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Kudos for a really great blog post-MarionBlack.

She has put a blog for those who want to quit after having joined Wealthy Affiliate. It gives out all the required information one needs if they want to leave the program.

I thought it may be of value to some of you.

But before you think of quitting, don’t forget to talk to me. 





I am a compulsive chips-eating monster and a book-worm, thrown into one. Love the sea & the mountains alike, though what really makes me happy is the rain. My new interest is playing the piano, & am seriously contemplating learning to fly a plane next. And, did I forget to mention, I'm gonna be your the-girl-next-door-easygoing-namedropping-millionaire by the coming year. Wish me luck! Together we could be unstoppable; so hit the SignUp button below, if you care to be awesome.


  • Nuttanee

    I am also a compulsive chips eater and a bookworm as well!! Anyways, I think most people that quit wealthy affiliate right after they joined are those people that forgot about their long term goal. I was tempted a few times actually but I am back on track already (Thanks to all those motivation books). Thanks for sharing this amazing video as a reminder why I shouldn’t quit. 

    • Sehr

      Hi Nuttanee, 

      i belive we must never forget our dreams, and the only way to realise them is to work towards them. I hope u have a very successful time online. 

      are u from India ? 

  • Jay

    A very good post on why we shouldn’t quit wealthy affiliate. I must say that everything that you have written here is all very correct and accurate. I can say his because I have Ben on the platform for a very long time now and I know just how well it all works. Kyle and Carson know what they were doing when they decided to put this together and wealthy affiliate is going to stay for a long long time.

  • Ismeglamour

    Thanks a lo for taking out time to set this up as I know it would be of great help to a lot of persons as it has been of help to me.. Even with the knowledge and good setup you get if you follow the training from Wealthy affiliate its doesnt guarantee that you would start making money instantly but patience is key.

    I too have lost hope sometimes but I just pick up faith and today i am enjoying it although its not good every time but it growing.

  • Joy

    Hello Aparna! this is an amazing review you have got here. I just read your previous review and I am pleased with it as I learnt a lot from it, great job!

    For me, quitting wealthy affiliate is not an option as the level my blog is today is as a result of the trainings I got via WA and the constant help from Kyle and Carson. I love WA.

  • Tony

    I’ve needed something like this, to be honest. 

    I’m a few months in and although I love it, the training is just right for me, the community is fantastic, and the resources available are fantastic value for money, I haven’t managed to gain any traction yet. I can fully understand people quitting, I’ve nearly done it myself a couple of times now due to either not being able to justify the premium per month, as cheap as it is, and not dedicating enough time to it and wondering why I’m getting nowhere fast. 

    So far, I’m still hanging in there but it’s good to know there are people like you who want to help and again it just highlights how good the community is.

    Thank you for putting this out there for the likes of me and anybody else struggling with it. I’ll see where I stand in the next few months, I understand it’s mostly due to effort being put in and not the platform. WA gets 10/10 from me!

    Thanks again,


  • Matiss

    Yeah, if people really decide that they have to go or that they no longer want to continue doing this, it’s helpful. It’s helpful that MarionBlack has made it very easy to technologically manage.

    At the same time, I don’t think it’s ever in anyone’s best interest to quit this, ever. I mean, I can think of some very specific circumstances where I would see it justifiable or it would make some sense, however, I’m more than certain it won’t apply to some 99% cases. People get discouraged, people get saddened, it takes much more work than initially, they anticipated, bad stuff happens. But ultimately, it still is what they want. They just lose hope. But you gotta be hopeful to be helpful. To yourself, to your family, to the world.

    And this is why I believe simply talking with someone is so powerful. It gives us that hope back. Thank you for being ready to help others like this. 🙂

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