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Creativity – Write Slogans And Taglines

Are you creative enough to describe any product or service in a sentence? Can you convey a broad message in a few concise words?

If yes, then you can definitely make money online writing slogans and taglines.

Most of the companies need corporate taglines, product taglines, and advertising slogans.

The aim of such slogans is to convey a strong message using short phrases.

Mostly slogans are very short or containing few words or a small sentence like Apple’s “Think Different.”

But no matter how small they are, they’ll always give you a strong and broad message. This is the reason why creativity is really important while creating a slogan.

Apart from companies many Tee-shirt, stickers, toys, and greeting card makers need catchy sayings or funny one-liners to print on their products.

You can also write slogans and thoughts for these people and make some extra money.

Suitable For

Avid readers, thinkers

Skills Required

Creative thinking

How To Get Started

If you are not used to creating slogans then I suggest you visit the following sites to get some ideas flowing in your head.


It’s a simple online bot that generates random phrases from the words or sentences you type in. It won’t give you a complete slogan but it will give you many ideas.


It’s the best place to find some great idioms and phrases, you can find many popular idioms here can play with them to create a slogan that fits the purpose.


It’s a great place for finding popular quotes. People love quotes and you can definitely use them to cultivate some new slogan ideas.

Most of the companies and advertising agencies run slogan-writing contests in which anyone can participate.

Following are the reputed websites where you can register yourself and participate in the ongoing slogan-writing contests:


Companies create slogan contests on this site, once you are registered on the site you can compete with other slogan writers.

It’s free to register on this site and as per the claims of the company you can make up to $999 per contest (subtracting their small admin fee).


Freelancer has a special section reserved for slogan writing projects. People will post slogan related jobs and a budget.

You’ll find multiple jobs posted at any time, you can select any job that suits you the most and place the bids accordingly.



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  • Phil

    I think taglines are key to hooking in a reader. I have worked extensively in media advertising and copywriting can really make a difference to sales or no sales. It’s actually one of the  most important parts of any business so it is good that you flag this. 

    The list of resources are useful, there were few there I had not heard so thank you! I remember working with something called the “creative sell” which drove revenue and the writing came before any sale and it was what the client effectively brought, the money came later. It would be great to see some success stories from these links on your site?

  • Lynne

    Writing catchy lines is most definitely a fun way to make money online. I’ve recently joined Redbubble which is an online store that sells clothing that artists add their own images and sayings to. It is so easy to sign up and make your own designs and then promote them and make an income. 

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