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What If I Guide You From Start To Finish?


 Be who you wanted to be in your life

We all have huge dreams.

Some of us even have the spirit and go to give shape to these dreams.

Which of us hasn’t scoured the internet searching for ways to give shape to our wishes and achieve a little more than we already have.

At times, you would have come across people who do not possess the will to start a project. And met others who have grand plans, but do not know the direction to take.

When we get into something new online, it is interesting at first. But then slowly we start encountering difficult areas and problems in that activity. We search for solutions and come up against a blank wall.

It is at these times that you need someone to help you. If you are alone, sometimes, these issues can seem insurmountable and make us want to quit even before we have fully started. Ready help and motivation to continue are almost essential.

What if I guide you from start to finish?



The secret of getting ahead is getting started

And so is it with learning to earn online.

Yes, learning to earn! You heard it right.

LEARN TO EARN! That sounds queer but that is exactly what the truth sounds like. Online, you have to learn to earn. And it’s not easy. The process can be tiring and trying. And if ready help is not available along the way, it’s not so comfortable to go it alone.

Interestingly, I believe that we all will get stuck in the same places on our journey. We will all face the same devils and monsters. And therefore, if we have someone to guide us systematically along the path, the journey is easier.




For example, did anyone tell you that PayPal or a similar service is almost essential in the online financial world?

What about a Gmail email ID?

And a gravatar?

And learning about online and offline SEO and Google Search Console and AdSense and Amazon Associates?


Your One-Stop Destination For Everything Connected To Online Success

So what all do we need to consider, when we start our online journey? Maybe this article will sound downright childish and very basic to you, but for absolute beginners, the online world can be more confusing than we can imagine.

A lot of us are adept at Microsoft Word and PowerPoint, and some of us know a bit of Excel. Most of us have accounts on Facebook and WhatsApp and Pinterest and YouTube and Twitter and we imagine that we are internet geeks. Sure we are able to open up a few sites and log in and do our stuff, but that is not enough to earn any money online. Or make ourselves popular. Or monetize our efforts. What is required is a dedicated involvement with learning how to make cash online.

What is the aim of getting online?

  • Money
  • Popularity
  • Just for fun
  • Giving back to society

Think about these things for a while before you start. Sometimes writing down what you really want is a great way to clear your thoughts. The aim could be to achieve happiness. It could be to coach others. It could be to bring our poetry or story to the world, write a book, teach children, or just about anything. Yes, you can make money with anything online. But if you are not clear as to what you are looking for, then you can end up very disappointed. Going in the wrong direction can cost you valuable time and effort.

Are you looking to earn as a side hustle or rake in the big bucks?

Let me explain a bit further. If you have dreams of making millions, then offering your services on Fiverr and writing speeches for people may not get you those millions. It can get you some money, but not millions.

Similarly, if you start an eCommerce venture on Shopify, you may think that your store will become a brand name in a year. But will it really, unless you have learned how to select a perfect niche, and have started figuring on the first page of Google in search results for your niche.

Where will the traffic come from? Do you know how to bring in the traffic?

These are questions that can only be answered when you address the basic question … what do I really really want?

What do I need?

  • Think up a good User ID and Password that has everything most programs need nowadays like alphabets, capitals, numbers, special characters, etc. Use this combination (or a very similar system) to signup and log into all programs that you signup for henceforth. And don’t forget to save your User ID and Password on Chrome when prompted.  You will be signing up on loads of sites, so keep it simple.
  • Sign up for a Gmail account using that User ID and Password. 

Sign up for a Gmail account using that User ID and Password.









  • Get Google Chrome

get google chrome







  • Get PayPal

get PayPal






  • Get a mobile number that you will use

a mobile number that you will use

What Is The Way forward

Join a program of your choice. If you are looking to make big money, then join up for a program that offers to teach you how to set up a sustainable, long-term business. This is the most important.

Do not try and join a site that promises you thousands of dollars for doing nothing! There are no genuine sites of that sort. There cannot be! After all, if someone could make a fortune doing nothing much, then those who promise you such riches would have made that money for themselves, not sold that idea to you.

There are no get-rich-quick schemes online. At least none that work. The flashy sites promising you $500 an hour are only to entice you to sign up for some Ponzi scheme. And they will succeed in their aim of taking your money if you let them do it.

Find a Genuine Program That Will Work

Join a genuine program like Shopify or Wealthy Affiliate or Authority Hacker. These are Training Programs that will teach you how to set up a real business online and develop something permanent. A proper way to make money online.

The rest are just ways to get you to sign up so that they can make money off you.

Research Your Money-Making Idea Thoroughly

There is no end to the wealth of information available online for you to figure out which program is genuine and which is not. There are called Reviews. Take some time to read reviews about the programs that interest you. Google everything using keywords such as legit or scam or review. For example:

  • Is Shopify legit or a scam?
  • Wealthy Affiliate review
  • Authority Hacker member reviews

Read about the top online programs available for learning whatever you like, ie Affiliate Marketing, or Blogging, or Internet Marketing. Use keywords like Top 10, Best and Top Rated:

  • Top 10 online programs for making money online
  • Best 5 Affiliate Marketing programs
  • Top Rated internet marketing programs

Ask Questions on sites such as Quora and Reddit and even Google to figure out what works for you:

  • Reddit
  • Quora
  • Google

Last but not the least, visit sites of the most well-known internet gurus, who have made billions of dollars online, doing what others try to do, only they have learned to do it better. Just type their names into Google. Most have websites by their own names:-

  • John Chow
  • Seth Godin
  • Guy Kawasaki
  • Neil Patel
  • Dan Lok
  • Brian Clark
  • Darren Rowse
  • Ramit Sethi
  • Bob Proctor
  • Dean Holland
  • Russel Brunson
  • Zig Ziglar
  • Pat Flynn
  • Adam Enfroy

This is Just the Beginning

Once you have worked out what you want to do, do come back here for a step-by-step methodology of getting where you want, without falling prey to online scams.

Wish you the best in everything that you undertake.


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you may have to work for it; this is just the beginning.

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  • Kathy

    So many fall victim to online scams or spend thousands on training programs with overhyped claims. This is probably why so many give up when trying to make money online. You’ve outlined the best way to approach things really well, and all those names you listed are definitely ones to follow and take notice of. Thanks for sharing:)

  • Habib

    This is an excellent article for anyone wishing to start an online presence for what ever reasons; whether that’s just for fun and papularity or to make some serious cash. I love your offer of support from ‘start to finish’. And you ar absolutely right, majority of us think or even start of a project but don’t go ahead to the finishing or accumplished lines. Therefore obviously fail.

    Thank you for your offer of support and for the recommendation of vaiours platforms to make money online.

  • Ceci

    I’m really loving your posts as they are providing me with a comprehensive review of what I will need and what it takes to be successful in affiliate marketing. The best advice for me were – “Find a genuine program that will work”
    (I’ve already been scammed before by rosy promises that don’t work) and “Research your program thoroughly. The latter is so true – rush in and rush back out due to frustration!. Wealthy Affiliate is looking more and more appealing to me ….


  • Suz

    Having a mentor that can show me the way is always going to be a good thing so why not. If you really can guide me on how to make money online then I am sure that I cannot stray and the scammers can never scam me anymore. I wish to use the internet as a means to make money and not to fuel my desires for entertainment and I’m sure I can learn and earn too online.

  • Justin

    It’s really nice to getting these nice tips that can be of great benefit for those who are looking for ways to go into affiliate marketing and make success through it. One thing I really like about this article is the point where you stated that one should check his/her ideology properly. This would certainly give you the hint if you are going to make progress 

  • Alex

    Hi Sehr!
    I’m glad that I came across with your post. I’m a newbie in online business, just started my own website for 3 months ago. Thank you for these detailed advices and especially about people who made billions online, it would be great to read their websites! I really enjoying been on Wealthy Affiliate platform.
    Thanks and all the best,

  • Md. Asraful Islam

    Thank you so much for sharing us an interesting and excellent article. The principal content of this article is a guide start to finish. It is truly admirable that you have demonstrated this topic so well in your article. I have learned a lot by reading your article and gained a lot of cognition about it. Of the points mentioned in your article, I like Research Your Money. I also did a lot of research before starting a business to make money online and as a result, I joined the wealthy affiliate platform.
    Finally, I will say your article I enjoyed which is very informative for those who will make money online so would like to share the subject of the article in the social media group if you agree with me.

  • Justin

    Hello Sehr, thanks for sharing this nice article. Starting an online business can really be stressful only if you don’t know how to go about it or without a mentor. Seeing how you are wiling to help one obtain online success is a great way to make progress and I hope you keep getting more of such from you 

  • Ismeglamour

    Hello there,  I must say it would really be a nice Idea for a professional to guide one in the online business world as there are a lot to learn..I and really into it because I have a lot of years of experience in this field so I can guide others but if u don’t get mentorship u might likely struggle

  • Joy

    Hello there! This is an amazing review you have got here. I am sure this information here will be of great help to any one who come across it as it is to me. I will start using that secret you shared here; good User ID and Password. Thank you very much for sharing this with me, its helpful!

  • Martin

    Superb post Sehr, Thoroughly enjoyed reading it all. I have experience with shopify and affiliate marketing and you hit the nail on the head. Newbies jumping into online marketing is a bit like jumping into a hungry lion’s den.  Hungry Lions just waiting to take a bite is like all the scam artists selling dreams in the shape of Ponzi schemes. You will save a lot of newbies falling into this trap which will give them at least a good chance of succeeding. Thanks for the great post))

  • Juan Felipe

    Hi there!

    I have to say I have seen MANY, and I mean MANY websites that do this same thing of helping others from the beginning and all the way to the end, but I had never seen any website as complete as yours is! When someone goes into the online world of businesses, they almost never take into account that they need PayPal or a mail account and I’m sure this info will be really helpful for others!

    • admin

      Thank u Felipe. I have been on this route too and learnt everything with great difficulty. This is just to help those others so that they don’t waste their time searching endlessly. 

      Kind words. Thanks. 



  • Rosalia

    This is a very good article, you have a point of view that I rarely see in other affiliate marketing reviews. You are totally right when you say that not all have the spirit to start: it may seem too hard, too impossible, too good to be true, but the truth is that earning online is possible and real but, as mentioned, requires work ad knowledge. Very good article, it was a pleasure to read it!

  • C.N.

    Thank you so much for this highly informative article, Aparna! As someone very new to the world of online business/online marketing/affiliate marketing, I completely agree with you that anything that will last takes hard work and persistence. Many people are looking for “get rich quick” schemes, but legitimate money, 99% of the time, will not be made that quickly. We must find the proper niche, create quality content, learn about SEO/keywords/first page Google rankings, learn how to generate traffic to our sites, learn how to properly monetize our sites, and constantly improve upon our sites. It’s completely possible to make a full-time income online, but we must…not…quit. Great read! God bless you!

  • Tanya

    I’m so glad I read this article. Yes, some people are really doing great in online business, but how to start, who to turn to, how to do it. Thank you for these informations. I’m looking forward to your next article.

  • Tom


    This is a really informative and insightful article. I am trying to start a side hustle at the moment, but I would love to turn it into something a lot bigger. I want to become a full time coach, but I know it is going to take time. However, with your help with articles like this, I will be on the right path.

    As you have stated, doing the research on my idea is absolutely paramount, and that is where I am at right now. I now know where to go from there, and if I need any help or have some questions, is it OK to get in touch with you?

    Thank you for sharing and keep up the amazing work on your site.

    All the best,


  • Jay

    Ah, I will be really happy if you are willing to help me and guide me to become also successful as you are online because there a whole lot of people who are already making a lot of money online from being affiliates. I don’t want to fall into any scams so if you can guide me then I’d be glad.

  • Jay

    The truth is that there is no get rich quick platform online that can really pay because there are a whole lot of people who think that things like that exits and that they can make money quickly but if you are trying to do thing as a side hustle or you are just doing it for the sake of making good money, doing the right thing is always good and you have shared here on your website about what is the right thing to do to make money online.

  • Md. Asraful Islam

    You need to know something to earn money but you need a proper guideline to know which we have gotten much faster through your article. Thank you for that. I learned a lot from this by joining Wealth Affiliate Program, a platform for building my own online business. From my experience, by joining this platform you can easily get your starting guide and become a successful affiliate marketer.

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