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What is Blogging About? The Complete Answer to What is Blogging and Does It Work in 2022

Long gone are the days when blogging was nothing but a diary-like outlet for early internet users. Today, if you ask me what is blogging about, I’d say that it is a genius way to earn money online. By starting a blog for money, you can drive customers to your website, increase SEO performance, and generate alternate streams of income! People have quit their day jobs after becoming bloggers… that is how paying it can be!

Excited? Well, you should be! My review of blogging as a tool to make money online will take you through all there is to know about what is blogging and does it work. Are you more interested in knowing how to create own business website and searching for a starting blog 101? Well, from make own website to what to blog about ideas and keeping your audience engaged, this rollercoaster of an article will take you through it all!

So, without further ado, let’s dive right in!

start blog 101

Who am I?

Aparna Bansal, CEO of make-cash-online and Art of Cool Enterprises Private Limited

My name is Aparna. I am a dreamer who is passionate about every aspect of her life. Variety, adventure, and new things interest me and are what keep me going. Furthermore, I believe that you have to “Be the change you wish to see in the world”.

I avoid the nay-sayers, and the overtly careful. I prefer to forget the critics and believe that we should learn to cast aside our doubts and inhibitions. We are indeed the masters of our own destiny!

This life is our only chance. No one is getting out of here alive. It’s time to live our dreams, to take risks and to give it all we can. We only live once.

Today, I want to tell you about a really simple way to start making money online. And I’m talking BIG money! Yes, it’s by blogging.

I have always believed in conveying the absolute truth, and so my articles do just that. You will get both the good & the bad. Basically everything related to what is blogging about and whether it is really worth going in that direction when it comes to making money online.

Let us see how this whole blogging thing works now, shall we?

What Is My Aim?

My aim is to find you the best possible ways to make money online. I obviously understand that it has to match your interests.

While I shall be telling you what is blogging about here, you should know that there are literally a thousand ways to get rich online. You have to choose one or two methods and stick to them. Consistency is what is important

The money comes, that’s for sure, but only after some amount of time and effort has been put in.

So do go through my article on how to create own website for free and start online blog.

If you wish to check out the many common and uncommon ways of making money online, please go through my list below, and click on whatever suits your fancy. Take a look at my ratings for all these methods too.

Let’s make some money together!

Ideas For Making Money On The Internet My Rating
Affiliate Marketing with Wealthy Affiliate9.9/10
Start a Blog9.7/10
Affiliate Marketing with Authority Hacker (TASS)9.5/10
Making Money on YouTube9.5/10
Affiliate Marketing with Income School 249.3/10
Affiliate Marketing with RA Wealth Partners8.7/10
Affiliate Marketing with 2020 Super Bundle8.6/10
Sell a Service on Fiverr8.5/10
Create a Comparison Website8.5/10
Affiliate Marketing with Partnership To Success8.4/10
Sell Items on eBay8.3/10
Affiliate Training with Rich Dad Summit8.2/10
Create a Membership Site8.2/10
Making Money with the Amazon Associates Program8.1/10
Affiliate Marketing with 12 Minute Affiliate System8.1/10
Create a Niche Website8.0/10
Affiliate Marketing with Legendary Marketer8.0/10
Write and Publish an eBook7.9/10
Affiliate Marketing with $1K A Day Fast Track7.8/10
Affiliate Marketing with Click Wealth System7.5/10
Making a Coupon Website7.0/10
Affiliate Marketing with Super Affiliate System6.0/10
Selling a Course on Udemy5.0/10

Let’s Come Up With a Win Win Situation

Would you like to be an ‘author’ with www.make-cash-online.com? We are always on the lookout for top-notch writers, who want to be a part of us. We only accept quality blogs & reviews. And we pay between $10 & $15 for each article. For more information please click here.

You, my friend, can become an expert in your industry while simultaneously increasing your online exposure and harvesting customer relations by creating a blog.

The only real cost of a blog would be in the form of WordPress fees, if any.

The time required depends upon your level of expertise if you are an expert you can easily start a blog within a few hours. For a complete beginner, a day or two would be sufficient.

You can promote your own blog for FREE.


As the owner of this website, I have tracked down special deals for some products and services mentioned herein. When you use the links on this page to make a purchase, I may also get a small commission, and you will definitely get a great bargain. For example, as an Amazon Associate, I may earn from qualifying purchases. This commission is paid by the product company and has absolutely nothing to do with the price you are being charged. The discount you get is due to my efforts to trace out the best available benefits for you. It’s a win-win situation all around. Full Affiliate Disclaimer.

A Quick Summary

Name of ProgramStart a Blog
WebsiteMake a website on https://wordpress.com
  PriceDomain Fees of around $15. WordPress Charges of $4/8/35/48 a month depending on your plan. Better still, join through Wealthy Affiliate (Details at the end of this article).
LocatedUpto You
Verdict The BEST way to earn money online, without a doubt!
Review Time Over 1000 hours
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What is Blogging About: Breaking Down Blogs

what is blogging about

What is blogging about? Well, it’s all about engaging and informing your audience. Start online blog can be as simple as obtaining a website and publishing original content on it. If you’re tech-savvy, you can buy a domain name and build the website themselves. For more on how to make html website, check this handy guide.

Those with less HTML knowledge can create an account with sites like WordPress that simplify the web design and publishing process. For more on how to make website with wordpress, check this handy guide!

Blogs are usually simple websites. Older pieces may be archived in separate sections of the site, and there may be a separate page with contact info or a bio, but the blog itself is usually just a single page that can be scrolled through—similar to the news feed on social media sites like Facebook. As with a Facebook news feed, a blog displays the newest content at the top of the page and each article can be opened in a new page.

starting blog 101

All of the posts on a blog are usually created by a single author. However, as you grow, you’ll need to pay for regular blog content—either by hiring a team of writers or buying content to post. You might still need to provide them with the actual content and topics so what to blog about ideas question will still need to be tackled.

Another unique feature of what is blogging about is interlinking. This occurs when a blogger links to another person’s blog within their own blog post. For example, if a music teacher maintains a blog, and they write a blog post about how to form a chord, they might link to a musician’s blog to show an example of the chords in action.

Interlinking, along with the comment section, fosters the sense of community that makes blogs unique since that is what is blogging about. Not to mention, outbound links to authority sites are great for your site’s SEO.

How to Blog Online? Starting Blog 101

what is blogging about

Before you start the actual blogging, you’ll need a website to host it. If you’re wondering how to how to create own website for free, consider free blog options such as WordPress and Blogger. However, I recommend that you consider investing in a domain name and a hosting service if you intend to retain control and a professional image.

You can then use any content management system like WP on your host if you don’t want to create the whole site from scratch and worry about how to create own business website.

With a website, now comes the part of creating content. Using your experience and expertise try to create unique and phenomenal content. Try to give a lot of value to your readers. Write about something that will make a difference in your reader’s’ life. Create a content calendar so you always know what you’re going to post.

As far as what to blog about ideas are concerned, it is imperative that you keep your content fresh and original. Here is a handy guide to coming up with content:

what to blog about ideas

Like all other business ideas, your success comes from marketing and getting your message in front of your target market. Great ways to reach your market are through social media apps, email lists, and by reaching out to other bloggers, podcasters, and media outlets for publicity.

Be open-minded and willing to collaborate with other creatives. You’ll meet some fantastic and awe-inspiring people. Repurpose your blog content to promote your business across platforms, such as by using quotes on your Twitter or Instagram profiles, or by creating a video of your article to share on YouTube.

With that set, we’ll move onto the making money part of our starting blog 101.

A Sneak Peek Inside Blogs

You can design own website on WordPress. Here is the step one of the process:

how to create own business website

You’ll then be required to pay a plan for using the content management system’s services:

how to create own website for free

Here is the dashboard of WordPress:

how to create own business website
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How to Blog and Make Money?

what is blogging about

With a blog up and running, let’s go through some ways that you can monetise your blog and answer the how to blog for money question.

While your blog can complement an existing business, it’s also a great way to add additional income streams to your home business. You can promote other companies’ products and services with affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing works by adding tracked affiliate links into the text of your blog. You can make a small commission every time a reader clicks through to a site you recommend and makes a purchase. The links will lead readers to the website of a brand, and the money you receive is to say ‘thanks’ for sending some of your lovely readers to their site.

Almost all online eCommerce websites have an affiliate program of some sort, like Amazon, Topshop, ASOS and Apple. The key is to be authentic and genuine with affiliate marketing. Write reviews and articles with your honest opinions and only encourage your readers to buy something if you think it’s a good product or service for them.

what is blogging about

You can also monetise your blog by placing banner ads on your blog’s relevant pages. You can earn income in one of two ways. CPC (cost per click) means you’ll get a set payment for every reader who clicks the advert, while CPM (cost per thousand) means you’ll negotiate a set payment for every 1,000 ‘impressions’ the ad gets.

It’s also an option to charge a brand for either advertising space or a mention in your weekly/monthly newsletter (if you have one!). It’ll take very little time to do, and you could get a fair amount for it.

If you were wondering what is blogging and does it work, trust me it does. From affiliate commissions to AdSense revenue, blogs can help you create a passive income stream and over time can even enable you to leave your monotonous job and earn full time online!

Check Out These YouTube Videos On What is Blogging About

What is Blogging About: My Final Assessment

What I Do Like Thumbs Up

  • Good for SEO
  • Maintains communication with customers
  • Builds rapport with customers
  • Generate alternate income

What I Don’t Like

  • Time-consuming
  • Constantly requires fresh ideas
Get started today button make-cash-online
Build 10 Free WordPress Websites on Wealthy Affiliate:
Make a BLOGGING site on the Wealthy Affiliate platform.
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What I Think About Blogging

what is blogging and does it work

An effective way to build brand awareness, while providing relevant and useful content to your target audience is what is blogging about.

With a blog, you’ll get an exceptional boost to SEO if all you post is relevant and original content. When you create blog posts consistently, they are constantly providing Google, Bing, Yahoo and the others with fresh content to index. As a starting blog 101, I say that you insert those relevant keywords that consumers will use to search for the types of services or products that the business offers.

Customer engagement is an immensely important element of online marketing and branding and with a blog you will have the opportunity to connect with your existing and potential customers in a different, more conversational way. With an active comment section, you will also be able to follow the visitors’ responses to your posts, and you will be able to respond directly to their comments, which is huge in building trust and relationships.

You can leverage these relationships to bring your audience closer to your brand and the brands that you sponsor or advertise. Providing a win win solution is all what is blogging about.

what is blogging and does it work

Lastly, one of the most powerful benefits of blogging is the opportunity it creates for others to share the link to your blog. This creates the potential for viral traffic and exponential market growth. With so many different sharing platforms available, visitors can share the direct link to the blog, tweet it, or email it to a friend. This is the epitome of free marketing and soon with my starting blog 101 tips equipped, you, my friend, will be printing money.

No matter what you decide upon, alway remember that you might start out making some extra cash on the side – and later, with enough hard work and persistence, make a comfortable living out of it. The important thing is that you keep trying since investing your time and effort is all what is blogging about.

Only in persistence shall you find success.

That’s a quote by me so please take it with a grain of salt 😋

Blogging IS For…

  • It is for people who like to teach, explain, and solve problems.
  • People who love to write and would like to share their knowledge and expertise with the world.
  • It is for people who are able to express knowledge in writing in a simple yet efficient way.
  • It is for people who wish to attain financial freedom and spend more time counting their earnings than worrying about it.

Blogging IS NOT For…

  • It’s not for those wanting to get rich quick.
  • It’s not for people who have no time.
  • It’s not for those who are not willing to put in the work it takes.

Final Verdict About Blogging

What is Blogging and Does it Work? A Hit or Miss?

  • Blogging is most definitely NOT A SCAM.
  • Blogging is great for gaining exposure and money depending on the business model that you choose.
  • It is definitely in the TOP FEW ways to learn and earn through internet.

Are There Any Good Alternatives?

Blogging can be a good tool for money-making depending upon your situaton and the business model that you choose. However, there is other thing that I’d like to talk about. Have you ever heard of Affiliate Marketing? Why does everyone online seem to be doing affiliate marketing? What is it really about?

Well, let’s take a moment to understand the concept of affiliate marketing, shall we?

What is Affiliate Marketing?

So, lets say that you just got into the online money-making scene and exploring your avenues? Well, let us tell you about the easiest way to make a pay check online and that is affiliate marketing.

You basically get paid to promote the product of others. So, no skills, product, or even a brick and mortar setup is required. You just need your laptop and an internet connection. Could it be easier? Affiliate marketing has given us some millionaires and they call it the best business strategy in today’s online world. Check out the Top 5 of them:

Others like Bob Proctor, and Zig Ziglar, and Russel Brunson, and Dean Holland, and Brian Clark, and Ian Fernando, and Zac Johnson are all internet gurus who worked towards being the greatest today.

Imagine Working Anywhere, Anytime and Making Money While You Sleep! That’s unbeatable, trust me.

And the money is GOOD. It’s not a side hustle we are talking about here. You can quit worrying about finances or losing your job. You would probably be spending more time counting your money and thinking of ways to spend it!

If you wish to understand a bit more about Affiliate Marketing, please check out the infographics in the short articles below!

As Always

Take action button

As an affiliate marketer, Blogging is a fine channel that you can utilize to make money online. If you have come this far in my what is blogging about, please remember that only by taking positive action can you truly know what a program is like. I took the same plunge, a while before you, and I would not have been where I am today, had it not been for some wonderful programs that earn you good money.

Taking action is what counts for making money online. Only that can change your life.

Believe me, internet and social media marketing is a great way to go! It may take time to build up your system, but just like any good business, it cannot be built overnight.

The important thing is that you must join a program that is good, and learn exactly how to start making money online.

I Believe In Action

If you are still unimpressed with Blogging, I suggest you do not take it up. Part of the deal is that you have to be completely convinced for it to be of value. The reason for that is that it is going to be you who has to implement the system. And if you are not sure, then you may not work on it like it is required.

But there is also this other program that I wish to talk to you about.

Pull Open the Curtains

wealthy affiliate

My top recommended money making system is a program called Wealthy Affiliate. It’s actually my #1 suggested program. According to my research, it is the easiest way to make money online.

Long ago, I took action by investing in and starting with a training course called Wealthy Affiliate. It is the ULTIMATE foundation course for learning affiliate marketing and getting your online business set up. It takes work, but if you work, so does the system. Completely GENUINE and easily the best training you can get online. And did I forget to mention, it is FREE to join, and not even a Credit Card is required.

Aparna premium Wealthy Affiliate member banner

I always talk about getting into a system that teaches you as well as helps you get set-up with a workable system that can earn you money. Well, that is exactly what Wealthy Affiliate is. It helps you to learn and put into practice what they teach side-by-side. By the time you finish the training course, you also have a website fully-ready to make you money. Now that’s what I call a proper “money-making program”.

Wealthy Affiliate is not really a resource or a tool. It is a platform that trains you to become an affiliate marketer and also helps you side-by-side to set up a full-fledged business, while they take care of all the resources and tools that you need along the way. Find out what is Wealthy Affiliate about, and give it a go for FREE. It is, in fact, the best way to make money online.

Sign Up For Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is totally FREE. Not even a credit card is required. They give you time to understand the Premium level of the program fully for 7 days, without spending anything. In addition, you get a website free along with hosting, security, SSL, and other benefits. Even after the 7 days free Premium trial is over, you can continue with the free website. Please go to the Wealthy Affiliate login here.

If you wish to upgrade to Premium later, you can do that as it obviously gives better tools & functionality within the platform. Or you can continue to learn and build your website, without paying anything at all.

You can check out my reviews or Signup for Wealthy Affiliate by clicking below:

If you have any contributions to make, or questions to ask, you can put them down in the comments below. I would love to hear from you.

Never miss out on our future posts. Follow us for new ways to make money online by clicking here.

Good luck with your dreams. Remember, the best way to make your dreams come true, is to wake up and follow them.


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Do bloggers make money?

How Much Money Can You Make Blogging? Bloggers are making money in all kinds of ways. Successful bloggers can make over 7-figures/year, while other bloggers might be generating no income at all. A goal that many bloggers tell you to shoot for is $2,000/month in recurring income within one year.
To properly understand what is blogging about and for a complete starting blog 101, check out the article above!

What is blogging and does it work?

A blog is a type of website where the content is presented in reverse chronological order (newer content appear first). Blog content is often referred to as entries or “blog posts”. Blogs are typically run by an individual or a small group of people to present information in a conversational style.
To properly understand what is blogging about and for a complete starting blog 101, check out the article above!

What are 4 common types of blogs?

The four most common types of blogs are Personal blogs, Business blogs, Niche blogs, and Affiliate blogs.
To properly understand what is blogging about, how to create own website for free, and for a complete starting blog 101, check out the article above!

What types of blogs are in demand?

Food blogs.
Travel blogs.
Health and fitness blogs.
Lifestyle blogs.
Fashion and beauty blogs.
Photography blogs.
Personal blogs.
DIY craft blogs.
To properly understand what is blogging about and for a complete starting blog 101, check out the article above!

Is making a blog worth it?

Blogging is a dream job for many people. You get to be your own boss, you can work from home, and you can generate passive income. That’s why so many people start a blog with the goal of making money online. … Any extra cash you bring in is a win, so starting a blog is definitely worth it if that’s your goal.
To properly understand what is blogging about and for a complete starting blog 101, check out the article above!

Is blogging easy?

You see, blogging is not as difficult as you think. You can have a blog up and running with the first post in a couple of hours easily. Then, maintain your blog with regular content updates and make sure you use relevant keywords in each post to boost the SEO and rank higher.
To properly understand what is blogging about, how to create own website for free, and for a complete starting blog 101, check out the article above!

Is it expensive to start a blog?

Sure it’s cheaper than most marketing strategies, but it still costs a lot of money to do it right. If you just want to create a personal blog, you can do so for free through WordPress.com. And if you want to host a blog on your own server with your own domain name, you can do so for under $50 a year.
To properly understand what is blogging about and for a complete starting blog 101, check out the article above!


  • Kokontala

    Wow, what an interesting post. I love this post.

    You have presented everything very well and in detail. Anyway, I have been a blogger for about a year now, I am still progressing and hopefully I will achieve my dreams. Earlier, I struggled with a niche, I had to change as I was not getting any traffic, but things are much promising now.

     I have have learned a lot here, thanks for sharing

  • Gabriel J

    Hey Aparna, I really enjoyed reading through your article and learning about blogging. It’s amazing how starting a blog can lead to multiple income streams like affiliate marketing, coaching, and advertisements. I like how you analyze the pros and cons of blogging and explain who blogging is for and is not for. I’ve been blogging for 4 months now and it does take some discipline but I’ve enjoyed the small successes I’ve had. You’ve mentioned in the comments that you have blogged for over 2 years. How much have you made in your first year of blogging if you don’t mind me asking?

    • Aps

      Enough to get by Gabriel, and great proof to show that this model works and money can be made online. If you keep at it, you will succeed. But the problem is in keeping going with no results in sight for the first year. If you can, you will win. 

  • Ashley

    Thanks again for a  very informative article!  This is such a great site.  I will definitely be checking out Wealthy Affiliate, as it seems it is the best platform around for blogging  I like the idea that they have a whole community there to help you learn how to set up a great blog.  How long have you been blogging for and have you seen much success?

    Thanks for the help!

    • Aps

      I have been blogging for 2 years now Ashley. Some nice success with one site, but not much with another. It’s an ongoing journey I think. More of a hobby for me really. 

  • Matt Lin

    Hi Aparna,

    Thanks for sharing with us about blogging. I’ve heard of people making money through blogging, but I didn’t take much time studying this. Your article explained well to me how this process works and how lucrative blogging could be.

    But, just as you mentioned here, blogging takes more than you think. It needs fresh content, new ideas, and many other miscellaneous tasks to do during the day, so it’s not really a get-rich scheme in nature. Making $2,000 sounds good as a side hustle, and I can’t wait to start creating one blog for myself by this weekend.


  • Christine

    Hi Aparna,

    Blogging is indeed time-consuming, but at the same time it is fun to put your article together, organize it, add photos and affiliate links, and reading readers’ comments is always so gratifying. I enjoy interacting with them 🙂
    True, it’s not a get-rich-quick scheme, you really have to stick with it and I think that many give up, which is probably one of the reasons why there are billions of websites online. Many of them, I think, are not even active anymore. Well, who knows, right? It’s just a guess.

  • Alex

    Hi Aparna!
    Thanks for this great post! I have just started my travel blog recently and your advices are very helpful, I hope to develope it in a good shape. And especial thank for letting know about the Google Adcense, I didn’t know about this.
    All the best,

  • Lynne

    Blogging is a fantastic way to make money from home, it has been my main source of income for the last 5 years. I love that I can make my own work schedule which means I can work around the needs of my family. I agree with you that the best thing is to blog about something you love and that you are knowledgeable about – it just makes it so much easier to make an income. 

  • Horatius

    This article goes straight to the point. It tells you exactly the fundamental things you need to know if you want to make money by blogging. It’s true that you have to focus on something you feel you can write about…. unless you want to do a lot of research before writing each post! Thanks for this article. 

  • Abel

    I began to read this series and you’re giving me a masterclass. I can’t believe you’re giving away all this for free. 

    I’d like to blog about coffee. Thank you for your suggestion of limiting the content of my blog only to coffee. I know that if I didn’t know this I would also start talking a bit about the effects of COVID-19 on economics. But that wouldn’t be advisable.

  • edahnewton1

    Hey nice concise article you have there. As a college student, starting a blog has been my major desire. However, I have been constrain by necessary guidelines I needs to drive this process. Having stumbled into a concise article with a detailed explanation on how to start an effective blog, I am delighted. I will definitely follows a steps highlighted in this article in starting my blog page

  • Tush

    Starting a blog is definitely one of the best and my favorite way to make money online considering that it is passive income. A blog post published today can make thousands of dollars over the years ahead. Although I don’t have most of the skills you have shared, I believe I will develop them over time. I love the idea of collaborating with other people in my niche. It is definitely one of the ways to grow my blog. Good to see you share this post.

  • Imelda

    Thank you 

    I found your article very interesting and informative and the suggestions that you have managed are great ways that will help me to get more from my writing. The suggestions that you have pointed out will be very useful for me to bring into my own writing. I have also enjoyed after showing me how to be creative and especially understanding my audience you then linked to how I can earn money. This is such simple and good advice.

    Thanks so much

  • Brian208

    Your short but informative post is timely. Now  the world is in new normal and many people are online seeking ways on how to earn passive income. People will surely find your website and they will love it as I did. They will not be disappointed because you outlined in a brief but concise manner ways on how will they earn money online. Kudos to your wonderful site.

  • Oscar

    Helooo over there, a big thanks to you for sharing this insightful and educatinonal piece on the best way to make money online 3. This is really very educating. I really find blogging an interesting wqya if making money online, I have seen many who made it out of blogging.  Anyways nice tips on how to go about blogging.

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