first got started with affiliate marketing, and it took him a long time (and a lot of money) with trial and error to find success.

He created the Perpetual Income 365 system to be as easy as possible, just a “click and go” type of concept. So as much as I hate saying this, lol, it really IS just a few clicks (no B.S.) to get you set up and started. 10 Years ago people claiming you could accomplish greatness with just a few clicks were scam artists, now (in 2020), things have changed and the new generation of affiliate marketers are making this happen!

He ALSO included a lot of pre-written copy (sales letters, emails, etc) built into the back-end of the software, so you don’t have to spend months or years learning how to be a pro copywriter to get that first taste of success.

He also wanted to make it as easy as possible from a technology aspect. When he first started, he was also overwhelmed by a lot of the technical side of things, and even the choices of which program to use to do this, do that, etc.

2. Perpetual Income 365 is Structured to Create Residual Income

​​The system is structured and built to create residual (meaning, recurring) income with a one-off effort. This means that work you do one time is going to pay off perpetually, or continuously and run on its own once you do the initial steps getting things moving (see what I did there?).

This is based off of a system that Shawn (and many others) have tried and tested, and it’s bringing them a CONSISTENT monthly income with that initial one-off effort!

To be honest, you’ll get a much better idea as to how the system works and how the income will be generated once you start going through the training, setting things up, and connecting the dots.

​3. The Automation Software of Perpetual Income 365

Automation Software of Perpetual Income 365

​This is my favorite part of Perpetual Income 365 and the BIGGEST time saver! The software ​automates​ the backend like a 24/hour per-day sales machine. Once you have things set up, your ONLY job is to drive traffic — and don’t worry, there’s PLENTY of training on that too!​​​

Once you set up the software, you’re going to have a 30 day pre-written email sequence loaded into your ​AutoResponder (email) account for you! You don’t have to write a single word, or go through the process of setting up the emails in your auto-responder, it’s ALL taken care of for you! (Hence — automation).

Generally, you’d have to pay somebody to write your emails for you, or spend time writing them yourself so this is a GREAT feature, and definitely a big selling point.

All you need to do is get your ​ClickBank link, your auto-responder link (which Shawn shows you), add them to the system — and boom 💥, the back-end is going to integrate your ClickBank ID into ​every single email!

These emails were written by a pro, they’re proven to convert, proven to drive sales, and proven to build a good relationship/reputation with your list as well!

Again — as I mentioned above — your only job is to drive traffic, which is explained in the ‘traffic crusher’ training included with your membership.

The traffic is probably 90% of what you have to do, since the rest is automated. (And don’t worry, the traffic is easy too, so you’re REALLY not putting in that much work, just make sure you stick with it!)

​My advice — just go through the training, and once you understand the traffic, you’ll understand why this system works so well.

4. The Refund Policy of Perpetual Income 365

​Here’s the thing, nobody likes people who simple abuse refund policies, sign up, get training, get a refund over-and-over again. Not only do those people never find true success with affiliate marketing (or any business model), but they often get blacklisted across various networks and aren’t allowed to buy anything again.

That being said — for those people who actually go through the training & request a refund, it’s fine — you can get one — but you’ll also be blacklisted and no longer be able to make money from the program(s) you’re promoting, even if you’ve already got re-concurring payments set up.

Is this fair? 100% yes — I’ve seen people abuse refund policies over the years. They either try to get free training, then ask for a refund — or they spend 5 or 10 minutes with the training, decide it’s not going to work (without even trying it out properly), and ask for a refund.

So YES — you can get a refund within the first 30 or 60 days, but I’d suggest you go into this with the mindset of success, and don’t even let the word ‘refund’ cross your mind.

5. The Facebook Group of Perpetual Income 365

​​​I was really impressed when I first stepped inside the Perpetual Income 365 Facebook group! People are actually having SUCCESS and SHARING their stories and proof of income!

This is a brand new program, just launched this year — and the students are LOVING IT, because it ACTUALLY WORKS LIKE IT PROMISES!

Here’s one post of few weeks ago:

Facebook Group of Perpetual Income 365

Here’s another, posted on same date from Rachel who made her VERY FIRST Affiliate Sale, with ​Perpetual Income 365!!!

FIRST Affiliate Sale, with ​Perpetual Income 365

AND — EVEN BETTER — THESE have RECURING (Perpetual) Monthly Commissions coming to them as long as their buyers stick with the program!

There are more too, but I’m not going to share them all — you can see them for yourself in the Facebook Group! 🙂

Why Use A Done-For-You Program?

Done-for-you programs like this one are simple. That’s the reason why internet newbies and those who are new to affiliate marketing go for these types of programs.

No learning code, obviously. No learning how to even build a website. Or landing pages or email sequences or anything connected with affiliate marketing.

And yet you have a program that converts like crazy. Sends out emails. Does all the work for you. While all you do is arrange a little traffic and sit back with a cup of coffee.

Done-for-you programs leave all the techie stuff to the techies. What you get is pure entrepreneur stuff. Exciting and cool!

The Creator of Perpetual Income 365

Shawn Josiah PI365

Shawn Josiah is the person behind the product. He has been making a lot of money for the past few years by using this product. Shawn has been actively seeking more knowledge about how one should go about making more money. And the result is Perpetual Income 365.

A few years back, he found the algorithm which is used by companies like Netflix, which allows them to make a lot of money. Shawn claims that people who use it in a good way can increase their net worth by around 210 % very easily in no time. He wasn’t always rich though. Shawn comes from a poor background.

A few years back, he wondered as to why he wasn’t earning the kind of money his friends were. In the search for an answer to this question, he has now made himself millions of dollars. He has also helped a lot of people earn a lot of money. All Perpetual Income 365 reviews suggest that Perpetual Income has changed the lives of a lot of it’s members. Shawn has developed this course out of his knowledge and experience, which is now available for you to make use of.

Get Your Perpetual Income 365 Account Now From The Official Site

Components of the Perpetual Income 365 Program

Even if you’re a newbie, you can take advantage of the forum. And it particularly works exceptionally well for experts who have been in the industry for a long time.

It gives you a money-making guarantee, so you will earn some money using this platform no matter what.

It is a fully automated system. As the term goes, “Done for you,” the Perpetual Income 365 software proves to be fully automatic. So, you have to do nothing but set it up, and it will earn you money.

How to Use Perpetual Income 365

Step 1: Purchase the Program
Give your details and fill up a form. You’ve to pay $9 for the 14-day trial period. You gain instant access to the program after your checkout is complete. Once the trial period is over, you’re charged $47 for the course.

Step 2: Devote An Hour Daily
To set up your affiliate business, you’ve to devote an hour every day and understand the inventive methods given in the course. You’ll learn how to apply the concepts practically, push more traffic to the product, and make a healthy income in affiliate sales.

Step 3: Earn Consistent Profits
Once you’ve set your business up, watch as it grows, and the profits roll in. You can earn $433 daily, on a rough average.

How Does Perpetual Income 365 Work?

You might be wondering, how does Perpetual Income 365 work ? Dont worry; it is a simple process.

First, you need to create an account on both Clickbank and GetResponse. After that, you connect those accounts with it. You will be given the URL of your pages, and it will be ready for promotion.

One will have to pay for his/her traffic. Like every single DFU system, how a person sends their traffic to their pages, is entirely their responsibility.

Perpetual Income 365 recommends some solo ad traffic facilities that cost around $40 to $100 for every 100 visits.

When a visitor signs up, the system will direct them to Perpetual Income sales page. When the visitor purchases the service costing $47, you will instantly get a 50% commission.

Customers will then start receiving email campaigns that have been pre-done from the GetResponse account you created. Also, they will keep receiving an email a day consecutively for 31 whole days unless they choose to unsubscribe.

The software can help the user to earn about $430 in one day, and no special skills are needed. It is a system that’s done for you, so you don’t have to worry much.

The Perpetual Income 365 training course contains in-depth information about affiliate marketing. You’ll immediately receive access to the course once your checkout is complete. It’s a step-by-step guide that gives you practical tips and techniques. The creator provides extremely efficient methods to build an affiliate business. When you devote an hour every day to understanding the techniques, you can easily apply them to set up a business. You’ll effortlessly be able to push more traffic and make more sales.

The answer is pretty simple. How does any information work? It works by expanding your knowledge and with your vision. It will tell you about the secret algorithms through which you can make more money. Perpetual Income 365 reviews prove that there are thousands of people for whom the program has worked well already. All of them have been earning a lot of money and making the kind of profits which they never thought possible.

There are a lot of ways Perpetual Income can work for you. It all depends on how well you are using it. Different people will interpret the information provided by the Perpetual Income system differently. So it is hard to determine which way the product would work for you.

But yes, one common thing amongst all the people who have used Perpetual Income is that their perspective of looking at money changed. Earning money has become easier for people who have been using Perpetual Income for some time now.

Inside the Members Area of Perpetual Income 365

The members area looks decent. It is not the most splendid UI, but it is better than most other ClickBank MMO products.

Some welcome videos explain how the system works and how it helps you make a monthly income. This entire system is a software and training product that teaches you how to make money from email marketing.

Here, you get access to a couple of simple landing pages that they host on their servers. These landing pages look pretty decent. If you take one of the upgrades, you get access to five more landing pages.

You would understand that they teach different traffic methods. The primary traffic method they teach is Solo ads.

Solo ads are a paid traffic method. You would therefore need to have a budget for ads.

Besides, they also give training on choosing the best solo ad vendor for you and how to make your solo ad campaigns more profitable.

Remember that it may take a few months to start seeing some consistent and positive ROI if you are an absolute beginner.

What Does Netflix Have To Do With Perpetual Income 365?​

​​Its sales video makes the bold claim that ordinary people are manipulating the Secret Netflix Algorithm to make Perpetual Income every month.

What is that all about? Let me explain.

Shawn seems to have found a way to leverage the model of Netflix into his system. This secret model is called MCCA which is an acronym for:

  • Micro Commitment
  • Consistency
  • Compounding
  • Algorithm

Inside the training, you’ll learn how to leverage the science behind Netflix’s highly recurring revenue model, so you can create a monthly recurring income for yourself with this powerful marketing strategy!

Netflix and Perpetual Income 365

​​​​Basically the video is about Netflix’s Highly Recurring Revenue Model and how you can use this secret to create a monthly recurring ​income for yourself!

​Without giving away too much — the training video explains Netflix’s ability to market to us in a certain way, that is to get us to sign up, and keep paying them every month like clockwork, for years. Well, you can do that too.

Benefits of Perpetual Income 365

  • Using the ingenious tips and techniques provided in the course, you can build a personal affiliate business.
  • You’ll be able to increase the traffic to a website and earn a decent income in affiliate sales.
  • On average, you can earn a daily income of $433.
  • The affiliate marketing guide is extremely easy-to-follow. It’s beginner-friendly, so you don’t need previous business knowledge to start the program.
  • You only need to commit an hour or so of your time daily to the program.
  • You get a 14-day trial window, so you can back out if and when you want.

Who is Perpetual Income 365 For?

It is for everyone who wants more money. No one wants to be on the side-lines. There are so many needs and wants that each of us wishes to fulfill. Regardless of our age, our needs or wants do not decrease; they only increase.

It is for people of all ages who wish to earn money from home, by putting in some effort on the side. You can consider it as a side business or side hustle. And if you upgrade, then you could even build it as a full time business. The best part of this business is that you can do it from anywhere using just your laptop or mobile phone. And it gives you passive income. So there are no sales required to be done either.

Purchase and Price of Perpetual Income 365

  • The creator offers you a 14-day trial window. You’ve to pay $9 to get access to the product.
  • You’ll receive immediate access once the checkout is complete.
  • After the 14-day trial period, the seller deducts $47 at the end of every month, for the full subscription.
  • As an add-on, you can also purchase the ‘Triple Your Passive Income’ eBook for $9.90.

Money-Back Guarantee and Refund Policy of Perpetual Income

The seller offers a 60-day refund guarantee on all his products. You don’t have any obligation to the program, and you can cancel the monthly subscription whenever you wish. You’ll get a full refund of your latest payment if you contact the customer support of the seller, and cancel your monthly subscription within 60 days.

Pros of Perpetual Income 365

  1. Easily Understandable – One of the great things about any product will be its quality and effectiveness in helping the customer understand its working and content easily. There is a ton of information present inside the course, and that is why it is easy to comprehend the system.
  2. Easy to Access – Once you have purchased the Perpetual Income program, accessing it won’t be an issue for you. You can access it anytime from any place from any device that you want. There are a lot of benefits to this. Even when you are out somewhere and don’t have with you the original device you downloaded the course in, you can still download it again on any other device.
  3. More Money – This course will make you more money. It will equip you with all the information that you require for making more money. One of the main benefits will be that it will make you money fast.

1. Free Email Swipes.

Free email swipes mean that automatic emails will be sent on your behalf. This action will last for 31 days.

This automated done-for-you system will save you a lot of time and effort, which you can use to expand into other ways to boost the business.

The advantage of regular mailing to customers is that they will begin to understand that the system is genuine. In Perpetual Income 365, all of this happens for free, that too for 31 whole days.

2. Squeeze page

Squeeze pages are the pages with very crisp and clear messages. They are vivid and small in size, and within a glance, are able to convey to the viewer what the program is all about.

Perpetual Income 360 offers squeeze pages for free. There are different designs to choose from, and the user is free to choose whatever one he/she likes.

3. Solo ads traffic

Perpetual Income 365 gives you a good introduction to solo ads traffic. That is how you agree to allow the program to send the emails on your behalf.

4. Free Bonuses

After you join Perpetual Income 365, you get bonus ebooks for free! These books are available to download. The books are as follows:

  • Start today with tiny subscriptions but big profits.
  • Income Commander.
  • Master Plan for regular salary

5. Start Marketing Without Experience

Even if you are a beginner and you dont know about the skills needed for affiliate marketing, then too, you could quickly start your journey of affiliate marketing with the help of Perpetual Income 365.

You get ready-made stuff for you, so you dont have to work too hard to learn all the skills. All you have to do is think of your target audience and get the job done.

  • ​​Most of the hard work really IS ‘done for you’. You don’t have to build a landing page, you don’t have to write high-converting landing page copy, and you don’t even need to way for website hosting to host your pages on your own domain!
  • ​It’s only $47.00 per MONTH, much cheaper than clickfunnels ( $97 per month), or most other competitors.
  • Your email list is YOURS forever, once the 31 days is finished in the auto-responder, you can promote OTHER products from ClickBank (or other networks) to them.

Cons of Perpetual Income 365

1. Lack of Flexibility

Here, almost all of the hard work and planning is pre-done by the Perpetual Income 365 team for you. As a result, you wont need to learn stuff at all. That could create problems in future expansion, if you wish to tailor the program to your needs.

You may make a lot of money using the program, but what will you do once this program ends? If you don’t learn any skills, you may not be capable of pursuing affiliate marketing as a career, later.

Although the product does include mindset training videos by Shawn Josiah, they will be of no help if you are not willing to learn.

2. You will be blacklisted for claiming a refund

Although Shawn Josiah is a respected and successful entrepreneur, there is one thing that is odd. He doesn’t like giving refunds.

But there is no way that he can stop you from getting a refund. ClickBank has a strict 60 days, no questions asked, refund policy. And you will buy the product from ClickBank.

People do misuse this facility of refunds, but then again, the customer is king.

3. False References/ Reviews

There are some recommendations on their sales page, but you can see some fake images of actors, and there is one guy’s review there who is known for giving false reviews.

They use fake names and say stuff like they are making cash 24/7, 365 days a year, which is quite impossible. So you cannot tell which of those reviews are real and which are fake.

Not Available Offline – You can’t purchase Perpetual Income from any offline store. If you want it, you will have to download and purchase it on the company website only. So there is no way you can verify the contents of the course physically before you purchase it.

Where to Buy Perpetual Income 365?

This product is not available in stores or on Amazon. You have to buy it from the Perpetual Income 365 website only.

Is Perpetual Income 365 Legit?

You might still be questioning, is Perpetual Income 365 legitimate? Is Perpetual Income 365 a scam? No, it is not a scam.

The owner, Shawn Josiah, is a reputed affiliate-marketer, and he has been working in this sector for a long time.

Moreover, they offer a 100% refund Guarantee if you don’t like the product or did not profit from it within 60 days! And it is linked with ClickBank’s refund policy of 60 days.

That proves that the whole system is legit.

Perpetual Income 365 – Final Verdict

Many people get into affiliate marketing. But because of a lack of proper guidance, they do not do well and are disappointed.

With a program like Perpetual Income 365, everything is automated and pre-done for you. So, you don’t have to worry about having great skills or knowledge of affiliate marketing.

Become An Affiliate Of Perpetual Income 365

You can also become an affiliate for Perpetual Income 365 and get commissions for every sale. They pay out a 50% commission every time someone buys their product. And since it is a recurring monthly payment, therefore, the commissions are recurring too.

Click here to become an affiliate of Perpetual Income 365

Become An Affiliate Of Perpetual Income 365
Become An Affiliate Of Perpetual Income 365
Become An Affiliate Of Perpetual Income 365
What is Perpetual Income 365 about?
What is Perpetual Income 365 about?
What is Perpetual Income 365 about?

Testimonials of Members Of Perpetual Income

Testimonials of Members Of Perpetual Income
Testimonials of Members Of Perpetual Income
Testimonials of Members Of Perpetual Income

Top 5 YouTube Video Reviews Of Perpetual Income 365?  

Shall I Email You When I Review The Next Resource Or Tool?

Add your email, that is all…

Customer Response To Perpetual Income 365

Perpetual Income 365 has been a huge favorite of people. That is clearly evident from the sales page of Clickbank where it is at No 1 position consistently since the last few months. You can yourself check it out easily by going to Clickbank > Sign Up > Affiliate marketplace.

Overall Assessment Of Perpetual Income 365

What I Do Like

  • Proven to work system
  • Quick and easy to set up and use
  • The landing pages are self-hosted
  • Active Facebook Group
  • The email list is actually yours
  • Done-for-you email campaign
  • Squeeze pages are given to you
  • No prior experience needed at all
  • 60 days refund guarantee

What I Don’t Like

  • The training is only about paid traffic strategies
  • You can’t modify the content on the pages
  • You’re only able to promote one product on the frontend (for now)
  • Monthly fees
  • You can be banned if you ask for a refund

Final Verdict: What Is Perpetual Income 365 About?

Perpetual Income 365 is a plug-and-play affiliate marketing software created for all levels – newbies to advanced marketers, seeking to enable ordinary people who have zero internet experience to make a full-time income through affiliate marketing.

It is simple and easy to use, and has been extremely popular on all marketing channels.

It is recommended as a great money making system.

WARNING: Fake Sites About Perpetual Income 365

In the course of my reading and trying out the program called Perpetual Income 365, I came across a few websites that seemed like genuine sites about this very program, but were NOT.

  • https://shawn-josiah.com/ – This site has been made in the name of the owner of Perpetual Income 365, Shawn Josiah. It is NOT the real site of Shawn. It is a cleverly disguised site that offers you Perpetual Income 365 for $9 instead of $47. This is untrue. The disclaimer at the lower end of the site is quite a laugh actually, and clarifies that this is “a review” and “un-official” site:
Fake website Perpetual Income
  • https://perpetualincomes365.com/ – This is made by the same person who has made the earlier site listed above. If you note carefully, you will see that it is called Perpetual Incomes 365, and NOT Perpetual Income 365. This is just as hilarious as the above site, and advises you to “Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health care provider” for some unknown reason.

Whenever you search for a program online, please make sure that you look out for the type of inconsistencies I have given above. Genuine sites will never have such stupid mistakes. It always pays to be careful online.

As Always…

While Perpetual Income 365 is my recommendation as far as done-for-you affiliate marketing options go, there is one more program that I wish to talk to you about.

My top recommended affiliate marketing program is called Wealthy Affiliate. It’s actually my #1 suggested program. According to my research, it is the easiest way to make money online.

Wealthy Affiliate is not really a resource or a tool. It is a platform that trains you to become an affiliate marketer and set up a full-fledged business, while they take care of all the resources and tools that you need along the way. Find out what is Wealthy Affiliate about, and give it a go for FREE. It is, in fact, the best way to make money online.

Sign Up For Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is totally FREE. Not even a credit card is required. They give you time to understand the Premium level of the program fully for 7 days, without spending anything. In addition, you get a website free along with hosting, security, SSL, and other benefits. Even after the 7 days free Premium trial is over, you can continue with the free website. Please go to the Wealthy Affiliate login here.

If you wish to upgrade to Premium later, you can do that as it obviously gives better tools & functionality within the platform. Or you can continue to learn and build your website, without paying anything at all.

Check out my reviews of Wealthy Affiliate by clicking below:

If you have any contribution to make, or questions to ask, you can put them down in the comments below. I would love to hear from you.

Wish you all that you wish for. Thank you for reading.



What are the marketing techniques included in the Perpetual Income course?

You will learn and understand the application of multiple ingenious methods, including email marketing and social media marketing.

Can you cancel during the trial period?

Yes, the seller offers a 14-day trial period and you can cancel the subscription anytime you want.

How much in affiliate sales can you earn every day?

On average, you can earn $433 daily in affiliate earnings. You can earn much more than the figure mentioned if you’re committed and dedicated.

Who can use this?

Anyone who wants to earn additional income can use this product.

What to do to claim my money back?

You just have to contact the company and give your order details.

How to use Perpetual Income 365?

Using it is very easy. You just have to download it and follow the instructions provided.

Does Perpetual Income 365 work?

It has supposedly worked for thousands for people, so it is safe to say “Yes”.

What to do when I don’t understand something inside it?

You can directly contact the company from their website for clearing any doubts that you have.

Do Perpetual Income365 reviews like this one give out the actual negative points of the program?

This is a very important question and it is best that you understand this clearly. Some reviews do and some don’t. The reason is simple.

An affiliate marketer will review a product and embed his/ her links in the review. If you buy the program through those links, the affiliate marketer will get a commission. So why would he ever say that a program is bad. He wants you to buy it. And that is how the complete purpose of honestly reviewing a program goes to hell!

But there are some affiliate marketers; myself included; who will review a program for what it is. We will tell you what is the reality because our aim is to own a truthful website that provides genuine advice. If a program is not good, we will NOT RECOMMEND it. We will still embed links in case you wish to buy the program in spite of our bad reviews. That is always your call.

Always look out for when medium.com or make-cash-online.com or onemorecupof-coffee.com or workanywherenow.com reviews Perpetual Income 365, or any other program. They will probably give you an honest review every time.

What Is The Best Affiliate Marketing Course For Beginners?

My research suggests that Authority Hacker, Wealthy Affiliate, and Income School Project 24 are great training courses to choose from. Each has its own pros and cons, but the goal is the same; to build profitable niche websites for affiliate marketing. Obviously, strategies differ in each case, but out of the hundreds of different courses available, these are the ones that are most reasonable, and yet teach the best methods.

Why is Affiliate Marketing such a talked about subject?

If you wish to earn money online, affiliate marketing is by far the easiest way in which you can do it. It is one of the best ways to make money online.

It’s akin to setting up a full-scale business online, and the cost is negligible, as compared to brick & mortar businesses. Here, you can learn how to make money online free, if you are ready to work a bit.

Most importantly, affiliate marketing affords you the luxury of working from anywhere in the world from your laptop, with no fixed timings, and at your own choosing. If you don’t feel like working any day, you just don’t open your laptop. You can work in your pajamas, or on the beach or at a coffee shop.

Anywhere, anytime, any-which-way you like! That’s unbeatable, trust me.

And the money is good. It’s not a side hustle we are talking about here. We are discussing a business opportunity that will replace your job, and probably give you a lavish life-changing life-style ahead.

Have you heard of some of the greatest affiliate marketers in the world. Those who made millions just through affiliate marketing, and call it the best business strategy in today’s online world. Check out the Top 5:

Neil Patel
Pat Flynn
John Chow
Dan Lok
Missy Ward

These are internet gurus, and much as we would wish to be in their shoes, it all starts with taking the first step. They all did. Long ago. If you are ready to work for it, it will work for you.

What scope does Affiliate Marketing have in 2021 and beyond?

Affiliate Marketing has emerged as the single most profitable business model in recent times. Check out an infographic on affiliate marketing below:

I Don’t Have A Lot Of Extra Time, Will This Still Work For Me?

YES. Absolutely!

I created this system to help ordinary working adults who hold a 9-5 job break free from their daily grind.
We understand that for that to work, it needs to be as easy as ABC as full time adults barely have time to build a side hustle (we know how it feels because we were once employees before).

And that is why there is absolutely….
NO coding
NO hosting
NO expensive landing page builders
NO design skills needed
NO copywriting
NO expensive tracking tool
NO complicated autoresponder integration

Simply watch the clear and concise training videos, click on a few buttons and progress through the trainings in the done-for-you software and you will see good results coming your way with the little time you have left for your side hustle!

Is Perpetual Income 365 Suitable For Beginners Or Is It For Pros Only?

Perpetual Income 365 is 100% newbie friendly!
Even the pros love it because it’s a software that automates and does the heavy lifting for you.
The training videos will walk you through the usage of the software at every single stage, so even if you are a total newbie, everything will be explained systematically – step by step.

Does Perpetual Income 365 Really Work?

With the MCCA algorithm backed by science, the MCCA components – 1) Micro-Commitment, 2) Consistency Bias and 3) Compounding Revenues work powerfully as ONE entity to ensure a high success rate of sales.
We are 100% confident in the cognitive functionality of our software. It has been proven by beta-testers and will only continue to do better from hereon.

Can I Really Make A Full Time Living With Perpetual Income 365?


We have students who were teachers, air stewardess, waiters and even lawyers (the list goes on…) who have left their job with the help of our software!

The beauty of Perpetual Income 365 is the recurring monthly income that you enjoy once you’ve activated the system. The MCCA algorithm kicks in and you just sit back, relax and reap the fruits of your investment.

Why do you recommend Perpetual Income 365?

Perpetual Income 365 is a great product for those who are looking for a quick way to earn a lot of money. It is simple to use as the techniques and methods explained in the program are provided in an easy way. The program provides bonuses as well which further help the user to achieve his/her dream financial state. The money-back-guarantee also makes it a risk-free option.
Affiliate Marketing Statistics Infographic

I am a compulsive chips-eating monster and a book-worm, thrown into one. Love the sea & the mountains alike, though what really makes me happy is the rain. My new interest is playing the piano, & am seriously contemplating learning to fly a plane next. And, did I forget to mention, I'm gonna be your the-girl-next-door-easygoing-namedropping-millionaire by the coming year. Wish me luck! Together we could be unstoppable; so hit the SignUp button below, if you care to be awesome.


  • TYP

    I am glad to read about this new product originated from Singapore entrepreneur, Shawn Josiah. There are not many products came from Singapore, most of the products are imported into the country. 

    Creating our own Affiliate Marketing business could be very daunting, especially you have a full-time job to manage. With all the features and ready template from Perpetual Income 365 in place, it will save me a lot of times. I am eager to try my hand on it and would like to hear more from you.

    Could you share with us, your income level for the past one year? 

    Without actually immerse myself into the product, I will not be able to comprehend the product benefit. 

    Thank you for informing us some of the fake sites which trying to con us into believing that those sites belongs to Shawn Josiah. I was almost con into one!

    Personally I do not like to spend money on ads and I prefer to create my own content. Based on your review, Perpetual Income 365 has no feature for me to change the content and this is one which I dislike about. 

    Once again, thank you for this review and I really learn a lot about this new product.

    • Aps

      Thank you for writing in TYP. It would not be right for me to share my income on an open platform. However, I do believe that everyone must work on having at least 7-10 income streams, however small they are to start with. And try and automate them as much as possible, as you progress. 

  • DashDNations

    There’s a lot of programs like this one out there. If I already have a host for my site, one I’m happy with and absolutely do not want to switch hosting can I still use Perpetual income 365? It sounds like similar ones and I’m interest in the email part but I don’t want to transfer my site to a new host. Is this something that I can do?

    • Aps

      Of course you don’t need to switch your host. You can join Perpetual Income and still stay with the same hosting solution that you already have.

  • Ann

    Hello Aparna! Thanks for introducing me to this legit platform.
    Perpetual Income claims that it got Netflix’s algorithm. And truly, Netflix has masted that recurring monthly payment commission. So, that caught my attention. Something we know is successful being applied also to the affiliate marketing world. Their trial is affordable. It seems worth trying!

    • Aps

      Totally Ann. It’s worth trying out some new things alongside what you are already engaged in. After all, you don’t want to be stuck in one place and realize after 2 years that you missed better opportunities. 

      I always say that you must not run for every shiny object. But you must also keep your eyes open for good opportunities. 

      The money is in MSI – Multiple Sources of Income. Each and every millionaire has MSI. Why not you and me? I am dead sure that I am a future millionaire in the making. We all gotta dream big. 

  • violeta

    Hey Aparna,

    Thank you for showing me something new today! Never heard about this program before, but it sounds good. I like your honest opinion and the fact you are not leaving us in the doubts by proving that it’s not a scam. Like all similar platforms, it requires a lot of dedication to the website you are making and understanding how to make the start of the online business. I also liked the summary and ratings of all the similar platforms.

    • Aps

      Totally Voileta. It’s worth trying out some new things alongside what you are already engaged in. After all, you don’t want to be stuck in one place and realize after 2 years that you missed better opportunities. 

      I always say that you must not run for every shiny object. But you must also keep your eyes open for good opportunities. 

      The money is in MSI – Multiple Sources of Income. Each and every millionaire has MSI. Why not you and me? I am dead sure that I am a future millionaire in the making. We all gotta dream big. 

  • Chika

    My list is growing. Thank you for sharing this. I am just hearing about it. But I see something is very similar to marketing, both affiliate and other types of marketing. campaigns, ads, etc. You have to spend money to get money. but I have added this to my list. Thank you so much for all you have shared, I will be reading more about it. thanks again. 

  • Christine

    Hi Aparna,

    This looks like a great program, and the sales reports on the facebook page speak for themselves. I just have a question about the content. It says that we cannot change it, so does that mean that everyone who signs up promotes the same product in the same niche?
    The sign up fee is good, not expensive at all. I think that it would be worth it trying it out, but on the other hand DFY systems are never really our own. If the owner decides to close down this platform one day, your own incoome source will also be gone. Do you think it would be better to build your own affiliate marketing business or go with a DFY system?

    • Aps

      Hi Christine,
      This DFY system is handed over to you and you own it after you have purchased it. All the templates and email lists etc will remain with you even if the original owner disappears. DFY systems have a huge advantage over building everything from scratch yourself because the industry has really grown, and it would take you years to catch up even with the best programs available.

  • Tom

    Hi Aparna,

    This is a very informative and comprehensive review. For people like me who don’t have a lot of experience of selling online and building an income with an online business, then Perpetual 365 sounds like it would be a great training. We need all the help we can get when it comes to running an online business and there is so much information out there. It’s great that we have people like you who can sift through the information and determine which is the good and which is the bad.

    Thank you for sharing and keep up the amazing work you do.

    All the best,


  • Kathy

    Perpetual income 365 looks like it could appeal to newbies with no experience. Having everything done for you sounds good, but I always feel it’s best to learn the process. Also, if Perpetual income were to close down you’d lose everything. I’m sure the training would be good though, and you’d learn the basics of affiliate marketing. Buying traffic through solo ads can be expensive, though hopefully the course would show exactly how to do it without losing too much.

    • Aps

      Hi Kathy,
      Perpetual Income teaches you everything and then lets you have all of the goodies. So I don’t think you will lose anything at all. In fact, it does teach you a short-cut to make money quite easily. The sales of this system have been astronomical, and it’s been at the top position for like forever. I do think it’s a great way to get started online.

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