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10 Reasons Why The World Should Discover What is Salehoo About? Is Salehoo A Scam On The Internet?

Are you facing difficulty finding vendors and locating products? If yes! Then meet Salehoo. You might be wondering what is SaleHoo about, right? Is Salehoo a legit program that has actually been successful? Or, is Salehoo a scam?

One of the simplest and easiest ways to earn online is by getting into the Dropshipping and Affiliate Marketing business. SaleHoo supports you in growing your profits and sales by supplying you with all of the resources and references you’ll need to excel in the wholesale and dropshipping sectors. You can connect with vendors from a variety of sectors to see which products are the most popular in each category.

Salehoo is ideal if you’re looking to start a dropshipping company on the side, to boost your income. The money you make from drop shipping could be used to launch your own eCommerce shop with your own original products.

Salehoo is an excellent place for people who are just getting started in the field of eCommerce. Salehoo’s education program is an added bonus that is readily available.

The most important thing is that SaleHoo not only offers a dropshipping directory, but it also offers a training program for beginners. With the education program of Salehoo, you can get access to hundreds of lectures relating to dropshipping and affiliate marketing including starting your eCommerce store on platforms like Amazon, Shopify, Ali Express, etc.

On our website, we have received requests by the dozens to review saleHoo. The questions just do not stop. What is Salehoo a scam or legit program? Is SaleHoo scam or is the news fake? What is SaleHoo login? Why is SaleHoo such a success? Is there an honest review of SaleHoo? Is Salehoo a scam? It is called Salehoo com scam? This SaleHoo review will tell you all about it. Let us figure out what SaleHoo is in this Salehoo com review.

Here is an easy, straightforward, and impartial review! Honest & truthful. The good and the bad alike. A no-holds-barred look at the platform that everyone has been talking about nowadays. Let’s see if SaleHoo is worth the hype or not!

Who Am I?

Aparna Bansal, CEO of make-cash-online and Art of Cool Enterprises Private Limited

My name is Aparna, and I’m a marketing affiliate. I am reviewing SaleHoo with the viewpoint of whether or not it is a worthy program.

The whole aim of affiliate marketing is to make money online and this review explicitly compares SaleHoo with other affiliate marketing courses currently available and tells you as honestly as possible which one works much better. We’ll see what is the best course possible for affiliate marketing. And of course, we’re going to assess SaleHoo; does it work?




As the owner of this website, I have tracked down special deals for some products and services mentioned herein. When you use the links on this page to make a purchase, I may also get a small commission, and you will definitely get a great bargain. For example, as an Amazon Associate, I may earn from qualifying purchases. This commission is paid by the product company and has absolutely nothing to do with the price you are being charged. The discount you get is due to my efforts to trace out the best available benefits for you. It’s a win-win situation all around. Full Affiliate Disclaimer.

Before We Go Any Further

My Aim

My aim is to review important internet marketing courses & resources of value.

I have lately reviewed some of these training programs, tools & resources online, and here’s a summary of the top few, in the order in which I rate them:

Wealthy AffiliateAffiliate Marketing & Website DevelopmentKyle & Carson9.9/10
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Income School 24Niche WebsitesJim & Ricky9.3/10
DesignrrEbook SoftwarePaul Bannister9.0/10
SqribbleEBook SoftwareAdeel Chowdhry9.0/10
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RA Wealth PartnersFinancial MarketingTyler Gallagher8.7/10
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Perpetual Income 365Affiliate MarketingShawn Josiah7.6/10
Ambassador ProgramAffiliate MarketingJohn Thornhill7.5/10
Click Wealth SystemEmail MarketingMatthew Tang7.5/10
SalehooDropshippingSimon Slade & Mark Ling7.4/10
Live Marketing HQAffiliate MarketingJustin Atlan7.2/10
Commission HeroAffiliate MarketingRobby Blanchard7.1/10
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What Is SaleHoo Directory About?

What is Salehoo Directory about?

Salehoo is a large online directory for wholesalers and drop shippers. After failing to find trustworthy, appropriate wholesalers for his online market, one of their co-founders, Simon Slade, founded Salehoo.

Ever since, Salehoo has evolved to include over 8,000 retailers, distributors, wholesalers, and drop shippers, all of whom are dedicated to helping you find the right goods for reselling!

Salehoo is a New Zealand-based company that was founded in 2005. However, their manufacturers are mostly from China, the UK, the USA, and a variety of other countries.

What is Salehoo About?

According to their website, Salehoo has helped over 137,000 people launch an online company in 2019. Now, you might be thinking is Salehoo a scam? Let’s have a Look!

A Quick Summary

Name of ProgramSaleHoo
What Is It?The internet’s most successful online sale directory!
  Price$67 Annually or $127 for Lifetime
 OwnersSimon Slade & Mark Ling
LocatedChristchurch, New Zealand
Verdict A Highly Recommended Program For Online Business Growth
Review Time30+ hours
Get Started Button

Why Affiliate Marketing?

If you wish to earn money online, affiliate marketing is by far the easiest way in which you can do it.

The whole world is searching for information online. And the search engine that gets over 90% of all search traffic is Google. If your website is not out there, earning you big bucks, then you are missing out on a huge opportunity.

Affiliate marketing is similar to setting up a full-scale business online, and the cost is negligible, as compared to brick & mortar businesses.

Most importantly, affiliate marketing affords you the luxury of working from anywhere in the world from your laptop, with no fixed timings, and at your own choosing. If you don’t feel like working any day, you just don’t open your laptop.

Anywhere, anytime, any-which-way you like! That’s unbeatable, trust me.

And the money is good. It’s not a side hustle we are talking about here. It’s not a bit of additional income on the side; no Sir! We are discussing the setting up of a business model that will help you replace your job, and probably give you a life-changing, lavish life-style ahead.

Have you heard of some of the greatest affiliate marketers in the world. Those who made millions just through affiliate marketing, and call it the best business strategy in today’s online world. Check out the Top 5:

These are internet gurus, and much as we would wish to be in their shoes, it all starts with taking the first step. They all did.

They all were beginners at one time. Have you heard of others like Bob Proctor, and Zig Ziglar, and Russel Brunson, and Dean Holland, and Brian Clark, and Ian Fernando, and Zac Johnson? They are the greatest today for a reason. They worked for it.

If you are ready to work for it, it will work for you.

The program is definitely worth your while. That is a promise.

How Do You Get Started In Affiliate Marketing?

How to get started in Affiliate marketing banners
How to get started in Affiliate marketing banners
How to get started in Affiliate marketing banners
How to get started in Affiliate marketing banners
How to get started in Affiliate marketing banners
How to get started in Affiliate marketing banners
How to get started in Affiliate marketing banners
How to get started in Affiliate marketing banners
How to get started in Affiliate marketing banners
How to get started in Affiliate marketing banners
How to get started in Affiliate marketing banners
How to get started in Affiliate marketing banners

Simon Slade: The Brains Behind SaleHoo

Simon Slade, a Christchurch, New Zealand-based internet entrepreneur, was born in 1982. He is the founder and current CEO of SaleHoo, an online product sourcing directory, Affilorama, and their parent firm, Doubledot Media Limited.

Slade received a bachelor’s degree in business management and communications from Griffith University in 2003.

At the 2008 Champion Canterbury Awards, Slade was a Global Operator Finalist, and at the 2008 AmCham Export Awards, he was a finalist for Exporter of the Year.

Slade started his sales and technology career at Sellagence Limited in 2001 as a sales agent. He and co-founder Mark Ling each put in $500 to start SaleHoo in 2005, and it grew to 10,000 members eight months later.

Slade and Ling founded Affilorama in 2006, an affiliate marketing training portal with over 100 free video lessons and 230,000 users. Slade and Ling also formed Doubledot Media, the parent company of SaleHoo and Affilorama, in the same year.

You might be thinking is Salehoo scam? Let’s find out that there are any salehoo scams or not.

SaleHoo Co-Founders

Simon Slade

Simon Slade, Founder of SaleHoo

Simon Slade is the CEO and co-founder of the affiliate marketing training website Affilorama, which offers more than 100 free video lecture programs; SaleHoo, an international wholesale catalog of over 8,000 online providers; and the Doubledot Media Limited parent group, which provides over 1 million consumers worldwide with seven separate tech and training apps. Simon provides e-commerce professionals with training and resources through these companies to start their own businesses and achieve independence in their workplace.

Mark Ling

Mark Ling, SaleHoo Co-founder

Mark Ling is a New Zealand-based entrepreneur who has founded six companies. Mark was reputedly a millionaire on the Internet at just 21. Mark is Affilorama’s creator. He also generated Traffic Travis, which was downloaded from CNET’s more than 292,000 times. Mark attended Canterbury University. He lives in Christchurch, New Zealand, with his wife and two sons.

How to Make Money With SaleHoo?

SaleHoo, with its easy-to-use interface, is pretty straightforward to use. Signing up would give you instant access to the program. Furthermore, I also recommend that you join the SaleHoo Facebook Group as it will provide you with all the support you need.

First and foremost, you will be required to create and sync an account on SaleHoo and create an account according to your business’ nature, like you can select drop-shipping or reselling. Next, you will have to take a tour of SaleHoo’s directory. If you have a product in your mind, you can simply write it in the “search field” and find the dropship suppliers.

SaleHoo dropship directory contains more than 1000 dropshipping suppliers. You can easily get their contact details, products they are dealing in, customer satisfaction level and many other things. If you are starting a dropshipping business, then don’t worry – Salehoo worth it, in every possible way.

Your savings account will soon be inflating day by day. What’s the most enjoyable aspect of it all? You’ll be spending less time in front of the screen and more time counting your earnings, which grows even when you’re sleeping!

The Website of SaleHoo

This is what the one-page website of looks like. Here Simon Slade explains what the system is all about:

What is Salehoo About
What is Salehoo About

The Sign-In Page of SaleHoo

When you hit the “Get Started Now” button, you are taken to the sign-in page that looks like this:

SaleHoo Login Page
SaleHoo Sign-in page
Get Started Button

Inside SaleHoo: A Sneak Peek

SaleHoo Dashboard
SaleHoo Dashboard Features
SaleHoo Directory Search Results
Supplier Type options
Quick Details of SaleHoo Supplier
SaleHoo Education Section

The salehoo product list is organized under various categories for ease of retrieval and search.

SaleHoo Directory Categories

SaleHoo Testimonials

Salehoo a Scam - Testimonial
Is scam - Testimonial
SaleHoo Reviews - Testimonial
SaleHoo Testimonial

Top YouTube Reviews Of SaleHoo (Both Positive & Negative Reviews)

What Is SaleHoo About: Final Assessment

What I Do Like Thumbs Up

  • Cheapest Course Online at a Super Low One-time Cost of $127 With Full Money-back Guarantee
  • Salehoo’s business research is fantastic100% Legit and Ethical System
  • Strong Support Community
  • Great benefit for people looking especially at wholesalers.
  • Is Salehoo worth money? Yes it is.
  • Their training area is great.
  • Minimum Salehoo complaints
  • Daily Hours Required

What I Don’t Like

  • Marketplace Fees
  • No Branding opportunity because you will be selling third-party products.
  • It does not scratch the surface of 16 million products supplied by Worldwide Brands.
  • No Offline Option
Get Started Button

With a sleek and easy-to-use interface, SaleHoo systematically guides you to get firmly set up your online store. From setting up your own store to ultimately making your first paycheck online, the program will take you step-by-step to financial freedom. Even though there are quite a few upsells, but I think SaleHoo is about to become the one-stop shop for anyone looking to try their luck at making money online.

What I Think

I think SaleHoo is a great system for beginners and those interested in a done-for-you model and setting up a new business within the reselling and SaleHoo dropshipping industry. It’s step by step, and very systematic.

All things considered, I think it’s the perfect formula for success for anyone who knows nothing about how to make money online.

SaleHoo IS For…

SaleHoo is made specifically for absolute beginners, for people who have tried and failed, and also for advanced internet marketers.

  • It’s for online dropshipping and marketing newbies.
  • It’s for people who have tried and failed earlier.
  • It’s for resellers and dropshippers wanting to scale.
  • It’s for families who want an additional source of income, and for men, women, and children who wish to make extra money on the side.

SaleHoo IS NOT For…

  • It’s not for those wanting to get rich quick.
  • It’s not for people who have no time.
  • It’s not for those who are not willing to put in the work it takes.

The Price Of SaleHoo

  • One-Time Price SaleHoo Directory: $67 Annually or $127 Lifetime
  • Marketplace Fees: varies from market to market

The one-time registration fee will get you access to all the goodies that Simon Slade’s system has to offer. You will however need a marketplace such as Amazon whose cost varies for a month in order to get the money flowing. However, you may also find a salehoo discount code to reduce your expences.

  • Monthly or Annually Price SaleHoo Dropship: $27 monthly or $270 annually
  • Different Packages: Basic and Premium

Automate your dropshipping business. SaleHoo Dropship helps you to easily add famous AliExpress items to your Shopify store. It’s the simplest and most intelligent way to dropship.

  • Educate: $47 Lifetime

Learn from the professionals. Get access to SaleHoo’s premium eCommerce training tutorials, which will show you how to use Shopify, Amazon, eBay, and other sites to create a profitable online store. You can also avail the Salehoo free trial.

All in all, if you ask me, I’d say this small investment would be worth it in the long run. When you find your bank account inflating even when you are asleep, you would realize the value of this investment and the importance of the system.

Check Out These Links of SaleHoo

What is SaleHoo ABout: Final Verdict

What is SaleHoo about; Salehoo a Scam or not?

  • SaleHoo is NOT A SCAM.
  • SaleHoo is highly recommended.
  • It is definitely in the TOP FEW programs to learn and earn through Dropshipping.
  • Relatively easy way to earn big money online.
  • SaleHoo is the best one-stop-destination platform that I have found, for those who want to make money online. It follows a very detailed and step-by-step approach to building your own online business that will pay you back for years to come, passively. No active selling required, and no people to be convinced to buy from you.

As Always

If you have come this far in my review, please remember that only by taking positive action can you truly know what a course is like. I took the same plunge, a while before you, and I would not have been where I am today, had it not been for some wonderful programs that earn you good money.

Taking action is what counts for making money online. Only that can change your life.

Believe me, affiliate marketing is a great profession! It may take time to build up your system, but just like any good business, it cannot be built overnight.

Paying $127 one time is not going to make you poor. In fact, that money can be recovered in an hour’s time, after you have started. The important thing is that you must join a program that is good, and which teaches you exactly how to genuinely start making money online.

Take action button

I Believe In Action

If you are still unimpressed with SaleHoo, I suggest you do not buy it. Part of the deal is that you have to be completely convinced for it to be of value. After all, it is going to be you who has to implement the system. And if you are not sure, then you may not work on it like it is required. If you still think the scam is real, then maybe you need to think again.

But there is also this other program that I wish to talk to you about.

My top recommended affiliate marketing program is a program called Wealthy Affiliate. It’s actually my #1 suggested program. According to my research, it is the easiest way to make money online.

Long ago, I took action by investing in and starting with a training course called Wealthy Affiliate. It is the ULTIMATE foundation course for learning affiliate marketing and getting your online business set up. It takes work, but if you work, so does the system. Completely GENUINE and easily the best training you can get online. And did I forget to mention, it is FREE to join, and not even a Credit Card is required.

I always talk about getting into a system that teaches you as well as helps you get set-up with a workable system that can earn you money. Well, that is exactly what Wealthy Affiliate is. It helps you to learn and put into practice what they teach side-by-side. By the time you finish the training course, you also have a website fully-ready to make you money. Now that’s what I call a proper “money-making program”.

Aparna premium Wealthy Affiliate member banner

Wealthy Affiliate is not really a resource or a tool. It is a platform that trains you to become an affiliate marketer and also helps you side-by-side to set up a full-fledged business, while they take care of all the resources and tools that you need along the way. Find out what is Wealthy Affiliate about, and give it a go for FREE. It is, in fact, the best way to make money online.

Sign Up For Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is totally FREE. Not even a credit card is required. They give you time to understand the Premium level of the program fully for 7 days, without spending anything. In addition, you get a website free along with hosting, security, SSL, and other benefits. Even after the 7 days free Premium trial is over, you can continue with the free website. Please go to the Wealthy Affiliate login here.

If you wish to upgrade to Premium later, you can do that as it obviously gives better tools & functionality within the platform. Or you can continue to learn and build your website, without paying anything at all.

Check out my reviews of Wealthy Affiliate by clicking below:

If you have any contributions to make, or questions to ask, you can put them down in the comments below. I would love to hear from you.

Wish you all that you wish for. Thank you for reading. Smile always.


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What is SaleHoo about?

SaleHoo assists you in and your profits and earnings by providing you with all of the resources and connections you’ll need to excel in the wholesale and dropshipping industries. You can connect with vendors from a range of sectors to see which products are the most common in each category.

Explain the SaleHoo System and list it’s Main Advantages.

SaleHoo assists you in and your profits and earnings by providing you with all of the resources and connections you’ll need to excel in the wholesale and dropshipping industries. You can connect with vendors from a range of sectors to see which products are the most common in each category.

What does this mean to you? If you see a product you are interested in selling, and a vendor that can offer you the best advantage, contact it and establish a supply chain. Both vendors give their contact information and essential business pieces – minimum order numbers, the time needed to ship on SaleHoo website.

What does SaleHoo have to offer?
Beginner Friendly: Step by step and easy-to-understand instructions and checklist that allows anyone to use the software even if they have not made a single cent online.
Free Advice: The “Free Guides” section will provide you with instructional content about how to use SaleHoo website.
– 100% Proven Testimonials: The testimonials are sent in personally by members who have received good results after using the system. Member reviews are always important to determine product quality. So far, we see that most of them are very satisfied with the purchase.
Live Chat: You can use a live chat feature once you’ve arrived at your SaleHoo website. To use the tool, go to the “Chat with SaleHoo Expert” tab and press the “Chat with SaleHoo Expert” button.
Contact forms and email: The most efficient ways to contact SaleHoo. You can contact them directly via email by going to the “Contact Us” page. However, it can take some time before you receive a response.

Are any SaleHoo Reviews Genuine?

Yes, most of them are. In any case, you can easily tell if the review is genuine by the tone of the writer. In most cases, the fake reviewer will dwell more on another program he is promoting, than on the review he is doing for you.

Is SaleHoo Training Effective?

There is good training available.

What is affiliate marketing?

According to Neil Patel, Affiliate marketing is the process of earning income every time you promote someone else’s products or services. If you generate a sale for the company, you get paid. If you don’t generate a sale, you do not get paid.

How much money can you make as an affiliate marketer?

Affiliate income is not consistent. You’ll to look at income from an annual basis instead of monthly. A decent affiliate can make anywhere from $10,000 a year to $400,000. A super affiliate can make upwards of $1,500,000 a year.

What are some of the most popular affilaite networks?

Clickbank, Shareasale, JVzoo, Hotmart, Clickbooth, Ads 4 Dough, Commission Junction, Amazon Affiliate Program, and eBay Partners Program.

Is affiliate marketing a pyramid scheme?

No, it is not. Think of it as a “commission only” sales job. You only get paid every time you drive a sale to a business.

What is the Salehoo reviews scam?

There is no such scam. There is nothing called the Salehoo scam.

Is SaleHoo good for dropshipping?

Salehoo is a fantastic platform for budding ecommerce entrepreneurs who want to get started with dropshipping. If you don’t have your own storage space and you’re looking to take it to the next level then Salehoo can accommodate you.

How Do I Start a Dropshipping Business?

Starting a dropshipping business is relatively easy and requires minimal financial investment. 
There are three core steps to starting a dropshipping business:
Find a great product to sell: You can use a market research tool like SaleHoo Labs or you can browse websites like AliExpress and Amazon to find a product that you’d like to sell. Ideally the product will be small enough to fit in a shoe box, weigh less than 2kg, and have a retail price of $20-$200. 
Find a supplier for that product: You can use SaleHoo’s supplier directory of 8000+ pre-vetted and verified suppliers, search for suppliers on Google, or reach out to suppliers on AliExpress or Alibaba. You need to make sure that the supplier offers a dropshipping service, which means they hold the stock and handle packaging and shipping for you.
Choose a marketplace to sell your product: You can sell products on established online marketplaces like Amazon, eBay and Etsy, or you can start your own online store using a service like Shopify.

Is Dropshipping a Profitable Business Model?

Dropshipping is as profitable as you make it. This isn’t a get-rich-quick business model; drop shipping takes time and effort if you want to have a successful online business.
You will see plenty of Youtube videos and blog posts from people claiming to make a lot of money in a short amount of time. While this is possible, you should be wary of people overselling dropshipping and have realistic expectations. All businesses require time and effort to be successful.

How much Money Can Be Made From Dropshipping?

There’s no specific answer to that question. There are legitimate examples of people making millions of dollars from dropshipping. While that is possible, it’s rare.
The amount of money you make dropshipping depends on several factors:
How much time you invest
How much money you invest
Your ability to choose a great product
Marketing and ad spend 
The ability of your supplier/s to grow with you 
If you’re just wanting to dip your toes into dropshipping to make a bit of money on the side, then you can probably expect to make an extra $1000 to $2000 a month with a good product and store. If you’re wanting to make this your full-time job and have a killer product and the time and money to invest in Facebook advertising and high-quality funnels, then you could make a very respectable full-time income up to six figures or more.

What Are the Benefits of Dropshipping?

If you’re looking for an easy way to start an online business, dropshipping has a few benefits.
The lower startup costs are the most obvious perk. Without the need to keep inventory, your costs are limited to hosting/listing and other setup fees.
You’ll be able to start and run your dropshipping business anywhere you can carry a laptop since you won’t need to store your products.
Dropshipping also offers the freedom to explore a wider range of products than wholesale buying. Is one of your product lines or niches not working out? No problem. You don’t have inventory to sell off, you can just find what you want to sell next and make new listings.
Since your “inventory” is unlimited, so you can try out new products whenever you like. If your business doesn’t take off as you hoped, you can walk away with very few losses.

Is Dropshipping Still Profitable 2021?

Yes, absolutely. Dropshipping is still profitable in 2021. You might have seen articles and videos questioning the viability of dropshipping in 2021. This is because dropshipping has received a lot of attention over recent years and the ecommerce space has become highly competitive. 
There is a caveat here. It’s definitely not easy to be profitable with dropshipping in 2021, but it’s definitely possible. As with any business, it takes hard work and dedication to succeed.
The main things you’ll need to make dropshipping profitable for you are:
– A great product that’s in high demand 
– Marketing skills to drive traffic to your store and make sales 
– A willingness to invest money in online advertising 
– A strong work ethic 
Dropshipping is definitely not a get rich quick scheme. You’ll need to learn how to run ads on Facebook, Instagram and Google. You’ll want to start looking at Influencer marketing and content creation. You’ll need to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to adding new products to your store. And you’ll need to work hard and invest time and effort in building your business.
With all of those ingredients, there’s no reason why your dropshipping business can’t be profitable in 2021.

Is Dropshipping Legal?

You might have noticed that some of the content promoting dropshipping, especially some of the videos on Youtube, seem spammy. This makes some people suspicious of dropshipping. Also, selling goods online without having to buy any stock almost seems almost too good to be true.
But, don’t worry! Dropshipping is 100% legal if, of course, it’s done legally. Dropshipping is a legitimate business model but you still have to abide by the same legal requirements as any other business. That means you have to describe your products accurately and ensure your products are of a reasonable standard. You also have to pay taxes and fulfill all other financial requirements in the countries you do business.

Do You Need a Tax ID to Dropship?

If you’re a United States resident buying goods from US-based wholesalers and suppliers, yes you need to get a Sales Tax ID. There are only five states that don’t require you to have a tax ID. They are: Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire and Oregon. 
The Sales Tax ID is important because it lets the government know you’re doing business and it also means you don’t have to pay sales tax on the products you purchase from wholesalers. Instead, you can pass that cost on to your customers.
So while it may seem like a bureaucratic box-ticking exercise, it’s actually of benefit to you and your business.

Is Alibaba Good For Dropshipping?

Alibaba is a China-based online marketplace that sells a huge range of products B2B (business to business). Prices are extremely cheap, but to get the best wholesale prices you have to buy in bulk as most of the suppliers have a minimum order quantity (MOQ). For that reason, Alibaba is best for online sellers who have capital to invest up front to buy bulk stock.
However, many of the suppliers on Alibaba also offer dropshipping services. You simply have to contact the suppliers of the products you are interested in and ask about dropshipping with them. You won’t get the same cheap wholesale prices, but you may find a great supplier to start dropshipping with. When starting out, a lot of dropshippers prefer to use AliExpress as you don’t have to buy in bulk.
You can also use Alibaba for market research to find products and then source them through AliExpress to begin with. Once you have an established business with decent cash flow, you can graduate to buying products wholesale through Alibaba. 
So in short, Alibaba can be a good resource for dropshipping, but it’s not the best place to start for beginners.

Can I dropship on Amazon?

Yes, you can use the Amazon marketplace to make sales and use dropshipping as your fulfilment method. For example, you could find products on AliExpress and list them for sale on Amazon. When you make a sale on Amazon, your AliExpress supplier will be notified and they will ship the product directly to your customer. Easy, right? 
You just have to be wary of the fees associated with Amazon and understand that it’s a highly competitive marketplace. These factors mean the profit margins of dropshipping can be low as it’s easy for your customers to find cheaper alternatives to your products. With the right products, it’s definitely possible to make good money dropshipping via Amazon, but it’s getting harder and requires extensive market research and testing. 
Alternatively, you could use the Fulfilled By Amazon (FBA) service, which is kind of like Amazon acting as your dropshipper. This process requires you to buy products in bulk and send them to an Amazon warehouse. Whenever you make a sale, Amazon handles the packaging and shipping for you. Obviously, buying in bulk means you have to spend more money up front, but if you’re confident in your product then this method is likely to make you more money.
You could always start by dropshipping on Amazon via AliExpress to test your products and then graduate to Amazon FBA once you’ve established that there’s a market for what you’re selling.

What should I dropship in 2021?

There are new products coming on the market every week. One of the keys to being successful with dropshipping is anticipating which of these products are going to start trending.
If I were to tell you exactly what to dropship in this article, then hundreds of people could just copy the idea and it would no longer be a good product to dropship. 
However, I can help to steer you in the right direction. These are the markets that are always rich in opportunity:

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  • LineCowley

    This is a very interesting review on SaleHoo. I have not really looked into doing dropshipping, but it certainly seems that SaleHoo is a very good platform for anyone that wants to get into dropshipping. It appears that once you sign up, that you get access to a directory, would that be for sellers only, or also buyers?

    At the moment I am doing affiliate marketing, but dropshipping might be something I could do on the side. 

    • Aps


      Salehoo has a Directory that you can use to find both Sellers and Buyers. 

      Dropshipping is pretty much a full-time job too, so do get into this ONLY if you have lots of time to spare. 



  • MIchel

    I have often thought about looking more into dropshipping, but the thought of handling and shipping puts me off. The SaleHoo platform you recommend here looks like a great way to test the waters though and I think I may just give it a try. 
    I am sure that the profits with drop shipping are in most cases higher than with affiliate marketing so if time permits it might be a nice side line to take.

    Would one need to purchase the directory and the drop ship product or would the later be enough to start off with?

  • Paolo

    I have been researching the concept of dropshiping for a couple of months. But I hadn’t heard about Salehoo. However because I have done all this research about dropshipping recently, now reading about this platform excites me. Finding good products and reliable providers is one of the challenges of dropshipping. And if Salehoo can help us with this, we have our foot in the door for success.


    Hello Arparna
    I found your review on Salehoo quite interesting. I have never heard of it until I started reading your post. The cost of getting started seems very reasonable and completely affordable for newbies who don’t have much funding. However, I don’t think it compares to Wealthy Affiliate, they rate very high in my books. Cool post.

  • Tom

    Hi Aparna,

    This is an excellent review of SaleHoo. After reading your review I think SaleHoo is a good affiliate marketing platform for brand new people, who have never tried affiliate marketing before. The cost of SaleHoo is very well priced and the training looks very good and detailed. When I started affiliate marketing, I was overwhelmed with information until I found one platform that has helped me so much.

    If I was brand new again then I would definitely take up SaleHoo and work my hardest on learning what affiliate marketing is and how to become the best affiliate marketer I can be.

    I hope many people come across your article who are new to affiliate marketing and take your advice.

    Thank you for sharing and keep up the great work.

    All the best,


  • Josephine Jennifer Crawford

    I never heard about Salehoo before now, so I appreciate the education. Lovely review.

    I have a question. I am an affiliate marketer, who is determined to make it online. Is there any way that Salehoo could help me to make money through my diabetes website?

    • Aps

      Hi Josephine,
      Salehoo is a fantastic platform for budding ecommerce entrepreneurs who want to get started with dropshipping. If your website does have a section where you dropship products, there is no better program than Salehoo.

  • Nuttanee

    Thanks for your review on Salehoo, I came across this platform the other day and I just have to find out what is it all about. I have to say that the price is very affordable, only $127 for a lifetime service is a great deal! I love what i see here, I am going to check it out and try it for myself. Thanks again! 

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