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The Affiliate Program of Wealthy Affiliate Is A 100% Winner

The following article is written by Kyle, the owner of Wealthy Affiliate.

What Makes the Affiliate Program of Wealthy Affiliate Totally Unique?

The affiliate program of Wealthy Affiliate is in itself a wonder and an absolute industry favorite. Why? Because it pays out almost 50% commission for a lifetime, and has lifetime cookies as well, apart from a whole lot of other benefits.

50% commission is almost unheard of in Affiliate Marketing.

Lifetime recurring commission is also impossible to come by.

And lifetime cookies are never heard of.


Training for Being an Affiliate of Wealthy Affiliate

Training on how to run the affiliate program successfully and honestly is taught to you within ‘Wealthy Affiliate’ in the Bootcamp.


Welcome to the Affiliate Bootcamp!

Are you ready to learn a lot, have a bunch of fun, build a full-time income and brand, and promote a platform that you can believe in, trust and that can truly help people in a positive way?

If your answer is yes, then you are definitely in the right place and I know you are going to love what we have in store for you in the upcoming lessons.

First things first though, a little run down of the affiliate program at Wealthy Affiliate and how this training will work.


Who Am I & Why Do I Care?

I am Kyle, co-founder of Wealthy Affiliate. I am going to be walking you through the process of building a business online, through the promotion of WA and likely other programs. I have been actively working with close to 1.9 MILLION affiliates since 2005 and I have helped MANY create full time, 6-7 figure businesses online.

That is my absolute focus for you. Success.

I want to help you build a full-time business and an established brand online. I also want to personally be hanging out with you every year at our fully paid for, Annual Super Affiliate Conference in Las Vegas (more on that later).

Wealthy Affiliate is mine and Carson’s passion (me on left with family, Carson on right). We live and breathe Wealthy Affiliate and as time goes on, the platform here truly evolves and gets better with every day that passes. We built WA based on helping people succeed, and we don’t have any plans to divert from our core principles.

If you are committed to this training, I am committed to you! That I can assure you of.

So if you are ready to do BIG things online, I am ready to help you get there  🙂


The WA Affiliate Program, It’s Awesome!

The affiliate program here at Wealthy Affiliate is one of the most technologically advanced, sophisticated, and progressive platforms in the world. We were born and raised in this industry as “affiliates” and we are still affiliates to this day. It’s in our genetic code!

Because of this and being involved in 100’s of different affiliate programs over the years, we have a very good grasp as to what affiliates want and we are constantly working to over-deliver.

There are many different aspects to the WA Affiliate Program that you can leverage to maximize your reach, revenue, and overall conversions and I am going to give you a brief overview of these now. Of course, as we move through the Bootcamp training, I am going to be getting more and more advanced with this training.

A few important menus I want you to understand. The first is the “$” icon in the header, if you click this you will be able to access the full affiliate resource menu (as shown below).


This menu includes SEVEN items, I am going to quickly run you through all of them and then provide you with a video walking you through the ALL aspects of the affiliate program in its entirety.

  • Program Details. This is where you can go to get full details about the Affiliate Program, the commission structures, your main affiliate link, your incentive countdown, etc.
  • My Stats. This is where you can go to get detailed information about stats and all commissions/transactions.
  • Tasks. These are all the interaction and communication (questions) that are taking place within WA with respect to your referrals. You will want to complete these as they come in, interacting with your referrals leads to much higher conversions.
  • My Referrals. This will show you all your referrals that have joined through your affiliate link, both Starter, and Premium.
  • Links & Tracking. This is where you can to get all of your affiliate links, to create your own tracking links, and to add tracking for services like Google Adwords, BingAds.com and Facebook.com.
  • Messages. These are automated, follow-up messages that you can create for your referrals!
  • Banners. Self-explanatory here, these are banners that you can use on social media, on your website, or anywhere you like that you can add a banner promoting WA.

Within the sidebar, you will see the Training button within the menu. Then upon clicking that, it will open the training area and you will see the Affiliate Bootcamp training area as the second item down.

If you click this menu, it will pop open all of the phases of Bootcamp. Each Phase has 10 lessons and as you move through this training and check off the tasks, you are going to notice that the Affiliate Bootcamp button text will update to reflect which lesson you are currently on.

In other words, it is a “smart” button and will always take you back to your last completed task within the training.


Your Potential & Commission Structure.

The affiliate program at Wealthy Affiliate is not just advanced from a technology standpoint, but you are also getting one of the most appealing RECURRING commission structures in all of the affiliate marketing space.

Invites: They Join WA for Free

STARTER Member Commissions:

Initial $19 offer, Commission = $4
$49/mth, Commission = $11.25 recurring
$495/year, Commission = $117.50 recurring

If you are a Premium Member here at Wealthy Affiliate, you get double the commissions as an affiliate and you also get to take part in our $1 credit program, which allows you to earn from free members you sign-up that set-up their accounts. You also earn money with each domain your referrals buy.

PREMIUM Member Commissions: (100% higher commissions!!!)

Credits: They Set-up their account => $1 (per referral)
Domain Purchases
: => $1 recurring
Initial $19 offer, Commission
 => $8 (one time)
$49/mth, Commission =>
 $23.50 (recurring every month)
$495/year, Commission => 
$235 (recurring yearly)!

**Note: on average 1:8 upgrade to yearly, depending on the affiliate, and 12% of all free Starter referrals end up going Premium.

When you sign-up someone for free, your goal is to get them to set-up their account. Setting up one account will lead you to an initial $1 (2 credits x $0.50). These add up when you are a Premium member.

When someone sets up their account, they are granted an initial $19 first month offer. This converts very well and almost everyone decides to stay after the first month because of the value, the quality of the services, the help they get, and the overall positive experience offered here at Wealthy Affiliate.

We offer lifetime commissions and lifetime cookies, which is truly unheard of in the industry. If you refer someone to WA, they are your referral FOREVER.

Unlike many programs in the industry that focus on “taking advantage of customers”, our focus has and always will be making our service better. The better our service gets, the more people that stick around, stick around for longer, and the better our conversions get.

That is our PATH to making you more money. Striving to make our service the best in the industry is our goal and this will remain our constant focus. The MONEY you earn as a result of this and the trust you build from the people you refer to Wealthy Affiliate will lead you to a long term and INCREDIBLE business online.

**We payout on the 1st of every month, and we have not missed a single affiliate payment since our inception 14 years ago. We pay on time and we pay out MILLIONS of DOLLARS per year!


Add Your Affiliate Goals!

We have created a discussion where you can add your affiliate goals, not just for the upcoming Bootcamp though. I am a long term guy myself. I know what can be accomplished in a year…a year is like a blink in time and before you know it next year is going to be here.

What if you could make 100 referrals by next year…what about 200…what about 500….a 1000? Be realistic, but be unrealistic. You never reach goals that you thought were unattainable if you never set them.

You can begin your networking now and you are going to build some awesome relationships which will only further your online success. So take a minute and encourage at least two other people with their goals as well.

I want to let you know about something as well, something that you may find exciting and intriguing.

If you can reach 300 unique referrals through the course of this year, we are going to fly you to Vegas for a private, “all expenses paid” conference (read below). Yes, you heard it right; ALL FREE. In fact, we will give you money from our side, to spend there too.


Las Vegas, We Want YOU There in 2020!

We like to do things differently at Wealthy Affiliate. Other companies try to convince you to attend their “high ticket” conferences, we want to PAY for you to come to our conference.

Every year we run an ultra-exclusive WA Super Affiliate Conference in Las Vegas, all expenses paid. You may have noticed a counter in your Airplane Icon in the header, if you can make 300 referrals in a calendar year, you are going to be personally invited by Carson and myself to hang out in Vegas next year.

It’s an absolutely great experience and should encourage you on your path to achieving Super Affiliate Status in 2020. Last year’s conference was the most powerful, amazing conference to date and we would love nothing more than to have you there next year!


Watch the Affiliate Program Walkthrough

Here is an introduction video to Wealthy Affiliate. This is going to give you an overview of your stats pages and show you around the set-up of your affiliate account.

Wistia video thumbnail

It is important that you go through this so you fully understand the process.


Read the Actual Article and Comments …

If you want to read the above article by Kyle, the founder of Wealthy Affiliate, on the actual page, along with the comments of other members, please click here, or on the link below:



A bit from me …

Joining Wealthy Affiliate Means You Get to Become an Affiliate Marketer and also Join the “Wealthy Affiliate” Affiliate Program

You need to understand this clearly.

When you join Wealthy Affiliate as a FREE member, you can keep moving forward as a FREE member and do all the things that you are promised on Wealthy Affiliate. If you go Premium (paid), you get better tools to progress, that’s all. It’s not as if you need to pay to move ahead in Wealthy Affiliate. Most people realize the benefits soon enough and get a premium account by paying a very small sum of money, but that is NOT essential. You can continue to be. FREE member and pretty much do everything that you need to do to become a successful Affiliate Marketer.

You may be surprised that, this year I got my yearly paid membership for just $299.

The system is really interesting and attempts to unravel for you the mysterious world of how people make big money online, using the most popular and easy route which is called Affiliate Marketing.

And you need no technical knowledge whatsoever. If you can operate a computer, that is all you need to know to start.

So get yourself a FREE account on Wealthy Affiliate and begin to change your world, starting today.

Try it and quit if you don’t like it.

But give yourself 7 days to at least understand what they are trying to tell you.

Click to try Wealthy Affiliate for FREE. 

However, if you feel that you can make thousands of dollars without any effort on the internet, then, by all means, close this article and leave.

I am sure you will find what you are looking for, someday.

God be with you!



I am a compulsive chips-eating monster and a book-worm, thrown into one. Love the sea & the mountains alike, though what really makes me happy is the rain. My new interest is playing the piano, & am seriously contemplating learning to fly a plane next. And, did I forget to mention, I'm gonna be your the-girl-next-door-easygoing-namedropping-millionaire by the coming year. Wish me luck! Together we could be unstoppable; so hit the SignUp button below, if you care to be awesome.


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    Oh, wow. The chance to make money to invite people to wealthy affiliate seems like a way to go for me to make money. Now I see why you think that it is a winner. They give a very high amount of commission than I had ever seen many other platforms give which is another reason to love the wealthy affiliate program. I will go for it.

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