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What is Udemy About? Can You Get Udemy Courses Free? The Most Comprehensive Guide to Earning Money on Udemy in 2022

What is Udemy about? Well, is an online learning marketplace that offers a huge list of courses for everything. From programming to yoga, to photography, and much more, Udemy has literally every topic you can imagine. 

Are you free at home and trying to find a purpose in life? Are you sometimes short on cash? Well, don’t worry for I have got you covered. Say hello to Udemy.

Keep reading if you want to learn the art of making money while sitting at home! For what is better than earning from the comfort of your own home? If you can teach, solve or guide in any subject in the world, then you can earn in no time! Revise your concepts, brush up your techniques and start earning now through Udemy.

My review of Udemy as a tool to make money online will take you through all there is to know about the online learning marketplace and how can you make money on Udemy.

So, without further ado, let’s dive right in!

Check out the Wonders of Udemy

Who am I?

Aparna Bansal, CEO of make-cash-online and Art of Cool Enterprises Private Limited

My name is Aparna. I am a dreamer who is passionate about every aspect of her life. Variety, adventure, and new things interest me and are what keep me going. Furthermore, I believe that you have to “Be the change you wish to see in the world”.

I avoid the nay-sayers, and the overtly careful. I prefer to forget the critics and believe that we should learn to cast aside our doubts and inhibitions. We are indeed the masters of our own destiny!

This life is our only chance. No one is getting out of here alive. It’s time to live our dreams, to take risks and to give it all we can. We only live once.

Today, I want to tell you about a really simple way to start making money online.

Yes, it’s by using Udemy.

I have always believed in conveying the absolute truth, and so my articles do just that. You will get both the good & the bad. Basically everything related to what Udemy is about and whether it is really worth going in that direction when it comes to making money online.

Let us see how this whole Udemy thing works now, shall we?

What Is My Aim?

My aim is to find you the best possible ways to make money online. I understand that it obviously has to match your interests.

While I shall be telling you about Udemy here, you should know that there are literally a thousand ways to get rich online. You have to choose one or two methods and stick to them. Consistency is what is important

The money comes, that’s for sure, but only after some amount of time and effort has been put in.

So, if you wish to check out the many common and uncommon ways of making money online, please go through my list below, and click on whatever suits your fancy. Let’s make some money together!

Ideas For Making Money On The Internet My Rating
Affiliate Marketing with Wealthy Affiliate9.9/10
Affiliate Marketing with Authority Hacker (TASS)9.5/10
Making Money on YouTube9.5/10
Affiliate Marketing with RA Wealth Partners8.7/10
Affiliate Marketing with 2020 Super Bundle8.6/10
Affiliate Marketing with Partnership To Success8.4/10
Affiliate Marketing with Income School 249.3/10
Sell a Service on Fiverr8.5/10
Affiliate Training with Rich Dad Summit8.2/10
Making Money with the Amazon Associates Program8.1/10
Affiliate Marketing with 12 Minute Affiliate System8.1/10
Create a Niche Website8.0/10
Affiliate Marketing with Legendary Marketer8.0/10
Write and Publish an eBook7.9/10
Affiliate Marketing with $1K A Day Fast Track7.8/10
Affiliate Marketing with Click Wealth System7.5/10
Making a Coupon Website7.0/10
Affiliate Marketing with Super Affiliate System6.0/10
Selling a Course on Udemy5.0/10

Udemy is one of the largest online provider of Courses in the world. That gives you some serious customer base, if you ask me. If you have a skill that you think is saleable, I say you look at
Udemy as an option to make money online.

Udemy is FREE to join.

You can set up your own course for FREE.

You can promote your own course for FREE.


As the owner of this website, I have tracked down special deals for some products and services mentioned herein. When you use the links on this page to make a purchase, I may also get a small commission, and you will definitely get a great bargain. For example, as an Amazon Associate, I may earn from qualifying purchases. This commission is paid by the product company and has absolutely nothing to do with the price you are being charged. The discount you get is due to my efforts to trace out the best available benefits for you. It’s a win-win situation all around. Full Affiliate Disclaimer.

A Quick Summary

Name of ProgramUdemy
What Is It?An open online course provider where professionals can sell courses and earn
a paycheck online
 OwnersPrivate Limited
LocatedCalifornia, United States
Verdict Udemy isn’t exactly the best platform to earn big bucks but is great for gaining
exposure into the world of online money-making.
Review Time 30+ hours
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What is Udemy About: Breaking Down Udemy

what is udemy about

What is

www udemy com is the website address of Udemy, the largest global marketplace for learning and teaching online. On one side of things are the students, or customers. Udemy helps them stay competitive in today’s rapidly changing world by offering fresh, on-demand learning content through a powerful content marketplace.

One the other side are what you should be striving to be. The creators, or instructors. Along with the world’s leading experts, Udemy creators cover a variety of key business and technical topics ranging from development and IT to leadership, marketing, design and stress management.

course creation front page

I like to call it a Bazaar of Courses. And trust me when I say that Udemy is SUCCESSFUL. In recent years, it has become one of the best-funded companies in edtech, having raised another $80 million at the end of 2020 bringing its total equity to a staggering $300 million! There has to be a reason for such brisk business!

The answer to what is Udemy about can also be given by saying that it is like YouTube, but instead of scattered content, teachers structure videos into courses. Many of these courses are priced at $59.99 or above. However, with Udemy’s year-round promotions, most sell for $9.99. This becomes a problem, but more on that later!

What is Udemy Courses?

Udemy probably has the world’s largest selection of courses. You can choose from 155,000 online video courses with new additions published every month.

The variety of courses is just amazing. No other online course platform comes close to offering as many courses on as many subjects. You can find good courses on topics ranging from dog training, to applying makeup, to video editing. In terms of taking courses for hobbies, I personally think Udemy is the best choice.

What is the Udemy Academy?

The courses and instructors that make up the content of Udemy are collectively known as the Udemy Academy.

Udemy is a legitimate company. Courses are designed to help you learn or enhance a particular skill. Every student who completes a course receives a certification of completion, though it cannot be used to receive formal accreditation for continuing education units or coursework.

What is Udemy for Business?

Udemy for Business is a forward-thinking new learning platform that empowers organizations to address their biggest workforce challenges, no matter what they are. Built for businesses striving to be at the forefront of innovation, Udemy for Business offers relevant, engaging learning content anytime, anywhere.

Built for businesses striving to be at the forefront of innovation, Udemy for Business offers relevant, engaging learning content anytime, anywhere. With over 2000+ high-quality courses taught by the world’s leading experts and real-world practitioners, we have content ranging from programming and design to marketing and stress management. In addition to the extensive content collection, Udemy for Business enables organizations to easily and securely assemble and distribute proprietary content in one central place – a customized learning portal.

High-performing organizations including PayPal, Lyft, T-Mobile, Barclays, ON24, Century 21 and Pitney Bowes choose Udemy for Business to upskill their workforce.

How to Get Started With Udemy?

The bigger question is how to make money on internet. And is it really possible for a person to start now, and expect to be able to make money that can change his/her life. The answer is “Yes”.

There are those who have done this with Udemy too.

If you’re serious about making money with Udemy, I have a detailed step by step guide for you to get started with it. Please read on below.

Get Access to FREE Courses With Udemy

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What Udemy Course Should You Sell?

The first thing that you need to do is to decide upon what to sell. Pick a topic in which you are specialized, and one which is also not frequently taught. This will give you an advantage. Study the courses relevant to your topic and see how many people are interested and have actually enrolled in those courses.

This will give you a rough understanding of the people who are interested in your topic and willing to invest in your course. Study the other available courses and find out the things which you can offer that will make your course much better, and different than other available courses.


Many people skip the research part and create a Udemy course without looking at the competition. They think about what they could teach, jump behind a camera, and start filming. While it’s possible to get lucky, there’s also a chance you could spend days making a course that no one ever sees. That would suck now, wouldn’t it?

Furthermore, I recommend that you go for very specific topics. For example, if you’re a digital marketing expert, instead of making an ‘entire digital marketing’ course, you could make courses for specific topics like SEO, Facebook Ads, YouTube Marketing, Copywriting etc. That should work wonders.

How Should You Design Your Udemy Course?

If you ask me what is Udemy about, an important thing that I’d say is that it is a learning place for all people of all skill levels. So, it is important that you first decide whether your course is for beginner level or expert level and then design the course content accordingly.

Udemy course design

Make sure your course title and description are optimized for appealing your target audience. Try to answer the frequent questions that your audience asks in your course description and structure your Udemy course using different sections that cover very specific topics.

Try to deliver at least 80% of your course in video format as it is the most engaging way of interaction. Also, keep the length of each video lesson between 2-10 minutes. In the beginning, this can be quite intimidating. Maybe your voice will tremble, maybe you’ll cringe, and you’ll definitely feel awkward as you won’t know how best to keep your body language.

That’s all okay. This is simply part of the process. The important thing is that you stay consistent, deliver, keep on practising, and seek improvement with every video you make. Before you know it, it’ll be second nature. Trust me! Now that you’ve recorded everything, it’s time to edit your course. Either you can do the editing yourself using or you can outsource the video editing on Fiverr, for example.

Some Tips About Creating Udemy Courses

Build a rapport with the audience, and engage. You can always do quiz ups between lectures to make it engrossing and interactive. You’ll need reviews and trust me when I say that reviews on Udemy are king. When your course has 0 reviews, no one will buy it. So, therefore, we need to get those initial reviews. But how to get reviews on Udemy?

Well, the best strategy is to offer the course for free (with special coupons you can make) on highly targeted Facebook groups where the target market hangs out. Also, you can ask your friends and family to buy your course with a special coupon (or you give them a free coupon) and leave an honest review on your course. This way, you could already get a few reviews on your course, which are crucial to the success of your course on Udemy.

Be approachable on Udemy

Now, after getting your initial reviews, you might soon get some first organic sales — how awesome is that! You should make sure these new students also leave reviews, to increase the social proof (simply ask them or incentivize it by giving them a free bonus when they leave a review). The more reviews you get, the more sales you’ll make — all completely on autopilot!

A Sneak Peek Inside Udemy

When you hit the “Teach on Udemy” button, you are taken to the sign-in page that looks like this:

Udemy sign up page

Here is the interface of Udemy:

udemy seller dashboard

How Can You Make Money On Udemy?

Like I said, it’s so-very-easy to get started on Udemy, and it is even easier to earn money on Udemy. I’ve already covered what is Udemy about. Now, let’s look at how you can make money on Udemy, shall we?

Anyone can upload a course, and if it sells, you earn money on Udemy with half the royalties. Udemy collects the other half in exchange for promoting your course. Since, Udemy gets a lot of daily visitors and its promotions work, there is a good chance that your course will get noticed and people will enroll in it, and you will start earning money.

udemy sales

You can also take the other approach. You can market your courses yourself and skip the paying Udemy part. I recommend using referral links and running Facebook ads. You can even start a small blog on your course-related topics and promote your course there. The process will be a bit tiring and stressful, mind you, but get you 100% of the profits from each sale.

The business model that you decide upon is up to you but it is important that I tell you that the former approach, i.e, Udemy promoting your course entails a lot of costs. Udemy’s business model is all about year-round promotions. It is important that your course is priced anywhere around $10-$50 to be competitive.

The learning place will thus slash the prices of your course to promote it and you’ll end up making only a few bucks out of it. This ends up becoming a BIG disadvantage of the website as an online money-making tool. Read on for more!

udemy sales dashboard

As far as getting the money is concerned, you an set up a direct deposit as a payment method by following these steps:

  1. Move your cursor to your profile avatar at the top right and click on Payout settings from the dropdown menu. 
  2. Click Connect to the right of the direct deposit option.
  3. Enter your banking information as requested. Please be sure to enter your name exactly as it appears in your bank account (note: only the first 22 characters of a name can be entered into the form).
  4. Click Save.

After your bank account information has successfully been entered, and is ready to receive payments, Active will appear on the Payout settings page, direct deposit option. The last four digits of the corresponding bank account number will also appear. Congratulations, you can now earn money on Udemy!

Check Out These YouTube Videos On What is Udemy About

What Is Udemy About: My Final Assessment

What I Do Like Thumbs Up

  • Free to upload content
  • Great customer support.
  • The forum is pretty active and interactive.
  • Great if you already have an email list
  • There is no maintenance cost, for keeping your course on the Udemy platform

What I Don’t Like

  • No option to grow email list
  • Have to pay half of the earnings to get promoted
  • Need to sell at low price to remain competitive
  • Relatively saturated

Get Started With Udemy

Get started today button make-cash-online
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What I Think About Udemy

It is the moment of truth! Now that you know all about what is Udemy about and how you may earn money from it, let’s talk about whether or not it is a worthwile program to invest your time and money in or not. Well, I think it depends.

Let’s talk about the pros first. Let’s say that you have a great course and an even greater email list to promote it on. The only thing that you require is a platform to host it on. Well, I say that in such a situation, Udemy is a literal God-send for you. Opt for full profit sharing, and print some money. Yay, right?

Scenario number two: you need to get some exposure. Maybe you are a financial advisor who would do well with some backing to your experience in the field. I say that you create a free course and get a lot of students enrolled in it. This way your experience of being great at financial advising will be reflected by the number of students that you have taught and that’s all good, right?

reasons to join and sell on udemy

Moreoever, Udemy’s customer support and hosting services are also top notch.

Now, come the cons of the money-making tool. If you decide to promote your courses yourself, the process can be tiring, to say the least. If you decide upon the easy approach of letting Udemy do the promoting, you’ll end up with only a few bucks due to the heavy discounts that the website gives.

Moreover, since the amount of stuff that can be taught on Udemy is already limited, you’ll end up with a low return for a skill that needs to be unique enough to get some enrollments. I thus rate the program a 5/10.

No matter what you decide upon, alway remember that you might start out making some extra cash on the side – and later, with enough hard work and persistence, make a comfortable living out of it. The important thing is that you keep trying.

Only in persistence shall you find success.

(That’s a quote by me so please take it with a grain of salt 😋 )

Get started today button make-cash-online
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Make a TRAINING COURSES site on the Wealthy Affiliate platform.
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Udemy IS For…

  • It is for people who like to teach, explain, and solve problems.
  • It is great for people who already have a great email list
  • It is for people who desire to have a teaching experience on their resume
  • It is for people who wish to attain financial freedom and spend more time counting their earnings than worrying about it.

Udemy IS NOT For…

  • It’s not for those wanting to get rich quick.
  • It’s not for people who have no time.
  • It’s not for those who are not willing to put in the work it takes.

Final Verdict About Udemy

What is Udemy About? A Hit or Miss?

  • Udemy is most definitely NOT A SCAM.
  • Udemy is great for gaining exposure and money depending on the business model that you choose.
  • It is definitely in the TOP FEW ways to learn and earn through internet.
Discover Udemy’s featured courses!

Are There Any Good Alternatives?

Udemy can be a good tool for money-making depending upon your situaton and the business model that you choose. However, there is other thing that I’d like to talk about. Have you ever heard of Affiliate Marketing? Why does everyone online seem to be doing affiliate marketing? What is it really about?

Well, let’s take a moment to understand the concept of affiliate marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

So, lets say that you just got into the online money-making scene and are exploring your avenues? Well, let us tell you about the easiest way to make a paycheck online. It’s called affiliate marketing.

You basically get paid to promote the product of others. So, no skills, products, or even a brick and mortar setup is required. You just need your laptop and an internet connection. Could it be easier? Affiliate marketing has thrown up thousands of millionaires in a very short time, and they call it the best business strategy in today’s online world. Check out a few of the TOP names:

Others like Bob Proctor, and Zig Ziglar, and Russel Brunson, and Dean Holland, and Brian Clark, and Ian Fernando, and Zac Johnson are all internet gurus who have made billions or millions online.

Imagine Working Anywhere, Anytime and Making Money While You Sleep! That’s unbeatable, trust me.

And the money is GOOD. It’s not a side hustle we are talking about here. You can forget worrying about your finances or job. You would probably be spending more time counting your money and thinking of ways to spend it!

If you wish to understand a bit more about Affiliate Marketing, please check out the infographics in the short articles below!

As Always

As an affiliate marketer, Udemy is a superb channel that you can utilize to make money online. If you have come this far in my Udemy article, please remember that only by taking positive action can you truly know what a program is like. I took the same plunge, a while before you, and I would not have been where I am today, had it not been for some wonderful programs such as these, that earn you good money.

Taking action is what counts for making money online. Only that can change your life.

Believe me, internet and social media marketing is a great way to go! It may take time to build up your system because just like any good business, it cannot be built overnight. But it’s way easier than a physical brick-and-mortar business.

The important thing is that you must join a program that is not a waste of your time. And you must learn the right way to start making money online.

Discover Udemy’s featured courses!

I Believe In Action

If you are still unimpressed with Udemy, I suggest you do not take it up. Part of the deal is that you have to be completely convinced for it to be of value. The reason for that is that it is going to be you who has to implement the system. And if you are not sure, then you may not work on it like it is required.

But there is also this other program that I wish to talk to you about.

Pull Open the Curtains

wealthy affiliate

My top recommended money making system is a program called Wealthy Affiliate. It’s actually my #1 suggested program. According to my research, it is the easiest way to make money online.

Long ago, I took action by investing in and starting with a training course called Wealthy Affiliate. It is the ULTIMATE foundation course for learning affiliate marketing and getting your online business set up. It takes work, but if you work, so does the system. Completely GENUINE and easily the best training you can get online. And did I forget to mention, it is FREE to join, and not even a Credit Card is required.

I always talk about getting into a system that teaches you as well as helps you get set-up with a workable system that can earn you money. Well, that is exactly what Wealthy Affiliate is. It helps you to learn and put into practice what they teach side-by-side. By the time you finish the training course, you also have a website fully-ready to make you money. Now that’s what I call a proper “money-making program”.

Aparna premium Wealthy Affiliate member banner

Wealthy Affiliate is not really a resource or a tool. It is a platform that trains you to become an affiliate marketer and also helps you side-by-side to set up a full-fledged business, while they take care of all the resources and tools that you need along the way. Find out what is Wealthy Affiliate about, and give it a go for FREE. It is, in fact, the best way to make money online.

Sign Up For Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is totally FREE. Not even a credit card is required. They give you time to understand the Premium level of the program fully for 7 days, without spending anything. In addition, you get a website free along with hosting, security, SSL, and other benefits. Even after the 7 days free Premium trial is over, you can continue with the free website. Please go to the Wealthy Affiliate login here.

If you wish to upgrade to Premium later, you can do that as it obviously gives better tools & functionality within the platform. Or you can continue to learn and build your website, without paying anything at all.

You can check out my reviews or Signup for Wealthy Affiliate by clicking below:

If you have any contributions to make, or questions to ask, you can put them down in the comments below. I would love to hear from you.

Good luck with your dreams. Remember, the best way to make your dreams come true, is to wake up.


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Are udemy courses free?

Udemy has a catalog of course categories that goes from web development or design and marketing, to languages ​​or personal fulfillment. The company runs year-round promotions where most of these courses are slashed in price. Moroever, a lot of creators even provide free courses.

Is udemy any good to earn money?

Udemy has a large customer base which can be all yours if your course is marketed the right way. If you have a skill that you think is saleable, I say you look at
Udemy as a option to make money online. However, there are some issues that you may face.
To properly understand what is Udemy about and whether or not it is a worthwhile tool to make money online, check out the article above!

Can I put Udemy courses on resume?

Recruiters do not consider Udemy certifications a valid thing to include in the education section of your resume unless the certification is recognized both professionally and granted by an accredited institution. That doesn’t mean Udemy coursework has no place on your resume.

How much do you get paid on Udemy?

According to the statistics on Udemy, the average course creator can make $15-30 per month per course, but those at the top are earning $2000 a month per course.
To properly understand what is Udemy about and whether or not it is a worthwhile tool to make money online, check out the article above!

How does Udemy payment work?

1. Move your cursor to your profile avatar at the top right and click on Payout settings from the dropdown menu. 
2. Click Connect to the right of the direct deposit option.
3. Enter your banking information as requested. Please be sure to enter your name exactly as it appears in your bank account (note: only the first 22 characters of a name can be entered into the form).
4. Click Save.
In the first month, if your course receives paid enrollments, student fees are transferred to Udemy, and Udemy deducts transaction taxes and other fees from that amount as listed in the Instructor Terms.
To properly understand what is Udemy about and whether or not it is a worthwhile tool to make money online, check out the article above!

Who makes the most money on Udemy?

1. Rob Percival’s courses have reached nearly 120,000 students and exceeded $2.8 million in total earnings.
2. Victor Bastos has reached more than 52,000 Udemy students with his courses, which have earned nearly $900,000.
3. Alun Hill’s courses have been accessed by nearly 47,000 Udemy students and have earned about $650,000.

How much does it cost to put a course on udemy?

There is no fee to create and host a course on Udemy, and you can publish as many free and paid courses as you like.

Can we download Udemy courses free?

The answer is Yes., you can get Udemy courses free. You can find a lot of free Udemy courses on all possible topics you can think of. At places you can download Udemy courses free. At other instances there are free Udemy courses coupon made available.

Free Udemy courses download is not offered by everyone, but quite a few sellers do it for old courses, or for creating incentives. Free online courses Udemy is what makes the portal so worth it.

What is Udemy affiliate program about?

It’s like any other affiliate program where you will get credits for advertising Udemy and making others join up through your affiliate links.

I am a compulsive chips-eating monster and a book-worm, thrown into one. Love the sea & the mountains alike, though what really makes me happy is the rain. My new interest is playing the piano, & am seriously contemplating learning to fly a plane next. And, did I forget to mention, I'm gonna be your the-girl-next-door-easygoing-namedropping-millionaire by the coming year. Wish me luck! Together we could be unstoppable; so hit the SignUp button below, if you care to be awesome.


  • Cogito

    Hi Aparna. Thank you for another interesting article. Im just starting my adventure with digital marketing and Im still surprised how many options are available online. I heard before about udemy, but never thought about it as a earning platform. But looking on your review it may be good opportunity, not necessary to generate high profit but to build recognition in online world. Looking forward to test this option in practice.

  • Joe

    Hi Aps,

    That is a piece of wonderful and so detailed information about Udemy I’d ever read 🙂

    Well, actually Udemy is a great platform to upgrade ourselves in many available courses. I have recently joined a short course and loved it all.

    Thank you for sharing this on your website.


  • Kokontala

    Hi there! I went through your post on Udemy, and this is a very great article you’ve shared. I believe everyone wants to make money in the comfort of their home. But, it is important to find all information about what you want to join before getting into something you’ll regret later. I liked the way you have made it clear what Udemy is and what it offers. I’ve not heard of Udemy before but from the courses it offers I wish I can give it a try. Thanks for sharing this amazing piece of writing with us. I will be sharing it further too.

    • Aps

      Udemy is already a bit crowded as far as making-money is concerned. I guess I must soon do an article on all other Course Sites available on the internet. 

  • DashDNations

    This sounds great, i hate paying huge bills for one course, a course that i don’t even know if it’s going to be useful or not. I’ve spent so much money on crap courses that all say the same things I learned for free. This at least has multiple courses, so if the one I take isn’t what I was looking for I can take something else. 

  • Diane

    I have taken several courses on Udemy and really like the platform. It’s easy to navigate and has such a wide range of courses.

    However, until lately, I had not considered actually putting a course together. Your article brought the idea back to mind again. Does it take a lot to bring people to the course to buy? There are so many choices out there that I cannot imagine being able to get a strong foothold among so many. But maybe that depends on the topic.

    I know that many people (myself included) often wait for a course to go on at a reduced price (usually around $10). While that helps sell more courses, I would think it also cuts into profits considerably. Are sellers able to make a decent profit?

  • Karin Nauber

    I have take several Udemy courses and have been curious about how this all worked.

    Is it difficult to sell a course to Udemy? Do they have set standards for what courses you can teach? You listed some great tips on making a course. I think I have a topic I would like to do training in. Do you think Udeny is the best way to go or should I try to make my training course and sell it through my own website?

    I would assume Udemy has a lot bigger base of consumers. Do you know what percentage of the course cost you receive? For example, on a $14.99 class, what amount does the one who created the course receive?

    Thanks for the review. I hadn’t even thought of creating my course and selling it on Udemy!

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