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Hi There

My name is Aparna, and I was searching for a way to make money online too, 3 years ago, as you are doing today!

I was a newbie with absolutely no knowledge of how to actually make money on the internet, but I believed it could be done.

So, if you take away the years, I too was a beginner, and you and I are exactly similar in that respect. But, what is different today is that I have learned the hard way and succeeded. Over the past 3 years, I have mastered the art of how to make a full-time income, working from home.



Make Money Online! Really?

Can it be done? So how does one really make money online?

Is it easy? Or is everything online to be treated with extreme caution? We have all heard of the frauds online. Can we dare take a chance? Or is it too risky a proposition!

Are there any genuine programs out there that can make you rich?

Can money actually be made online, or is all this just a load of crap?

Fabulous Options That May Seem Quite Impossible

Let’s pause here and look at the options, for a moment.

I have experience on my side. You probably have the will.

I have tested everything that works and doesn’t work here, while you do not really know where to start.

Can I help you make the right decisions? YES, I CAN.

Can you trust me not to take away your money, as a lot of programs on the internet do? NO, YOU CANNOT.

So we will need to build some trust because you do not know me, and I do not know you.

Well then, read on …

The ABC Of Planning How To Make Money Online

Let’s, therefore, understand the very basics of making money online first.

Money can be made online in a variety of ways. There is no doubt about that.

But it depends on how much you wish to make. Let me explain.

Trust me, I will not be recommending any programs to you. All I want is that you understand the fundamentals of starting out correctly.

If you have dreams of living the life of a millionaire, then some programs are suitable for you, while others are not. If you join the wrong programs, you will waste 1-2 years before you are able to make corrections.

If you have a wish to make just a bit of extra income on the side, then the approach and consequently the programs you join, free or paid, are completely different.

Please also understand, that you cannot and should not decide to first see if you can make some extra income, and then later graduate to a bigger program that will earn you thousands of dollars. You can, after all, it’s a free world, but guess what … you will lose precious time.

Side Hustles and Businesses; Both Are Suitable

Making small money by joining programs like Fiverr, selling items on eBay, renting out a spare room on Airbnb, teaching a language, selling courses on Udemy or YouTube, and thousands of others, is called having a side hustle. There is no end to the number of side hustles available. Some people make a huge income from just making websites and selling them. Others write eBooks and get a good amount. But those are exceptions. Most people usually just make a few hundred dollars through side hustles, and the time spent is enormous. No, you cannot join a whole lot of them, and make a whole lot of money. It just doesn’t work that way. There’s not much of training or expertise involved, however, the effort to earn is definitely required.

The other method is to set up a proper business online. We are now talking about those who make thousands of dollars per month, and are millionaires and billionaires. This again can be done in numerous ways and ditto, there’s no end to the number of ideas people have in this sphere too. But here, there is a difference. Here, you have to learn the rules of the game. Here, you can make big money but you have to invest time. The returns do promise to be huge. These are programs such as Authority Site System, Wealthy Affiliate, Shopify, ClickBank University, etc.

You have to decide which category suits you.

Getting Your Direction Correct Is Not So Easy

You start by joining a program that doesn’t require you to pay for it. It should allow you to try it for free without having to commit cash upfront, in the beginning, or for a long time, or even forever.

Once you have tried a few programs, read a number of reviews about them, and have a basic understanding of what you are getting into, then you should continue in one of these programs. Most reviews you will find, are written by people who want to recommend these programs so that they can get a commission when you buy that program. So you have to be careful. That system, by the way, of getting commissions for helping sell programs online is called Affiliate Marketing.

Also, make it a point to read about all those who have made it huge online. Names like Pete Cashmore, Dan Lok, Neil Patel, Courtney Rosen, Shawn Hogan, Markus Frind, and Kevin Rose are everywhere on the internet, and these are some of the all-time greats.  They have a story to tell, that you can learn a whole lot from. It will give you a direction.

Taking a Call

With a month or two, you will have a fair idea as to which program seems worth it, as you would have read up a lot about it online.

Preferably it should be something that provides you real value by teaching you a skill. Skills are important. Even mastering Microsoft Word or PowerPoint is a skill that can pay you well, if you know how to monetize it. Invest your time and effort in learning and training, and develop new resources that will pay you back in the online world.

make cash onlline - People dont know what they want

The Final Word

Do not let promises of thousands of dollars in a few hours attract you. Those are all Ponzi schemes. You will end up losing money.

The bottom line is, if it sounds too easy, it probably is completely fake! The more they say that you can make money by a few clicks, the further you should run from these programs. Trust me, the art of fooling and swindling you has been perfected online. Genuine programs are not flashy and loud; they are sober and their front pages do not scream that you will make tons of money.

This is a write-up for newbies so that they can take the right direction ab initio, instead of meandering around for months and months in circles, trying out one Ponzi scheme after another, losing their money, and finally deciding that it is not possible to earn on the internet.

It is possible, with a bit of guidance. Yes, mentorship is almost essential to success online. But you can go it alone too. I did.

Give yourself a chance.

You deserve it.


My Menu Offers You Exquisite Goodies

Check out the Menu on the first page of my website. Click on HOME after you have finished reading this page. You probably haven’t seen the Menu yet because of the babe-on-the-beach pic! It’s right below the pic.


Well …

READ ME FIRST is what you are reading now.

GETTING STARTED is a systematic way of going about setting up your online business empire. And not making all the stupid mistakes that I made, all along, in my journey.If you want to go systematically, read a few articles in this Menu tab.

HOW TO MAKE CASH ONLINE will show you loads of Side Hustles and money-making tips & methods for small dreamers.

AFFILIATE MARKETING. That’s where the big bucks are. Read about the options you have. Pick out the ones that suit your taste. All are carefully checked-out and reviewed, and will work for you if you are ready to work at them. Simple and honest. No excuses on either side.

WEALTHY AFFILIATE.  If you wish to understand my journey, please read a few of the articles under this Menu tab. This is my personal favorite #1 program online. They teach you how to make real money here, while you sleep. But that is only after you have had many sleepless days and nights while learning what they teach you at Wealthy Affiliate. You can continue to sleep and dream big, or you can wake up and make your dreams come true. But remember to dream big, always!

GET INSPIRED contains all the motivation you will need to get you through the tough days when nothing goes right. Incidentally, did I tell you that nothing goes as planned or as you had hoped, and you will want to quit quite often? But if you stick-on, you will make it, as I have.

ALL-TIME GREATS is a must-read for anyone who wishes to succeed in making cash online.

RESOURCES are the tools that will help you to find answers when you need them, and thus succeed faster.

SHOP is where you go to when you feel like spending a little money on some cute stuff.


Finally …

If I were to share only one secret with you, I would tell you that the biggest secret to making money online is “don’t quit”.

Yes, you heard it right.


That is all.

If you quit, you can always go around telling everyone about all the cheats online! That too will be one helluva story.

But if you don’t, you will succeed.

Let’s get you started on the biggest life-changing journey of your life.

Are you ready?

Because I am …

 Lots of Love,

Aparna Bansal

I am a compulsive chips-eating monster and a book-worm, thrown into one. Love the sea & the mountains alike, though what really makes me happy is the rain. My new interest is playing the piano, & am seriously contemplating learning to fly a plane next. And, did I forget to mention, I'm gonna be your the-girl-next-door-easygoing-namedropping-millionaire by the coming year. Wish me luck! Together we could be unstoppable; so hit the SignUp button, if you care to be awesome.


  • Cathrin Larsen

    Hi Aps

    I love your website. I will subscribe for sure.
    I think you have managed to create a very informative site with lots of great articles and great illustrations.
    I am still a newbie, but feel like every day is getting me one step further to my goal.

    I have so much to learn, and I am really looking forward learning more from you.

    I wish you much success.

    Best regards

  • Katrina Curry


    What a great article! I loved it so much I just had to share it on Facebook. I especially love the quote “Everyone wants to be successful, but few are willing to change.” This struck true for me on so many levels.

    Since I started my blog and building my own business online, every friend knocks me for not having a 9-5 job. But what they fail to realize, is that I do have a job. I get up every single day, Monday through Friday (I take the weekends off) and I do my workouts, then immediately jump on my sites and start researching and writing quality content. It’s not easy, there are days when I’m frustrated. I have to go back and edit my work, redo it, try again, research more, find more customers, market myself, etc. It’s literally building a business.

    If I built a brick and mortar store, opened my own shop and started there, people would say, “Wow, good job. I hope it’s successful.” I’m doing the same exact thing online, building my business from scratch, online. I know I’ll be successful, but I have to build it first.

    To do that, I have to find customers, market myself, create something that people want, answer questions they have. So I don’t understand why so many people try to tell me I don’t work. That’s not correct.

    I think I’ve started straying away from these friends in the past few months because being surrounded by negativity tends to bring someone down. The last thing I need is someone telling me I’m not successful. I already have doubts consistently, but then I just pick myself up, brush myself off and get back to work. Knowing I’ll be successful. I don’t need others putting in their 2 cents too.

    Friends are supposed to encourage you, build you up. Instead, they like to drag you down and make you doubt things. So, whenever my husband wants to go to these friends houses, I simply make an excuse as to why I can’t go. I’d rather be home working on my business rather than listening to people tell me that I can’t do something. Especially when I know in my mind and my heart that I can, and I will and I am already.

    Great article! I loved this Aparna!


    • Aps

      Hi Katrina,
      I have seen your websites, and I know that you are going to be successful.
      I love those words “I know I’ll be successful, but I have to build it first”. Such confidence is what is required.
      I can tell you that I decided on putting two years of my life into this, without thinking of anything else, and only and only then would I move to something else, if it didn’t work. And now I know that it works, and I have found my place in the world of online business.
      Keep at it and we shall collaborate someday.

  • Ceci

    I really like your candid and matter-of-fact approach to affiliate marketing. I have been so confused by the different bits of information being peddled around. You clarify the differences between a ponzi scheme, side hustle and affiliate marketing and even talk about the pros and cons. I am becoming more intrigued with affiliate marketing and will check out some of your other posts. I’ve heard of Neil Patel and Shawn Hogan. I think I can become an affiliate marketer as well.

    Thanks for the info.


  • Suz

    Hello APS, this is essentially a very good post with very good information too on how it is possible for me to make money from the internet because like we all know, there are a whole lot of scams out there but when a person is lucky to have you who can show me there are a lot of genuine ways to make money legitimately, I just have to be happy. I think starting my own online business will be the best for me and I will try affiliate marketing since you say it’s the big buck maker.

  • Bogadi


    Informative , encouraging website you have here not only that it is beautiful. I am actually encouraged of the possibilities ahead of making money online. Your tips are well noted and will be remembered as we continue our online searches looking for full time income and side hustles. thank you .

  • Justin

    Hello there, it’s really nice to see this article. I have so many things that I want to achieve and seeing this article makes me really happy and I believe so many people out there would benefit from it and I would want to share this with my family and friends so they can see what you have done here. Great inspiration. 

  • Hanness

    It’s very to know about how to make money online, but it requires you knowing that there’s re some things you shortly do if you’re willing to make money without falling into the hands of scammers. It’s very pleasing to read this article, interesting and fun, thanks for the advice you gave there, they are useful.

  • Jay

    Hi there too. I need to bring to your notice that your website actually took quite sometime before everything could load. All the same, I’m grateful that I could learn something about how I would be able to make money online. This is really good stuff and I am just so grateful for what I learnt.

  • Greg

    Great advice!! Making money online takes commitment just like any other business. I too have learned this over the years. In this business, you never stop learning and looking for new perspectives like yours, is one of the things I am always doing. You can call me a big nerd, but I am a nerd that stays up with the times in the businesses I pursue.

    Thank you for letting your visitors know what to expect and how to navigate your website.

  • trudnocairoditeljstvo

    I just looked at your GREAT post and it makes me really happy to see how beautiful it is. When you started developing your site and how long does it take to buil it in your case? What theme do you use?  I am new in this bussines and if you can tell me what do you think, what will be the most usefull think for me to learn about how to upgrade as fast as l can my knowlege about making money online? What helps you the most?

    • Sehr

      I have been here for 5 months now on Wealthy Affiliate.  I use the Ashe Theme. Making money will take time, but joining up Wealthy Affiliate and doing the training regularly is the best way to learn new skills to make money, that’s for sure.

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