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Become A Telephone Mystery Shopper

If you love to talk on a phone, you can earn some handsome amount of money as a telephone mystery shopper.

Most of the businesses and retail outlets today constantly try to stay ahead of their competition.

To do this, they need to analyze and study what their competitors are doing so that they can create a plan to improvise their products and service offerings.

That’s where they need mystery shoppers to do competitor research for them and get them valuable data.

Most of the market research and survey companies also hire mystery shoppers for collecting data for their studies.

As a telephone mystery shopper, your job will be to call businesses, retail outlets, call centers, and ask questions or pretend to be a good customer who is interested in their services.

When you’re done collecting information, you will have to write and submit a report based on what you found by asking questions.

Suitable For

Anyone who is comfortable talking on a phone and loves to ask questions.

Skills Required

1. Ability to speak fluently on the phone in the native language and English.

2. Ability to listen with a strong focus on details.

3. Ability to clearly write down analysis reports in English.

How To Get Started

The best way to get started is by applying for the post of telephone mystery shopper on the following websites:


Callcenterqa pays at a flat rate of $5 per call. And the best thing is that they pay you via PayPal within 48 hours of completing the call. You should consider starting with this company first if you are in need of instant cash.


Arc payment varies from $3.50 per call to $12 per call depending on the country and location. Payments are made through direct bank deposits.


Visit intelichek’s job listing page and apply for the position of Telephone Mystery Shopper.

Intelichek will pay you $1 per call in the beginning as calls are very short you just need to ask a couple of questions. Some experienced workers have been reported to earn $50 to $100 per day.

Payments are sent bi-weekly via check until you reach three-star status after that payment is made through direct bank deposit.


Prostrate works in the healthcare sector you’ll have called a doctor’s office or medical stores for gathering information. They’ll also assign you shops, you’ll have to visit them in person and submit a detailed report.

They usually pay you in between $12 to $17 per call and even more for in-person shop visits. You’ll receive your payment via check.


To apply for a telephone mystery shopping position at TeleXpertise, you need to send them an email at and Make sure to include your resume and any other relevant qualifications.

TeleXpertise will usually pay you between $3 to $10 per call.


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  • Kathy

    I’ve never heard of earning money as a mystery shopper, and I’m sure it could be a fun way to make some extra income. I hate making cold calls, but this seems quite interesting as you’re asking questions. I’m sure it could appeal to those who enjoy chatting on the phone, but it’s unlikely to make much money. Your recommendation of Wealthy Affiliate is far better, offering the chance to build a sustainable online business.

  • Yvonne

    I’ve never heard of a telephone mystery shopper before now. It sounds like a great way to earn extra money on the side. I believe gathering information is essential for any business online. This is an ideal working from home job.

  • anna McGarvie

    You have so many interesting ways to make money! I have heard of a mystery shopper, but never heard of a telephone mystery shopper! So is the pay for each call and if so are there any stipulations with the call before being paid? $5 a call sounds really good! I mean you could do 6 calls in one hour! That’s $35 an hour!!!

    Sounds really good to me!


  • C.N.

    Praise the Lord for the internet! The money-making opportunities are plentiful. Haha. I’ve heard of the concept of a mystery shopper, and it’s quite fascinating to me. The best way for a company to compete is to know what it’s competitors are doing (products/services they’re selling, prices they’re charging, perks/benefits that they’re offering, events that they’re sponsoring, what their target demographic is, etc.), and if you can assist in this process from home and make money in the process, this could certainly be a great opportunity for you. I wonder, however, if companies become suspicous of callers-i.e. whether they suspect that someone is trying to disclose their trade secrets to a competitor. I would presume that a mystery shopper would be trained on how to respond to such a situation. Just a thought. Great read! God bless you!

    • Aps

      Yes CN, mystery shoppers are not supposed to divulge trade secrets. In fact, one of my friends had let out a bit of information, and was threatened by a lawsuit. But it is a great way to make some money on the side, that’s for sure.

  • Habib

    Telephone mystery shopper is totally new to me. I only heard the face to face one. After reading your interesting post, it seems like it’s an easy task to do. The required skills are quite basic which hopefully, most of us will have in hand in today’s day and time.

    You are bringing out some very interesting ideas to make money.

    Keep going!

    • Femi

      Wow! You done it again Aps – another practical and insightful post on making money being a mystery telephone shopper.

      I have heard of mystery shoppers but not a telephone one. This is powerful given the covid-19 outbreak which means restriction for physical retail shopping.

      I also like how you’ve provided multiple options so that one can have multiple streams of income.


  • Line

    Hi, I didn’t know about those online jobs!.. They seem simple task to do I might have a look for me to try those jobs online. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  • Ashley

    Wooow…I had no idea that you could be a telephone mystery shopper!
    I have heard about being a mystery shopper before and I have actually had a few encounters with some due to the fact that I used to work at a convenience store.
    Of course we never knew just who it was because they never revealed themselves (and they are not supposed to) but they use to come in the store frequently.
    I have actually always wanted to be a mystery shopper but never knew which sites could actually be trusted.
    I’m bookmarking this post!
    Thanks for the informative article!

  • Paolo

    I didn’t know this was possible. Yeah, I know companies would like to gather information but I didn’t know anybody online could be hired to accomplish these tasks. They seem simple and straightforward. And I enjoy talking to people so this may seem a nice way to earn some extra cash. Thanks for this suggestion.

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