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How to Succeed in Affiliate Marketing with Wealthy Affiliate

I am Aparna and I fulfill dreams.

I am not joking. If you really really knew what I am about to tell you, you would say that I am right. And honest.

The Best Money Making Model Today

The best money-making model today is Affiliate Marketing, without a doubt. Actually anything that you stick with long enough will work, in some measure, but Affiliate Marketing is the closest you can get to as far as get-rich-quick schemes are concerned.

Let me also tell you this; there are no Get-Rich-Quick schemes on the internet. Ask any professional and he will tell you. I am sure you have at least some friends who are computer professionals or who are into these things. Have you ever asked them? I am sure you haven’t. Well pick up the phone just now and have a chat. And then come back to read further …


Wealthy Affiliate review

I suggest

I suggest a method to make money online called affiliate marketing. This is where you do not have to invest anything at all, but all you do is promote other people’s products and get paid a commission for it. And the best way to learn and do Affiliate marketing is through a fabulous program called Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate offers a free membership, so you can really test the waters and see what you feel, with little hassle and no cost.

You are under no obligation whatsoever to pay anything, so you can put your credit card away.

When you join by clicking on the link below, you will get a welcome message from Kyle the joint CEO of Wealthy Affiliate. And from me.

Join Wealthy Affiliate and actually start earning money online.

The advantage of joining through the link below is that I will get you the best deal, and you will be sure to join the right program and not be led astray by the thousands of cons on the internet.

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If you’d like to know a bit more however before diving right in, then just carry on reading ahead …

More About Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a legitimate business model that has been used by online marketers for many years. The online industry continues to grow year by year and shows no sign of slowing down. That is why it is almost essential to get online NOW and take a share of the pie which is rightfully yours too.

Affiliate marketing simply involves promoting other Company’s products on your own website.

You, as an affiliate, earn a commission when a visitor to your site buys a product or service via a link you have embedded on your website.

This method has proven to be very lucrative for hundreds of thousands of people, even those who have gone into the industry with no previous experience.

Many of our platform members no longer need to work for long hours in a traditional 9 to 5 job to earn a living.

Once established you can quite literally run your business from home or a coffee shop using just two hours of your day.

Join Wealthy Affiliate TODAY

Affiliate marketing is something that anyone can do, regardless of any previous experience or knowledge.

It is a business that doesn’t require much in the way of start-up costs, and it is something that you can learn at your own pace.

Our top-rated platform Wealthy Affiliate is an online training program that teaches both new and experienced internet marketers on how to build a successful website business that you can run from anywhere. And it is the ONLY program which will lead you by the hand and take you through the process gradually and most sincerely. 

It is also an online community made up of over a million like-minded, motivated people who are working towards their own ideal lifestyle.

Our highly recommended online platform is tailored for all budding entrepreneurs who want to achieve online success in 2020.

You Can begin straight away by taking advantage of the free starter membership.


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This Is How The Affiliate Marketing Model Works

The Wealthy Affiliate model works in four simple steps. These include:-

STEP 1 – Choose an interest or niche
STEP 2 – Build a website
STEP 3 – Attract visitors
STEP 4 – Earn revenue


How affiliate marketing works

Step 1. Choose an Interest

When starting an online business, the general rule of thumb is to always follow your passion. The chances of succeeding with a sustainable business are much higher if you indulge in a niche that is of great interest to you.

Do not venture into a business just because other people are doing it, or because it seems to attract the highest amount of sales. Following your passion and doing what you love is critical to realizing your business objectives.

Everyone has a hobby or something that interests them. However, very few people know how to convert their interests into a profitable business.

The training program will help you identify a niche that perfectly suits your interests. This increases your chances of success considering the fact that you will be doing something that you already know about.

With over 3.7 billion potential customers online, starting an online business has never been more exciting than this.


Step 2. Build a Website

After choosing your niche, building a professional business website is the next step that you have to undertake.

A professional business website goes a long way in helping you establish a visible online presence. In essence, the role of the website is to give potential customers a sneak preview of what your business has to offer.

The process of creating a professional website can be scary, especially if you do not have any web design skills.

However, Wealthy Affiliate makes everything simple for everyone. You will discover that web development skills are not needed, neither do you need the services of a web design expert.

Using the platforms site builder, you can create appealing WP websites within a matter of a few clicks.

Wealthy Affiliate also offers a free domain, but you have the option of using your own domain name. With lots of themes and templates to choose from, building a website has never been easier.

Free members are given a free website, while Premium members can build up to 10 websites.

What is also impressive is that Wealthy Affiliate is a hosting service provider. You do not have to seek web hosting services anywhere else. You can, therefore, run your online business entirely from the one platform.

The hosting solutions offered are not only convenient but also extremely affordable compared to what other hosting providers are offering.

All premium plan members enjoy free hosting as the charges are included in the membership fee.


Step 3. Attract Visitors

The goal of any website is to convert visitors into actual customers. For you to make money online, it is important that you attract visitors to your site.

Without traffic, you will probably have a difficult time selling your products or services. This is where the role of the training program comes into play.

The program will teach you insightful lessons on how to drive significant traffic to your website.

It is believed that the internet has over 3.7 billion active users seeking different solutions, products, and services. This massive online audience presents a viable opportunity for you to make money.

However, you can only make a significant amount by capitalizing on the right audience.

The program will bring you in on the latest techniques and strategies that you can use to attract relevant potential customers to your website.

Some of these techniques include Search Engine Optimization, Keyword Research, Competitor Analysis, and Social Media Campaigns, among many others.

By using these techniques appropriately, your site will rank highly in search engine result pages, subsequently leading to a significant increase in traffic.


4. Earn Revenue

Earning revenue is the most interesting step, as the goal of any online business is to make money. However, many entrepreneurs get it all wrong when it comes to making money online.

Most of them think that once they have enough traffic to their sites, then earning revenue will not be a problem. This is a huge misconception that tends to crash many marketers at the final hurdle.

Driving traffic to your site is one thing while making money from your website is another. You can experience massive traffic to your website but earn very low returns.

One of the best ways of earning revenue from your site is by converting visitors into actual paying customers. You can do this by offering products that are relevant to your clientele base.

However, not everyone is capable of raising funds for starting capital. That is why the Wealthy Affiliate offers special training on affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing allows you to sell various products and services for a commission. Interestingly, you do not have to own any product to become an affiliate marketer.

Whether you are a newbie or an experienced marketer, the training courses available on this platform are broken down into small manageable chunks to make it easy for everyone to follow along.

Furthermore, these courses come in the form of easy-to-read written lesson plans and video tutorials that cover each section of the training program.

You may be required to carry out a few tasks on your own to establish if you have grasped the basic concepts of affiliate marketing.

Performing tasks on your own is an effective method of learning, as it is well documented that interactive learning always delivers the best results.

Last Words

I have been on the route that you are starting today. Searching endlessly for some way to make money online. Not because I really needed it, but because everyone seemed to be doing it and succeeding. At least they say they are!

And then after spending two years signing up for worthless programs that promise 100s of dollars and deliver nothing, I was disgusted with the whole thing. It seemed that everyone online was just trying to get me to spend from one dollar to hundreds of dollars on purchasing fancy programs. I lost trust.

But I was lucky to read a blog somewhere, about the much talked about Wealthy Affiliate training and program, and how it has the basic ingredient for all human relationships … an actual caring and sharing Community.

Well, I have walked that way and FINALLY reached where I am. Part of the wonderful Wealthy Affiliate community. Earning great money and finding more ways to make additional income each day.

You can be here too.

Why am I helping you? Because if you join, I make money too by getting an affiliate commission; exactly the same affiliate commission that I promised you would get if you start Affiliate Marketing. And that’s just the beginning of it all. This is not a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) gimmick at all, but a proper licensed way to start a long term, organized and successful online business.


Start For Free Today

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  • C.N.

    Thank you so much for this incredibly insightful article, Aparna! As a relative newbie to the world of affiliate marketing (8 months, soaking wet. Haha), I love the fact that I can earn commissions without creating, storing, shipping, selling or paying for my own products; I can simply sell other people’s products from the comfort of my room, in my pajamas. Haha. Wealthy Affiliate in an excellent platform for both the beginning and more advanced marketer-the training is thorough and tailored toward your needs, and the supportive community of like-minded entrepreneurs is second to none. I’m so grateful to have found Wealthy Affiliate, and I’ll definitely be here for the long haul! God bless you!

  • Habib

    Hey Aparna,

    You have provided us a step by step recipe in starting up an online business as being part of Wealthy Affiliate membership. You have really broken it down to each step explaining how easy each of the step is if you follow the training and get the support from Wealthy Affiliate’s amazing online highly supporive/super friendly community. Who are always willing to answer your question withing minutes. So, you never feel alone or stuck at any point of the journey. Also, I read how the 2 big bosses (Kyle and Carson) are at hand to support you too! In some online platforms, the owners don’t even exist!

    I have all the faith and confidence that this is a proven to work program.

  • Md. Asraful Islam

    What a great deal of information that you have given out in this awesome and interesting article I must give you a big thumbs up… I encountered an article like this on the internet and it changed my knowledge about Affiliate Marketing with Wealthy Affiliate and gave me a new system to approach The Best Money Making Model…It’s been three months since I joined the Wealthy Affiliate Platform and I have learned a lot and am moving towards my goal by developing an affiliate marketing website..thanks a lot for sharing.

    • admin

      Thank u for those lovely comments Asraful. Have u become a premium member yet ? If not, you are welcome to join through my link here.

      I will be able to share with you and guide you along.


  • Misael H

    Seems like succeeding online and Wealthy affiliate go really well together and in complete sync. I just came from a different post of wealthy affiliate and was happy to find another post by you about Wealthy Affiliate. Again, I am convinced and reaffirmed that Wealthy Affiliate is a very good platform for affiliate marketers. I appreciate this very thorough explanation of how to succeed in affiliate marketing with Wealthy Affiliate. Just had to leave another comment to say that I appreciate what you’re doing

  • Bella

    Affiliate marketing is a great means of making money online today if you are good with what you do with your business and so many people are going to be taking
    more training and mentorship when it comes to that line of business and I too am willing to go into learning from wealthy affiliate because I have been hearing so much about it for a while now and I am really impressed 

  • Brian Jeron

    This is a very informative review that can help online money making seekers. If  I was not yet a member of WA and I came across this review, it would convince me to join without hesitation. All the necessary details and even the graphics are very helpful to come up with the decision of becoming a Wealthy Affiliate member.

  • Charne

    I am all for affiliate marketing as I believe that it is an honest way to make a living online, With so many scams out there one can be sure that this is a legit system to earn money from home. I recently became a part of WA and will recommend it to anyone who wishes to start their online business. The information and training is of great quality, and they offer such an amazing support system. Kyle and Carson the CEOs will be available for any help and advise along the way. It really is a great opportunity to learn about affiliate marketing.

  • Will

    I wish I’d read an article like this years ago when I was looking around for online income opportunities, it would have made so much difference to the decisions I made and what opportunities I chose. There is so much information here, laid out clearly and logically, you explain the opportunity really well. I’m glad I found WA and you really do the opportunity they offer justice. Thank you!

  • Ann

    If it would have not been for COVID-19, I wouldn’t be researching affiliate marketing. But I have discovered that there are better ways to work than to have to go physically to our jobs. I’m excited about working from home. I see there is a subscription that is free. I’ll definitely give this one a try. Thanks!

  • Carol

    Well Aparna, thank you for the great info. You have truly displayed the value of Wealthy Affiliate. It is definitely a great platform to one and all. 

    Being a member myself I find that you are not alone in your journey on this platform. You will definitely get help if you ask for it. However, you need to make an effort on your part to accept the help and use it well. I definitely encourage everyone to take up the free trial and get a feel of it. You might even get hooked!

    Wealthy Affiliate is one of the safest and comfortable places to be in building an online business. That is my opinion. Do you know of any other one that can top this platform? I will very much like to know.

  • Abel

    Affiliate marketing is just promoting other Company’s products on your personal  website. It’s simply means you are marketing another brand on your sites. You, as an affiliate, you  earn a commission when a visitor to your site buys a product or service via a link you have put on your website.This method has proven to be very lucrative for lots of people even those who have gone into this business  with no previous experience before.

  • michael beaver

    this site is very well written I don’t know a lot about promoting your site in this platform but you have done a great job and hit the nail on the head about Wealthy Affiliate and what they offer if you can’t make it here you surly want anywhere else they do have the best in the business and thank you for showing this 

  • Ferra

    Hi Aparna,

    Thank you so much for this thorough review of Wealthy Affiliate. I have heard a lot about this platform where people can have the training and learn about building a website for affiliate marketing. 

    Since I am a newbie and have zero knowledge about affiliate marketing, do you think I can have a private coach that will help me to start and understand things? Considering how many things I have to learn, I might get overwhelmed by the amount of information I will get during the training.

    Thank you in advance for your response. I have bookmarked your website for future reference.

    Looking forward to reading more posts from you.



    • admin

      Hi Ferra, 

      Coaches cost a huge lot. And it’s not worth taking the risk. A lot of these are con jobs online. But I can be your CONFIRMED coach if you sign up for PREMIUM with my link. That gives me credibility and a small Affiliate commission too. Whenever u plan to join Wealthy Affiliate, please join by my link and I will be your Coach 24×7. 

      Best regards, 


  • Jamie

    I joined Wealthy Affiliate a year ago and still amazed by how much value they can provide.

    But I do think WA is mostly for beginners though. The community is amazing and I like the fact that people here loving to help each other.

    If anyone who wishes to reach out for more resources, WA would be a great place to be.

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