Dazzle with Zazzle
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Dazzle With Zazzle

What is Zazzle?

Zazzle.com is an online marketplace with millions of made-to-order customizable products. Zazzle users can print designs, drawings, or photos on items like coffee cups. T-shirts, bags and so on.

Suitable For

Artists, designers, painters.

Skills Required

1. Ability to conceive and create designs.
2. Ability to convert designs into a digital format using tools such as Photoshop.

How To Monetize

1. Create your design in a digital format and refine it.

2. Register at Zazzle.com and set up your own shop.

3. A customer comes to your Zazzle shop, selects a design from your catalog, and then selects a merchandise item such as cups, cards, t-shirts, etc.

4. The customer then places the order to print your design on the selected merchandise item and ship it to his/her address.

5. Zazzle handles all the printing, shipping, payment processing stuff and you get paid for your design.

Expected Earnings

The simple rule of thumb applies here too. More customers order your designs more money you make. You can also create and upload designs appealing to different age groups to maximize your reach and earnings.

So, go ahead and set up your Zazzle store now, it’s very easy.


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  • Amanda

    I have heard of Zazzle, but never knew exactly what kind of website it was. I like the concept. It sounds quite fun and interesting. Creating designs that go on different kinds of merchandise. I will need to look into it more thoroughly. Thank you for writing this explanatory article.

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